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Numbness in Arms and Hands

My husband has had on-going numbness in his arms and hands for the past several months. It seems to alternate between the right arm/hand and left. It happens on and off during the day and is very annoying and sometimes leaves his hand/arm hurting. He also wakes up in the middle of the night because of this and has to massage and reposition his arm which hurts after the circulation comes back. He went to his general doctor and also had x-rays done of his neck, just in case he had a pinched nerve. The x-rays showed that nothing was wrong and the doctor can't seem to figure out why this is happening. He has not been injured which could be a factor in this. He does sometimes feel like he needs to have his back popped but other than that we cannot figure out why he is having this numbness. I know that some doctors are not a fan of going to the chiropractor but I know he is willing to try anything at this point. Could that possibly help?

(He works in contruction, mainly welding, in the weather and always on the go).

Has anyone experienced this??? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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A big thank you for everyones help. My husband did go the chiropractor which helped immediately. He had several appts in the first couple of weeks and then got to the point of once a week. His job picked up to where he started working long hard hours again, which made his arms/hands worse again. The chiropractor visits were not helping as much. The doctor referred him to get a nerve test which indicated that his right hand (of course) was fairly advanced and needs to have carpal tunnel surgery. His left hand is moderate and doesnt need surgery. He just started back to work after being layed off back in November so he cant afford to do the surgery right now. The doctor said when he gets a break in work then schedule the surgery. In the meantime, he is going to wear his hand brace at work and at night. I would love to hear what to expect from carpal tunnel surgery if anyone would like to share. The doctor said recovery time is around 4 weeks! Is there anything that has helped speed up recovery for anyone? Thanks again for all who shared. Its nice to finally know what the problem is and how to fix it. The timing is just a little off but we will work it out.

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A Chiropractor might just be the thing. I was having pain in my elbow and was told to do physical therapy, take tylenol, etc. I did that for a few months and after taking so much tylenol one day decided I had had it. It ended up being a pinched nerve in the neck. I have a good chiropractor in the Draper, UT area if that is where you are located. He keeps me out of pain.

It could be chronic tightness catching up to him and causing the numbness. When you're super tight in upper back between the shoulder blades (which could happen in his line of work) it can refer down the arms and cause numbness. My husband had that from too much mountain bike riding. Massage and yoga made it go away. I've been to a chiropractor many times and it has helped with my neck and back problems. Yoga has been the most effective for me. If you see a chiropractor, go to one by referral from a friend or coworker. A CT or MRI might be needed too. It would pick up herniated discs or other issues that you might not see with an xray. May need a referral to a specialist for that though. Good luck.

I had numbness in my left forarm for quite some time and it was that I was carrying too much in that arm and keeping my elbow bent to much so what I did is took the cool cayenne with ginger and it helped get my circulation back.

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I had a lot of numbness and tingling in my hands and extending up my arms as it got worse when my thyroid was low. This was only one of many symptoms, but it was one of the ones I noticed most because it was strange and I couldn't explain it away (like being tired). I didn't go to the doctor for quite a while because I thought I just felt bad because I had 6 kids and one was a baby. Anyway, the tingling went away once I was on the right thyroid medicine. He should definitely get a blood draw to check for any problems like that.

I have had similar problems in the past, and the doctors I have gone to contribute it to either carpal tunnel or another nerve being damages in my arm. I went to a neurologist and he ran some tests and found which nerve in my arm was damaged (it was a nerve running through my elbow) and what I would need to do to help it repair itself, and sometimes such injuries require some surgery to relieve the numbness and pain. I have to be really cautious about putting too much pressure on my elbows when I sit or lay down etc to help. Hope that helps.

What your describing seems like something a chiropractor should be able to sleuth out. What many people (and doctors) don't realize is that chiropractors aren't spine doctors but doctors of the nervous system. With numbness and tingling, the nerves seem like a pretty likely source of the problem. My husband is a chiropractor and I could provide you with his information or that of other doctors in the area. Tell hubby that he doesn't have to suffer unnecessarily! :)

Try the chiropractor and / or acupuncture and yoga (to loosen the muscles in his shoulders, back, arms, and wrists.). The Wild Oats at Broadway and baseline used to have a chripractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist all under one roof. If it is still there (I haven't lived in boulder for years), call them and ask about what services they have.

