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Help, Weird Feeling in My Arm.

I have this weird feeling in my arm, from my elbow to my finger tips. It feels like I my arm is just waking up from being asleep. It is even kind of twitching. I have never had this before, well other when I am laying on my arm and it falls asleep. Does anyone know what this could be and what I can do about it. I don't have insurance, work is reeeeeally expensive and my husbands only offers it to him. Please if anyone has any ideas let me know.

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I know that you are only 24 years old, but that tingling feeling may be a sign of serious heart problems. Please see a doctor ASAP. A doctor visit is a lot cheaper than a funeral. Heart problems run in my family young and old. Please get a professional opinion on this.

Sounds like carpal tunnel to me. I was diagnosed with it for the same feelings that you are describing but my pinky and ring fingers also went numb. Take ibruprofen and see if it feels better. It's an anti-inflammatory and works wonders. Good luck.

It could be carpel tunnel. I have that on/off. Is it bad when you first wake up in the morning? Try sleeping with a wrist brace on if it is. Also, try large doses of Advil. That is what a Dr. told me last year and it helped.

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Hi; Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I had a similar experience and ended up in the Heart Hospital b/c I ignored it. You seem too young for blood pressure problems, but I've learned that it can effect women of all ages and varying degrees of weight (over vs. under).

hi i know this is not an answer but i have the same exact feeling in both y arms and im only 16 its been going on for about 8 hours now (on/off) and its making me nervous. I asked my mom and she just said sleep it off.

It sounds like nerves to me. I had a weird incident that happened around 20 years ago. I laid on my arm and it fell asleep. I didn't get off it in time and I lost 50% of the strength in my arm. I wasn't drunk and I was wide awake. To this day, if I am tired, I get tingling sensations in my arm. When this happened, my arm was so sensitive. I had shooting pains and I couldn't pick up a cup. The doctor said to take a vitamin B complex and not to drink alcohol and to sleep with my arm elevated under a pillow. He put me on a very controlled steroid for a week. It is referred to as Saturday Night Syndrome, which typically happens to someone who has been drinking heavily and falls asleep and is too drunk to feel that their circulation is cut off. You probably don't have anything close to this extreme, but taking a vitamin B complex and abstaining from alcohol and elevating your arm would probably help. Try not to lay on your arm so the blood can flow easier.You probably should have this checked out by a neurologist. If you do have slight nerve damage, there is probably not much that can be done. You also might try an accupuncturist. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

This could be the starting of a seizure. They start off small like this and if that's what it is you def need to see a doctor. My husband has epilepsy and it's been a really hard battle for us. His numbness or awaking from being asleep feeling started in his face though. Have you been noticing any visual changes (hallucinations or flashing lights) or weird smells that noone else smells?? These could very well be epilepsy OR something that's causing you to have seizures.

Good luck!

It could be carpel tunnel. I have that on/off. Is it bad when you first wake up in the morning? Try sleeping with a wrist brace on if it is. Also, try large doses of Advil. That is what a Dr. told me last year and it helped.

I have this problem often and it turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck, don't worry nothing major. My chiropractor was able to help with the problem and anytime I feel it coming I just make my appt. After several treatments, it rarely bothers me anymore, he said it was more stress related then anything. So I would call and find a good chiropractor and set up an appt. It really did help me, alot. Hope this helps. Take Care T.

Don't know what city you are in but I would suggest seeing a doctor at one of the free health clinics in your area. If you are in Bryan/College Station you should enroll at the one on Texas Ave. I did when I need to see a doctor and did not have insurance. I hope you have insurance (medicare- CHIP) for you child. It's just to important not to. Preventive is always better and less expensive. Good Luck.

Sorry K. but it sound to me like the beginning of carpal tunnel. That is exactly how mine started. They put me in hand braces to use as much as possible. You can get those same type at Walmart. It helps if you can stop dropping your wrist, or "cutting off" the circulation in your arm by doing things like holding the phone up to your ear motion and keeping it there. Hope this might help. The actual test is expensive and PAINFUL for carpal tunnel!

Hi K., I don,t know what it could be but it does'nt sound right so if I was you I would find a clinic that maybe I could qualify for and try to seek some medical attention.
I hope it is not serious and hope you get better Your four year old really needs you. Take Care.

Hi K.,
it could be a lot of things as your body change different lifestyle. i have been in chiropractic for 20 plus years. i love it. this is the best education you ever learn about your precious body. i do not have insurance. it is worth the budget and take care of yourself and know your body. first two months may cost after that i go once a month to check or uncomfort reponse that tell me i go. not sure where you live i can give you phone number of Dr. Bryan phone is 250- 9799 or look in yellow page. my best luck to you K. P.

