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8 Year Old's First Slumber Party

My youngest daugher is turning 8 tomorrow and we are having her first sleepover birthday party. A couple of the kids are not feeling ready for sleeping over so they will come for a couple of hours then go home. I am so unorganzied with this and while I have purchased party favors, ordered the cake, etc., I have not planned any activities. I thought the kids who sleep over could do hair, nail polish, the usual sleepover stuff but I want to make sure the kids who are not staying over go home feeling like they went to a party. Aside from the usual cake and ice cream, what games/activities can I plan for 8-10 year old girls? This is the first birthday she has had that she did not want to spend at Chuck E. Cheese and it's been many moons since my first daughter's slumber party days! Thanks for your quick responses, this mom is way behind!

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Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful responses. The girls all had a great time. I had seven girls ranging from age 7 to age 11. We started with the goodie bags which had feather boas, tiaras, lip gloss, hair ties, etc. They got all "dolled up" and while some did a craft I took photos of each guest with the birthday girl all dressed in their finery. That was a lot of fun. For the craft, they decorated picture frames. Next was "Freeze Dance" where the last girl on the floor received a prize. My oldest daughter supervised this activity while I printed out the photos to attach to the frames. The gifts were opened, some free play time while I got the cake ready. After that, some girls made bracelets while others just ran around and played. <A favorite activity was chasing my 13 year old son around the house. He still doesn't "get" girls and was upset that they were chasing him because they don't like him. I had to explain that is what girls do when they like you. He still doesn't get it. :)> It was very fast-paced and hectic but so much more fun than Chuck E. Cheese's! I actually only had 3 for the sleep over and the rest had to go home by 9 to get up early for soccer, t-ball, etc. That worked out perfectly because they, of course, did not go to sleep until after 2 a.m.! I had settled them in by about 10:30 in their sleeping bags with a movie but they stayed up giggling for hours. This was a great introduction in to the "big girl world" for my daughter and I have a feeling that Chuck E. Cheese is now a thing of the past! For other moms planning a first sleep over, I think the karaoke idea is great and if I had thought of it I would have done that. They ended up playing American Idol during their free time. All in all, the party was a great success and I thank you all again for your responses.

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Sorry I am late with my reply - but for next year try a Kareoke (sic) machine! I think you will have done well tonight with what you planned. They just like to be together!

My neighbor just shared a great idea for a slumber party activity. She bought some inexpensive pillow cases and will have the girls decorate them with fabric makers. She had each girl's name embroidered on thei case, but I think it would be fun even without that.

Flashlights are always a hit with my kids, especially if it is dark outside and they can be in the backyard with freinds. A good old fashioned game of tag is always popular.

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Go to your local craft store. They can make a bag or picture frame. Take pictures of the girls as a group and then give each of them a copy. If you don't have a way to make 8 pictures right away, Then your daughter can give them out later as Thank-you's and a memory of that evening. Have a different color nail polish for each girl. Each one paints their color on one toe or nail of every other girl. The girls can decorate flip flops; use water ballons and beads you can find at a craft store and grab your $2.00 flip flops at Old Navy and it's ok if it's a little big, the girls will grow into them by summer. Hope that helps.

Sorry I am late with my reply - but for next year try a Kareoke (sic) machine! I think you will have done well tonight with what you planned. They just like to be together!

Hi the girls will love Karaoke, and I purchased pillow cases at wallmart and these fabric pens from Michaels that you could decorate with and the all did there own pillow cases. I bought my daugter a different color since she was the birthday girl. Just put some sort of cardboard in between. They should be dry in the morning as they aren't puff paint. Then when they were ready for bed they all got in there sleeping bags and then we played a game. We Called it Alli is a babe. Somone went out of the room and all the girls switched sleeping bags and the girl came back in the room and tride to figure out who was who with the girls trying to disquise there voice's while in the sleeping bag in the dark. Every girl does it and the one who guesses the most girls wins a prize. I gave a prize to the girl who one Karakoe also. But I made the girls put there heads down so they didn't feel pressured into voting for someone they didn't want to. The shyist girl one. She was awesome. These activities involve everyone. We woke up in the morning and they were playing Alli is a babe again. They had the greatest time. Hope this helps.

Hi L.- Even though you feel unorganized try planning the hair and nails while the other gals are ther too. Then they will feel like they were able to do the fun and cool stuff. You don't want them to feel left out when they here about it, just a suggestion. There are also a wide variety of board games that the girls can play. Also there is nothing better the watchin Encahnted and dressing up or doing the girly hair and nails then. Hope this helps. Good luck,

Hi L.,

You can always have the girls make pillow case...purchase white pillow cases and have the girls decorate them with either puff paint or fabric markers (the girls who are not staying over can make these as well). If you are going to do the nail polish and such after the girls who are not staying you can give them a little bag with nail polish, nail file, nail stickers to take home. Have fun! Y.

I have three children and I have found that doing a craft first thing kind of gets the group gathered and conversing. It also gives you something to send home with the kids along with the favor bag! You could do beading, painting a ceramic, sun catchers,ect. The local craft can inspire you. Once I bought cute little stuffed animals and let the kids decorate little t-shirts(from the infant dept.) with puffy paint and fabric markers. Ofcourse, a good movie with a bowl of popcorn &M&M's is always pleasing too. Good luck and have a lot of fun.

My daughter just attended a sleep over a few weeks ago and they went to a paint your own pottery place for about an hour and a half, back to the house for dinner of pizza, cake, presents, and a movie (High School Musical, of course). After the movie, Going Home girls left,the girls brushed teeth and tied up hair (all have long hair, I guess), had some flashlight time and off to bed they went. Okay, they were in the room where sleep was to happen and didn't, but they were in their zone talking, laughing, singing, etc. on their own. my daughter loved it.

pick up a couple of packs of water paints and paint brushes...let them all paint pics on each others faces. It washes off with a little soap and water and the kids have fun. Do the egg on the spoon across the room whoever makes it wins. (use hardboiled, less messy) There is the try to pop all of the balloons with your bottom, I do this at the end of the party so I don't have to. Buy a big poster boarda and have them decorate it with markers. This way she can keep it for memories. If you have a poloroid or digital camera take pics of each friend and she can add them around the outside of the board.


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