...If none of that works it may be psychosomatic (physical problems with no medical/organic cause, brought on by mental stress etc.). If you think it is psychosomatic talk to your dr about getting some counseling for your husband.

Hang in there!

I TOTALLY agree with the carpal tunnel post (Deb K). I have the same thing, and it's especially difficult for me during and after pregnancy. It's all due to carpal tunnel - have him talk to his doctor about that possibility and maybe a referral to an osteo doc. Since he uses his hands for his profession, it's not far-fetched at all!

Also, if he tries to wear a wrist guard during sleep, it may help. It does work for me. I tend to bend my wrists and tuck my hands in when I am sleeping, and that can really cut off the circulation (hand doctor told me that), so if he wears a simple wrist guard (grocery store Wal-mart, Walgreens) that could help him during sleep and provide some relief for him during flare up days. It helps for me, that's for sure.

Hope you get some answers!


Have him visit your friendly neighborhood chiropractor. A chiropractor can deal with issues like this, while a medical doctor has no such training. YOu could also go to a D.O.

If you live in the Provo/Orem Utah area, I can give you some references.

Hi J.;
I hear you since my husband works in construction and my youngest son is a mechanic.
We totally believe in chiroprators. You also might look into carpel tunnel because that is what the drs. think my son has. I also experience the numbness in my left hand and in my feet and I found out I am type 2 diabetic.
I'd start out with the chiroprator and go from there.
Good luck;

Hi J.-
My husband is a Chiropractor in Ft. Collins,I am not sure where you live.... and has told me of several patients with these similar situations... I know that everyone is different. Most MD's don't like Chiropractors, but to me, the MD's just want to put you on some type of muscle relaxer or prescript. He may just need a few adjustments, but I will leave that up to the professionals to decide! good luck I hope he finds some relief! K.

check with your doctor t make sure it is not something more serious...but I had the same problem, plus muscles aches and headaches...all gone since we have given up trans fats in our diet. It takes quite a bit of effort, since they are everywhere, but I am a new person!

I had this for awhile in my left arm/hand and through my back. It scared me to death because I thought I might be having a stroke! I had a test done - forgive me that I can't remember the name of the test. But they hooked up electrodes all over my hand/arm/chest/back and basically tested every nerve to see how it was responding. Outcome? Everything was "normal" and all they could say was that it was possibly a nerve that was being pinched when I moved in certain ways. Might be worth questioning your Dr. about a test like that. I've heard that the longer a nerve is numb, it can actually "die" and you'll permanently lose feeling. Good luck!!

Any Doctor who won't recommend a Chiro, isn't worth his weight in salt.
Let me tell you a little story about my visit with a Chiro. When I was 15 I fell off my horse at a full gallop & hit a fence post. From my tailbone (i hit the ground and slid into the fencepost) all the way up over my left shoulder. If I had let go of the reins I would have brained myself. Anyway, yeah it hurt, but I got up, got back on and continued on my merry life.
15 years later, I'm working at a very physical job, hauling 4 tons of hay a week and cleaning out horse pens.