Try wrapping it with an ace bandage, it may be muscle fatigue. Or an ace bandage and ice packs. I had similar feelings at the later part of my pregnancy and this worked.


You will eventually need to see a doctor so that the possibilites can be ruled out. You probably have a pinched nerve and will be fine. A doctor would rule out neuromuscular diseases. I suffered from a twitching finger and was convinced that I was in the beginning stages of Parkinsons Disease. It eventually went away and no symptoms have appeared in the last five years. I suggest that you obtain insurance during your husband's annual enrollment and get a physical. I understand that the financial responsibility may be an issue. I would keep a journal and write down every symptom along with the time of day and specific activites that you have engaged in. Your doctor will be better informed when you do see him or her.

Hi K.,
This happed to me about 3 years ago. It was caused by stress. Hope this helps.

it could be carpel tunnel, I have that when I'm pregnant & my hands will fall asleep & timgle. you can buy a wrist brace at walgreens, HEB, or CVS, it might help. I would have it checked out especially if it is your left arm though b/c that could mean heart trouble. Good luck!

There are many possible causes for numbness and tingling in your arm. Some are benign, some are very dangerous. I know money is an issue but you need to have the more serious conditions ruled out. You should always see your doctor (not a chiropractor) when you have numbness or tingling that is not associated with the extremity "falling asleep."

Some causes are:

Injury to a nerve -- for example, a neck injury may cause you to feel numbness anywhere along your arm or hand.
Pressure on the spinal nerves such as that due to a herniated disk.
Lack of blood supply to an area -- for example, plaque buildup from atherosclerosis can cause pain, numbness, and tingling this is called vascular claudication)
Other medical conditions, include:
Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Multiple sclerosis.
Transient ischemic attack (TIA).
Underactive thyroid.
Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in your body
A lack of vitamin B12 or other vitamin.
Certain medications.
Toxic action on nerves, such as that from lead, alcohol, or tobacco.

The underlying cause of numbness or tingling should be identified and then treated by your doctor. Treatment of the underlying condition may reverse the symptoms or prevent them from becoming worse. For example, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain, certain exercises may be recommended.

If you have diabetes, your doctor will discuss ways to control your blood sugars.

Medications that cause numbness or tingling may need to be switched or adjusted. DO NOT make any changes to your medications without instructions from your doctor.

Low levels of vitamins will be treated with vitamin supplements.

Because of the decrease in feeling, a numb hand or foot from any cause may be more prone to accidental injury. Take care to protect the area from cuts, bumps, bruises, burns, or other injury.

Go to a hospital or call 911 if:

Weakness or paralysis occurs with numbness or tingling.
Numbness or tingling occur just after a head, neck, or back injury.
You cannot control the movement of an arm or a leg or you have lost bladder or bowel control.
You are confused or have lost consciousness, even briefly.
You have slurred speech, change in vision, difficulty walking, or weakness.

it sounds like carple tunnel syndrome. Go to the doctor and have it checked out.

You are on the computer a great deal, aren't you? The feeling is carpal tunnel syndrome and results from continued pressure on the nerves of your hand from the way you use it. Any time you use your hand or fingers with your wrist lower than your hand you risk stressing those nerves. You don't need a doctor to reduce the "asleep" feeling. Use a wrist guard that stabilizes your wrist while on the computer or driving, ice to reduce the inflammation when you get the tingling feeling, and don't sleep with your hands in fists. Or at least that is what my hand therapist told me to do.

it could be carpal tunnel syndrome!

It might be corporal tunnel. My has come back after surgery 6 years ago. I sleep in a hand brace. After trying the different kinds out there the one that works the best for me is the kind with the spoon in it. Also taking Aleve, or the generic equivalent helps a lot. If you have problems even during the day wear the brace all the time, just take it off when you need to. My chiropracter also does a treatment from time to time. I found this to be really helpful also. And it's not as expensive as going to the doctor.

Hi K.,

Sounds like you are putting pressure on a nerve. You may be lying on your arm at night or putting it in a bad position without even realizing it that puts pressure on the nerve. This may possible also be coming from your neck in the way you are sleeping. Don't be alarmed. Try ajusting the way you sleep. Use proper body mechanics keeping the spine in alignment to the best of your ability and do not lie on your arm. Try to keep it out straight. Also B6 is good for the nerves. It is highly recommended by orthopedic doctors for capal tunnel syndrome which is when your nerves are intraped.

If these few little things do not help, I would recommend going to Galveston or someplace else that you may be albe to get affordable health care due to the fact that the longer your nerve is being affected then worse it gets and it can lead to permanent damage if it continues. Notice I said can. Not will lead but can. Noting is for certain and this can be temporary.

I use to work in Orthopedics for 8 years. This is the only thing I know to tell you. Sorry I can not be of more help.

