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RE: Anyone Else Had a Child W/ This Pain

I have a 10 yr old that is active in sports. In 3rd gr she was practicing (volleyball) her overhead serves on a backboard for probably 45 min. The next day she complained and cried that her arm was killing her. This went on for days and we finally took her to a specialist in Dallas(Dr. Reconelli,sp?). We ended up doing an MRI and ruling out everything dangerous. He came up w/ some syndrome that I forgot the name. Something to do w/ the nerves. Anyway, it is now 2 yrs later and the pain comes and goes. Sometimes worst than others and sometimes last more than a few days. This time its the worst and she says she can't really move or use it(right arm). She complained since last fri. of it now tingling in her fingers and shooting up to elbow and on thru the shoulder. Now we are going to a different specialist(here in Austin) who I'm sure will order all those test etc. and the fee will be outrages. Anyone else know or hear of anything like this? I just don't want her to have to go thru surgery.What the heck could be causing this?

What can I do next?

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Sounds like maybe Carpal Tunnel? I have it fairly severly in my right hand. If I am at the 10 key alot or if the weather changes :o) My entire lower arm aches and I have numbness and tingling in my pinky & ring finger along with lots of joint pain inmy thumb. Mybe she could try a brace while practicing to keep her arm in better alignment? I wear one at work and at night if its to bad.

She needs to go to the chiropractor for a shoulder adjustment. I am a chiropractor and I played volleyball in high school. Adjustments to the shoulder help tremendously.


Have you taken your daughter to a chiropractor? They will ask your daughter and you what her symptoms are, "grade" the pain she is in, and do x-rays to see what kind of shape her spine is in. That will tell them what areas need to be adjusted, and I'm bettin' your daughter's pain goes away in a heartbeat. In the meantime, have her take the anti-inflammatories (ask about Celebrex, but children's Motrin should work), and rest her arm as much as possible. If there is another problem, the chiro will tell you and direct you to the type of specialist your daughter will need to see.


I would recommend taking your daughter to a chiropractor, and also see about finding a massage therapist that might be willing to work on her as well. It sounds like she has some sort of pinched nerve going on, and with some work it could more than likely be fixed.

I would definitely make an appointment with a chiropractor ASAP, and when you are there ask if they have any recommendations on a local massage therapist that would be willing to work on your daughter, or if they have an in house massage therapist that you could make an appointment with. (Lots of chiropractors employ massage therapists in their offices)

I had something very similar going on with me, but in my forearm/wrist/hand, to the point that I couldn't move my hand, couldn't write, couldn't do anything. I started seeing a massage therapist, and then enrolled in massage therapy school, and all of my aches and pains are gone now.
Doctors are very quick to offer medicines and shots and procedures, and rarely recommend massage therapy and chiropractors. The specialist I was seeing for my wrist put me on NSAIDs and told me I was going to have to get cortisone shots, and possibly even surgery down the line. Massage therapy ruled ALL of that out for me, and is MUCH MUCH cheaper :-)

Good luck!!!

If it's the pinky and ring finger that tingle then it's probably a trapped Ulnar Nerve. It is quite uncomfortable. I developed this about a year ago. Eventually I lost most feeling in my fingers. My doctor prescribed some anti-inflamatory pills and they helped alot. Also try keeping her arm as straight as possible. I think surgery is going to be my last option as well. This website gives some great info on it. It also gives you tips to help "untrap" the nerve. I haven't kept up with the exercises but they do make me feel better. I know someone else who went through this and the bills were VERY HIGH!! I think that is why I keep putting off going back to the doctor. :) Hope she gets better!



I would have her go to a hand/elbow specialist (ortho surgeon)...my husband had some issues with that type of thing (he was a pitcher and also played football)...and his ended up being something along the lines of ulnar tunnel syndrome...where your ulnar nerve is compressed at the elbow. Look that up, but the symptoms sound similar. It can be caused by a lot of diff things...and injury to soft tissues is one of them. If that nerve is compressed in the ulnar tunnel it can send pin-pricks down to the fingers and up to the shoulder. If general things they try first don't work, they can go in and move the nerve (translocation) to another area of the arm where it won't be getting hit or pinched...usually to the inside part under the muscle....or they have some other things they can do to open up the space a bit. I will leave off the details so as to not freak you out, but you can look them up. MOst of these surgeries (if even needed) are fairly routine to most of these specialists now. Maybe this isn't her issue, but I thought I'd give you one thing to research and ask the doc about. They can do a nerve conduction test to test for it, among other things. My hubby is in nursing school so he is my source of med info. :) Hope that helps!

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