In Feb, my lower back (right above my hips) started aching. Didn't think much of it, kept right on working. 2 weeks after it started aching, I could even lift ONE 60 # haybale. My hips felt like they were going to blow apart everytime I tried. I thought I had pulled a muscle, so I had my hubby help me on weekends think it would go away. Nope.
So, I went to my local Chiro, who took X-rays. When I went back that afternoon for my treatment, he showed me the Film. There was a 1 inch gap in the front of my pelvis, and roughly a 1/2 inch gap on either side of my sacrum. My hips HAD blown apart. I told him the horse story, and he informed me that I had probably fractured my pelvis (and walked away from it too) as well as a hairline fracture in one of my lumbar vertebraes. After 4 treatments, I could sit and lay down again. It had gotten so bad that I was constantly moving, up & down, laying, standing...if I stayed still for too long I could barely move. So anyway after 4, I could sit for an hour and read, I could lay in my tub & soak. The whole time I had the gap, it felt like something needed to be popped. By the time I'd been seeing my Chiro for 3 weeks, and started my rehab, I became fully functional again.
My point is, and a CHiro will also tell you, the arm numbness may NOT be dure to a pinched nerve in your hubby's neck. And if he feels like something needs to be popped, he's probably right. Make the Chiro appt. It will be the best thing your hubby ever did. AND, a lot of insurance companies will pay for Chiro work now a days. Good Luck

It sounds like Carpal Tunnel to me. I have the same thing in my right arm.

You need to go to a chiropractor first for sure. It could be a pinched nerve anywhere in the body- and not all pinched nerves are going to show on an x-ray- that is almost funny to me that they would even x-ray him to look for a pinched nerve.

My husband actually had a patient with these symptoms, and first thoughts went straight to MS, and he was even referred to a neurologist- hoever after having him keep a diary for a week of what he ate each day, everyday, all day, we found that everything he ate was junk, and he was lacking proper nutrition- these were actually first signs of nutrition deprivation! Sodas, chips, etc were not foods he could live on everyday. There was no value in what he ate, and he only ate like 1 meal a day. He started eating better and he got better. His numbing went to his feet as well.
A medical doctor would never have even tested or looked at this.
Good luck- and remember that Chiropractors are just as much doctors as MD's. They are called Doctors for a reason- they go through the same curriculum as an MD up to a certain point- when they branch off to their specialties, such as surgery, OB, etc, Chiropractors spend that same time learning to adjust, read x-rays, nutrition, acupuncture, or whatever they choose.

My husband also works in construction and he is having the same problem. He finally went to the Dr and had nerve testing done and it is Carpal Tunnel. He has been worried because he doesn't want to do surgery at all, so we have been looking into alternative ways to relieve the numbness and other problems. I will let you know if any help.

Good Luck,


I have a background in sports medicine & orthopedics. If your husband is having numbness & tingling, it is most likely due to a nerve problem coming from his neck, but nerves don't show up on x-rays, which is why your general practitioner couldn't come up with what, specifically, might be causing the problem. It is my opinion that you DO NOT seek help from a chiropractor (at least at this stage). I suggest you contact Andy Castro,MD...he's an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in neck problems(cervical spine) and he is very conservative in his treatment, so it's not like he'll recommend surgery or anything the first time you see him. Dr. Castro works at Cornerstone Orthopedics over near Lutheran Hospital. He is VERY GOOD at what he does.

If you decide to seek out Dr. Castro, request the xrays that the other doctor took and bring them with you to your appointment. This will save your husband the trouble of having to have more xrays(unless Dr. Castro feels that he needs a different view).

Good Luck!

As both arms and hands are numb it cannot be carpal tunnel syndrome on its own, Carpal Tunnel only affects hands, night splints can be worn to help overnight. Due to his line of work it sounds like repetitive strain injury. I would see a Physiotherapist. If you are in the Salt Lake Valley there is a good physio unit at 9000 S and just east of state street. I would not go to a Chiropractor, they can often make it worse, especially if it is tendon and nerve related. They are better if it is a mechanical problem with the spine.
Check with your insurance if you can self refer or require a Drs referral. The first visit they will assess can know pretty quickly what his problem is.
I am a qualified Orthopaedic Trauma Nurse.
I suffer from Carpal Tunnel, my husband recently had a nerve and tendon injury to his right biceps, had the same symptoms as yours and is seeing a physio as present and is improving daily.

Good Luck I hope this helps.

He may have carpal tunnel syndrome. The only way to truly diagnose it is to have a nerve conduction study done. THe test isn't hard or particularily painful. Both my husband and I have it and have both had surgery to fix the worse hands. I don't have any tingling in that hand anymore. You can try wrist splints especially at night to see it that helps. They sell the splints at Target or the grocery store. Hope he feels better.