At any rate, I wish you the best.

I had a similar situation and saw a Chiropractor - fixed the problem in seconds.

Sounds liek a pinched nerve. I get those a lot. It's from your neck and spine being out of alignment. A chiropractor could help with that ;)

It sounds like you might have a pinched nerve somewhere. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and I get twitchy feelings in my arm and some numbness. I've been through physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and tons of tylenol but it will never go away completely. I still do physical therapy on my own and have had to change the way I sleep (not on my stomach anymore) as well as my posture. You can get a book by Robin McKenzie called 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life to try some of the physical therapy type excercises or maybe visit a chiropractor. I am a bit leary of chiros since they are not neurologists, but I've heard from others that it was helpful to them. If you sit most of the day at work, your posture may be alot of the problem. Take a break frequently and do some of the excercises in that book or just stand up straight and walk around for a bit every hour. Good luck and I hope some of the info helps.

This may be carpal tunnel syndrome. Do you do repetitive work, or do you spend a lot of time on the computer? You should get this checked out. J. K.

Are you taking birth control? When I was on the pill, I started having numbness in my arm and leg. That is one of the side effects. If you are taking BC, stop for a month and see if the numbness goes away. That was what my Dr had me do and it worked. I wound up not going back on the pill after that.

Good luck,


Sounds like carpal tunnel in your wrist. The symptoms you have listed is exactly what I went through when I was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago.
I was treated with injections and had a splint for my wrist. I dont think there is really anything that wil cure this.
You can only take medications that help prevent the pain from getting stronger.
Im not sure if you are aware but some E R Hospitals carry a charity fund for those whom do not have insurance.
Im not too sure what the qualifications need to be but you can try there.

Have you tried chiropractic? Irritation to the nerves in the neck can cause the symptoms you described. Find a good chiropractor. They may work with you on a payment plan because most insurances do not cover it anyway.

Also, check out http://iamfree.unifiedwealthsolutions.com Many parents are choosing to stay at home with their kids and making plenty of money to do this and more.

Be Well,

First I need to ask if weight is an issue..Sometimes, weight will place stress on extremeties and numbness and tingling occur...however, this is not something you shouldn't check out. Heart attack is the #1 killer of women and some of this is because we do not present the same as male so our symptoms are often over looked....I would recommend at leasat chekcing with your medical doctor. The $s you spend now might pay off for your future.


You should see a chiropractor. Sounds like a nerve that's been pinched. Much less expensive and much more effective compared to a M.D.

More information is needed. Is the numbness over your entire forearm, hand, and fingers or is it only on the thumb side or only on the pinky side of your forearm/hand/fingers? Did it come on suddenly or gradually? Have you had any recent pet bites? Have you had any recent injury to that arm or to your neck?

Hi K.,I personally dealt with something similar with what you are feeling I went to go see my Dr. and was told it was just a pinched nerve nothing to worry about but then it got to serious to the point that my whole left side started to feel that way.I ended up at the hospital about two times because it would get really bad my left side of my face would even start twitching too.I was told that it was that i was too stressed out that i needed to pretty much just chill out.You might be streesing and that may be one of the reasons you may feel like that.I notice that now that I'm not stressing as much any more i feel much better THANK GOD!!!!So my advice to you is that relax kick back and just take it one day at a time and don't be stressing over lil things it will make a BIG difference.Well i hope this helps you MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!

the tingling sensation could be caused by a pinched nerve. i had a similar situation several years ago. i didn't have insurance either, but i tightened our budget everywhere and went to a chiropractor. it made a world of difference. i don't know where you are located, but many chiroprators will do mail outs from time to time with low cost initial exam and x-rays. Dr. Dale Southerland (Southerland Chiropractic) in pearland had a recent mail out for just $17. Usually, you will have to come in for several visits over several weeks, then monthly for maintenance. initially, it is expensive because you have to pay for each visit, but it is worth it, and going monthly is easily budgeted. i haven't seen this dr., but i know that seeing a chiropractor was well worth the investment for me, and i have a real hard time spending money on myself.

hmm.... I know that when a person gets tingling, numbness or weakness in their arms/hands - it could mean you have a pinched nerve or a herniated disk in the cervical area. Do you have any way to test the strength in your arms - do you find you cannot hold on to things or drop things a lot?
This can be serious because - if left unattended you could cause permanent nerve damage which in turn leads to isolated areas of paralysis. If this has been goi ng on for a while - I definately suggest getting to a doctor. He will know what other things to look for. An MRI may be requested - which can run up to $500 if you do not have insurance.

About Me - a 53 yr old working wife and mom of two grown kids and grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter.