I've been having the same symptoms, only it's my feet too, and have had great luck with accupuncture combined with chiropractic care! Good luck!

did the doctor do any tests for corpal tunnel. I have that and get numbness after doing repetative activities such as typing. It also happens when I sleep. If it is severe enough they have surgeries for it. Or there are arm braces you can wear over your hands that help.

I have had the same problem on and off for years and seems to be getting worse now that I have a 4month old I have been toting around. I had NUMEROUS tests done. I am a nurse as well, so I know a little about anatomy. haha
So...what I found out after having a nerve conduction test. I had nerve compression at my elbow leading into my forearm, then down into my hands and fingers. Whenever I overworked my arms (hard labor, construction, carrying a child around all day..etc.) My forearms would get tight, I'd compress my nerve under my elbow (ulnar and medial nerve). it would radiate up into my shoulder, neck etc...
I had numbness in my fingers and hand that would cause HORRIBLE pain at night and wake me up. (actually that was the worst pain I had in the hospital after the bith of my baby).
I solved the problem not by taking boat loads of Advil. (my MD recommended). But, by going to massage therapy (deep tissue massage), chiro and getting accupuncture. That mixed with a stretching routine...I can now sleep soundly.
hope that helps.

I know that many doctors do not think people should try chiropractors, but I have gone to a few over my adult life, and have found that they have been helpful with health issues that other doctors could not help. Sometimes it hasn't been any help. I would give it a try. BUT....I have found that SOMETIMES they have you keep coming back for more visits(adjustments), and you need to decide for yourself when you need to stop going. One chiropactor asked me if I wanted to be put on a special one year rate! That had me a little worried!!! Anyway, GO FOR IT!!!

I get that sometimes and it is because I have a pinched nerve. If you have him go to the chiropractor they will be able to get his back and neck back aligned and the nerves will not be pinched anymore. He will feel almost instant relief.

I would also suggest checking for toxicity due to welding, breathing fumes into the system; rule out early signs of Parkinson's...? (I don't mean to cause alarm...)

It sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. I have it in both hands and have those exact symptoms. He should see a an orthopedist. I see dr. davis hurley in stapleton. They start you with braces on your wrists. If its in the early stages this will work great. If he is in the late stages, like I am, there is a simple surgery to correct. I have had one wrist done and will get the other done sometime this year.


I'm currently reading Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul and several of the entries sound very similar to your husbands symptoms. I recently started seeing a Chiropractor for muscle spasms in my shoulder blade and neck. After 3 adjustments, I am about 95% better. I had always heard that they are quacks, but the more I see of traditional medicine I'm convinced that alternative treatments are much better. It seems that the medical field these days only know how to write prescriptions or slice and dice. If you are in the SE Denver/Parker area, email me and I can recommend two chiropractors to you. ____@____.com that your husband is better soon. Not much worse than having a sick kid, but a sick husband is right up there. Best of luck to you both. J.

go see a chiropractor... I was having numbness down the back of my right arm and my neck would ache like crazy. my doctor just kept giving me stronger and stronger doses of anti-inflamatories... which ended up upsetting my stomach and giving me terrible heart burn. it helped with the pain, but did nothing for the numbness.

anyway, i was finally desperate... and went to see a chiropractor that my friend recommended. it only took a few weeks and I was feeling better. I still see one from time to time for maitenance. I sit at a desk & computer for most of my work day... it was basically a repetitive strain injury from being hunched over my desk. you didn't mention what your husband does for a living, but he should have his work space evaluated to make sure it is ergonomic and safe.

I'd ask around and get a recommendation from friend or co-worker... unfortunately, there are a lot of crappy chiropractors out there along with the good ones. if you live near littleton co, I can give you a good reference.

good luck!

Some problems require an MD, some require a chiropractor, some require massage therapy, and some require something else. MDs don't have anything in their toolbox that is comparable to chiropractics so if that is the nature of your husbands problem, the MDs won't be able to help him. I have had this happen to me. After having three kids I was having a lot of hip pain. I went to the doctor and had x-rays. There was nothing he could do so he sent me to physical therapy. My PT told me that my pelvis was twisted. The PT worked as long as I went three times a week. It seemed to me that if my pelvis was put back where it should be I would be fine. Sure enough, a few visits to a chiropractor fixed the problem.

Look around for a good chiropractor; one who doesn't think he can cure everything from acne to cancer, and see if it helps. It may take a few visits, but it may help immensely. If it doesn't help try massage therapy and maybe acupuncture. I think all of these types of medicines have their place. None of them are a cure-all, but one may help where another one fails.

HI J.,
Our hardworking guys tend to get symptoms such as these. When they hold things for a long time, strain & overwork their joints. Also there can be a clot causing this numbness so keep asprin around in case it starts to increase. But if something is out of place a good massage therapist & or chiropractor can help. I know it is expensive...We are having a Open House with a certified massage therapist in Brighton this Saturday. She will be charging a nominal fee & can maybe help him out with this. I hope this helps. I cannot believe how much we have in common, it's funny. Take care, G

It could be chronic tightness catching up to him and causing the numbness. When you're super tight in upper back between the shoulder blades (which could happen in his line of work) it can refer down the arms and cause numbness. My husband had that from too much mountain bike riding. Massage and yoga made it go away. I've been to a chiropractor many times and it has helped with my neck and back problems. Yoga has been the most effective for me. If you see a chiropractor, go to one by referral from a friend or coworker. A CT or MRI might be needed too. It would pick up herniated discs or other issues that you might not see with an xray. May need a referral to a specialist for that though. Good luck.

If he works with his hands often and with heavier equipment, he could have carpal tunnel, it is common in workers that use their hands daily. I would visit another Dr and get a more defined reason. Pain comes from somewhere.
They need to rule out cardiovascular disease of any type and MS.
They should do a blood draw. I don't believe just going to a chiropracter is right. They are not medical professionals in any other areas. If you find it is nerve issues they can help but you need to rule out everything via medical professionals.
I wouldn't just settle with an xray or non answers from a Dr. Pain is a indicator something somewhere isn't right and numbness is not a good sign.
Diabetes, MS, Carpal Tunnel all have symptoms of numbness. It could be something easy as a pinched nerve which may or may not show up on an xray.
Good luck and God Bless.

I had numbness in my left forarm for quite some time and it was that I was carrying too much in that arm and keeping my elbow bent to much so what I did is took the cool cayenne with ginger and it helped get my circulation back.

It sounds like carpal tunnel to me. My husband is a plumber and used to do new construction. They told him he needded surgerry but he is fine now. We went to a natrual healing massage therapist worked wonders. He gave us some techniques to do at home as well. His name is Marvine is in the Salt lake area phone number ###-###-####. His prices are very resonable and we have been going for ten years off and on

I'd check the thyroid levels too! If it's ruled out, for sure see the chiropractor (a good one). It may only take a few visits to relieve most symptoms, but if it is thyroid, then all the chiropractor $ will be down the drain!

I have a friend whose hands always felt numb or who felt like he had frost bite and it wouldn't go away. Just recently he had surgery to correct the problem. He told me he no longer has those prblems. He found out they were carpal tunnel syndrome.
My husband who is also involved with constrction and remodeling work has the same problem as it sounds like yours does. It takes several weeks for it to go away once he is through with the project. Good luck to you! P.

my dh had this in his leg and finally it was a neurologist that figured out what was going on, in his case he was one hit away from paralysis and for years docs had been saying nothings wrong. A neurologist has special tools they can to to run tests along the nerves to see what is going on. When he started having problems with his wrists we went back to her and she was able to figure that out and help him out with that as well.

X-rays can't show much when it comes to nerves...they aren't hard so they don't show up...at least that is what I have been told.
I used to have the same problem and I went to a chiropracter. I had a rib that went out in the back that was causing all the problems. Sometimes a rib can even mimic heart attack symptoms.
Your husband may have to go and see a massage therapist too if it is as continious and sever as you say. I know how annoying it can be. Just try to get recommendations for a chiro. in your area. Just like every other profession you have good and bad.
Good luck

A chiropractor would be the best thing to try right now. Trying a new pillow that supports his neck might help.
Let us know how things go.

my husband experienced a similar thing in his feet and legs. it kept him up at night and was really hard on him. it was at a time when he was working in a factory and on his feet all day. the family doctor said it wasn't neuropathy (i don't know how to spell that), but didn't know what it was. it was worse when his feet were cold. we still don't know what it was, but it went away when he changed jobs. that wasn't my first choice of action, but now that he isn't in pain every day, i'm so glad he did it.

I suffered from this in my twenties, it turns out I needed some chiropractic adjustments. The Dr. said it was very common, I had mild scoliosis, which I did not know. After a few months of regular adjustments I am fairly good. no more numbing, just mild discomfort, and a massage helps with that. The trick for staying aligned I found was regular exercise, stretching and warm/cold compresses. I also got a roller for adjusting myself at home. This is a large Styrofoam dowel you can put on the floor and roll along to re-align your back.
Hope this helps,
good luck!

I've experienced something similar, although the numbness was mainly in my hands. Has he been evaluated for carpal tunnel trouble? Since he works with his hands, it's a possibility. Does the numbness come randomly, or when he's doing something that requires using a grip, such as writing or driving? or perhaps when he's been doing something that requires small, repetitive movements, such as chopping, writing, or typing? Or welding? If it's random, it's probably not carpal tunnel. If it's occurring in relation to activity, it may be.

As for the waking up at night numb or in pain, I had that, too. I learned that carpal tunnel is aggravated if one is a side-sleeper, and therefore laying on an arm. One treatment option is to wear a wrist brace. I was told to wear one on each arm at night because it can keep you from laying on your arm. (In my case, it just kept me from sleeping, so I stopped wearing them.) Another treatment option (rarely a realistic one) is to stop using your hands for awhile. Stretching exercises for the hands and forearms, in my experience, are somewhat helpful.

I'm not sure exactly what a chiropractor would do for this, but given that they seem to have a great deal of success treating neuromuscular problems, going to one couldn't hurt. Some friends of mine have also had success with accupuncture. As for me, my carpal tunnel problem was relatively mild and pregnancy/baby-related so it eventually resolved on its own. (Pregnancy fluid retention can cause carpal tunnel problems. So can toting toddlers around. I had both of these factors at once.) I did not find conventional medicine all that helpful beyond identifying the problem. But that's just me.

Hope this helps.

I would recommend your husband see a chiropractor and/or get a deep tissue massage. Both of these things have helped me in the past with a somewhat similar situation. My chiropractor is in Ft. Collins, so I'm not much help there. I use Massage Envy for regular massages because I could try different people to see who I liked. I found a great gal on the 2nd try. They are also very reasonable, especially with regular attendees. This is probably a situation which will require ongoing treatment to keep it from recurring.
I might also suggest yoga after the initial pain subsides.

Dear J. E,

It could be carpal tunnel or it could be from the fumes of welding he does all day. Or it could be a thyroid problem.

First I would have him see a chiropractor, they can work miracles, and so can a GOOD massage therapist. Who travel with their own portable message beds. A good message therapists can make all kinds of hurts go away. But so can a chiropractor.

It may sound strange, but it could just be stress.

In these economic times people are having all kinds of ailments that he doctors can find no medical reasons.

I will give you a for instance, I awakened one morning several months ago and could not move or speak. For the months following this incident (they thought I had had a stroke, I am 60) I had every test imaginable.

It was stress period, what with other health issues of my own, and my husband is not in the best of health. The loss of a job, and blah blah.

Anyway, help him to decompress when he gets home from work.
Let him have time to just have quiet once he gets home with no screaming children. Encourage him to just go in your room, have a cup of coffee or whatever and just relax before dinner or whatever activity you have when he gets home from work.

See if that does not help. I bet it will.
Good Luck,

Yes, a chiropractor can help!

I think your husband would greatly benefit by going to a chiropractor. I had the same problem with my hands and arms. The chiropractor showed me some home exercises to do at home to help with this. I also feel so much better after getting my adjustments. My kids also loved being adjusted. Hope this helps.

Definitely see a chiropractor. They are good for internal illnesses too. They are always my #1 choice! It sounds like the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. If a chiropractor can't fix it, you can get a minor surgery done.

Hello J., Sounds like he might have carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome. What happens is the muscles in the neck, shoulders or wrist become compressed against nerves. Therefore if he does a consistent movement all day this can cause irritation on the nerves. I am a massage therapist and have seen this before time and time again. There are alternative ways to relieve this numbness. Would like to suggest a method called A.R.T. (active release technique) There is a chiropractor I know who is extremely very good at this technique and I truly believe he would be able to help your husband feel better within a few treatments. His name is Dr. Glenn and you can read about him on denverback.com. I hope this helps, and if he needs massage, which massage can help in treating CTS I would be more then happy to give you my contact information.

If you both decide to use a Chiropractror and that does not seem to help or he has to keep going to make it better; you may try and see if his doctor will refer him to a neurologist.

That definitely sounds like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had that many years ago and it tends to be degenerative, so it is best to act now on the problem. It is caused by the carpal ligament pushing on the radial nerve that runs through the wrist. They solve it by cutting the ligament. I suffered for 9 years with it before my new doctor knew exactly what it was and sent me to an Orthopedic Specialist who then sent me to the Neurologist to run the required tests. The Orthopedic Surgeon then operated on my hands immediately, as I had a lot of nerve damage resulting from the 9 years of not knowing what was wrong. It solved the problem completely. Act Now!!!!!!

It is carpal tunnel syndrome...
I am a pianist and I have it.
It comes from repetitive motion (welding).
Look it up online.
His best bet is to sleep with his hands above his heart (criss crossed on his chest).
It isn't dangerous...just painful and difficult to get into check. A good physical therapist and massage therapist have been my life savers....

I would highly recommend he get checked out by a good Chiropractor. I really like Metro Health Services, Dr. Rocco. He is blind and I think that just enhances his ability to fix things.###-###-####). I would also recommend checking for toxins like heavy metals in the blood from the welding and also sometimes Vitamin B6 toxicity can also cause this.

J.--You have had a lot of advice to go see a chiropractor, and for short term relief they can help, but you may want to consider seeing a physical therapist. Chiropractics are for immediate relief and your husband can end up having to have adjustmetns regularly to control the pain. PT can help strenghthen the muscles, teach you how to get relief and also educate you on what may be happening. Also many insurances cover PT and depending on where you live you can refer yourself to a PT without a doctor's referal. If you live in the Boise, ID area, I can refer you to a PT that is wonderful and has helped many people with this same issue, including me. Hope this helps.

I would strongly suggest seeing a massage therapist who does muscle activation therapy. I used to have the numbness problem but in my legs and when I started going to the muscle activation and it helped a lot! If you happen to Live near Ft. Collins I know of a great lady who does it. and i'd like to mention that if your husband is uncomfortable with being nude the good news is it isn't something you do nude like a massage. if you want more info just e-mail me! ____@____.com

Hi, J.! My husband and i both experience similar symptoms; it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome to me. My husband's is from carrying heavy power tools (he's a carpenter) and mine is from...typing!
Good luck,

Has the doctor mentioned carpel tunnel? I had the same thing going on especially at night and my doctor immediately gave me a wrist brace and corrected the problem in a month. I wore the brace 24/7 for 2 weeks and then used it at night for another 2 weeks or so. It isn't a problem that only occurs in people who use a computer all day...I developed it from carrying my daughter around all day instead! Good luck finding a solution to his very annoying problem.

you may want to have your husband tested for MS (multiple Sclerosis) alot beleive that if your young you cant get. But trust me thats not true, I'm 25 and have it. Wouldnt hurt to check into it.

That's what my hands did when I had carpel tunnel

I have a great chiropractor that I see, who is also not pushy about coming in. He will tell me to come see him when I am hurting or feel like I need it. I think chiropractic is a great way to go, and I know that it has helped me with a ton of issues over the years. I have been seeing one off and on since I was a child, and have especially appreciated help with pregnancy discomforts. So, I think you need to find a good one. I would call around and see if I could find one that practiced applied kineseology, and trigger point therapy. Also, ask what their average appointment time is. Some chiros schedule patients every five minutes, while others allow 15, 20 or even 30 minutes for a visit. You need to find one that doesn't schedule more than 4-5 an hour, and that schedule a half an hour for a new patient exam and adjustment. Also, it is a good idea to take your xrays or copies with you--some will try to talk you into more, just to help their bottom line. They are usually not necessary. Ask if they take routine xrays on every patient, and if they do, I would avoid that practice. I see you are in Idaho, otherwise I would totally recommmend my chiro (who I love, trust and have seen for years), in the Denver area!

Good luck

A Chiropractor might just be the thing. I was having pain in my elbow and was told to do physical therapy, take tylenol, etc. I did that for a few months and after taking so much tylenol one day decided I had had it. It ended up being a pinched nerve in the neck. I have a good chiropractor in the Draper, UT area if that is where you are located. He keeps me out of pain.

Does your husband use anything with Aspartame in it? It is what they use in certain sweetners? I had this happen to me back in college. I had so many tests to see if it was nerve damage, MS, etc. What it came down to is that Aspartame can mimic the signs of MS. I would also see a specialist and get an MRI. The sooner you can rule out the worst the better.

I would absolutely recommend finding a good chiropractor. Not just a bone cruncher, but someone who will work with your for a healthier whole body. I LOVE my chiropractor. I was having some numbness in one of my shoulders a few months ago and he got it worked out. Proper bone placement can do so much to help you feel better. Find a chiropractor that will listen to what is wrong and find a way to work it out.

Go to a Chiropractor and see a good Massage Therapist, too. Do you homework though, because just like ANY other profession, you don't want to walk into the first door with a sign on it at the risk of good service.

Numbness in the hands is sometimes an indication of MS. Go the Chiropractor first, then if that doesn't help get more testing

I would highly recommend Massage Therapy. Maybe Structural Integration (Structural is a form of Massage Therapy that is extremely deep and works to lengthen the tissue). My guess is that your husband, being in construction, has some very big and tight muscles. There is a great chance that a nerve is pinched. It does not have to be at the spine, it can be within the muscle. Massage Therapy can help release the constriction and also increase the circulation while relaxing the client. There are a few schools around, such as The Denver School of Massage Therapy, that offer weekend clinics with low cost massages with a student. Be sure to ask for Structural or Trigger Point. If you would like more info on this I would be happy to talk with you. I'm a Senior student at Denver School of Massage Therapy. I really think he is going to be fine, he just needs a little work. ____@____.com

J. E,
I would strongly recommend he get an MRI done, my guess is he may have a buding disc in his back. There are many reasons, generally it is some kind of nerve damage, especially in his line of work. I would get him taking glucosime as well antioxidants.

Last time I was pregnant I had numbness in my hands and arms. The gynecologist told me that it was just carpal tunnel associated with pregnancy and that it would go away after delivery. It was a combination of tendonitis and carpal tunnel and it did not go away after delivery. My friend told me that going to a massage therapist would help this. I went and it was immediate relief. My daughter plays the violin and has problems with her hands and arms and I always take her there too. She was very skeptical at first and gave me all kinds of attitude, but once she felt the immediate relief she was hooked. The message therapist knows all the different pressure points. The doctors would like to do all kinds of expensive tests and keep him doped up all day but this is less expensive and it is more helpful. I hope this helps.

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