Well, I am a massage therapist that used to work for a Chiropractor...I am no physician but it sounds like a little bit of scar tissue or lactic acid build up in your radial-bracialis...This can be work out by applying pressure to that musle in your arm.....like tennis elbow, but a little lower...If that does not take care of it, lower back or neck issues could be playing a role in the numbness, as a pinched nerve....I now work in a salon and I come across numbness in several of my clients....it is the lack of circulation to the said muscle and just needs a little TLC...not worries, try and get a massage or see a Chiropractor as soon as possible and make sure they can manipulate the area of the body properly..I live in Corpus Christi....I wish I could help....good luck!

Sounds like carpal tunnel to me. I was diagnosed with it for the same feelings that you are describing but my pinky and ring fingers also went numb. Take ibruprofen and see if it feels better. It's an anti-inflammatory and works wonders. Good luck.

K., I am not sure where you live but if you live in the Roswell, NM area you may call me at Roswell Medical Clinic ###-###-#### and I will get you in to see one of our drs. We are a faith based clinic and try our best to treat patients as much like Jesus would as possible. We will work with you on a payment plan but in the event you would have to be refered to a specialist of course they will probably not work with you on their billing. But God willing you may not need a specialist. Anyway, pray about it and if you feel like the Lord is leading you here and are close enough to come to us I will set it up for you. R.

hey K.,
I had this as well after having my babies and I was told it was carpal tunnel and I bought the wrist splints (walgreens) and it helped, but didn't cure it. After 3 years, I mentioned my wrists to my chiropractor and she looked at them and said it was misdiagnosed and it was a joint problem and with 1 adjustment she fixed it!
Not to be too scary, but my husband also had symptoms like this in his early 20's and he has multiple sclerosis. I hope it's minor for you!

I had the same thing a few years ago and even went to the doctor. It turned out that somehow I had hurt a nerve in my elbow. There was nothing they could do for it; just told me to wait it out and eventually it would go away. It did by the way.

I know that you are only 24 years old, but that tingling feeling may be a sign of serious heart problems. Please see a doctor ASAP. A doctor visit is a lot cheaper than a funeral. Heart problems run in my family young and old. Please get a professional opinion on this.

Definitely sounds like a pinched nerve in your shoulder, neck or back. This could be caused by muscle tension, and could have even been from pulling a muscle days ago. I get that same feeling every now and then because I have tendonitis in my shoulder and occasionally muscle spasms. It it keep up, see your doctor. Until them try some moist heat to relax the tense muscles, and maybe your DH could give you a nice back and shoulder massage!

It could be so many things but I would definetely go and get it checked out by an elbow specailist. Dr. Mehlhoff in Houston is great. He works with the Astros. You need to get on your husbands insurance. It is possible it could be your ulner nerve in your elbow. My son just had surgery for this. Anyway, please check it out.

I used to get this and I had very high triglycerides. Also, the doctor said it was my ulnar nerve. Somehow how you sleep, you're putting pressure on it. Vitamins and B complex helps. Women don't get enough B vitamins. A one-a-day will work but there are vitamins with extra B's from GNC or Wal-Mart. We'd have to eat a ton of fresh veggies to get all the B vitamins that we need. Start early with vitamins. It will make a difference. JE

I would agree with the others who posted that it sounds like a pinched nerve in your back or neck. I used to be a massage therapist and we would see this a lot. It is often confused with carpel tunnel. I would suggest seeing a good massage therapist with experience in this area.
I also had to write after seeing your posting about wanting to be a home with your babies. I struggled with this most recently and returned to teaching full-time. My heart was sick and I missed my children terribly. Then I was given a gift by another stay at home mom. I would love to share what I do. I love helping moms stay home and create the life of their dreams with this incredible opportunity. Feel free to email me back at ____@____.com

K. D,

Hello. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist in San Antonio, TX. I do have experience in working with your situation. I'm also a Birth Doula, Physical Therapy Tech, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor.

I can work massages by studio or "house-call."

If you'd like assistance, please contact me here.

Thank you,

D. Peña, LMT

you should go to the doctor or call the one you usually see he maybe able to help you without charging you. Just let him know with it feels like. It sounds like your not getting enough cerulation through there some of the time. You my have your husband massage your back, shoulders and arms to see if that helps (you can tell him that he doesnt have to do it hard just enough to get the blood flowing), but I strongly suggest you at least call your doctor fof advice on what it can be. you never know it might be nothing then again it might be something important.

almost forgot I have this same feeling in one of my arms....for me I have a neck and back injury, and thats what my doctor said for me since all the problems are on one side. For me it helps alot.

I had this almost exact same thing last week. Mine was caused by the muscles in my back/shoulders swelling because of my new exercise routine.

Have you recently started working out harder, or possibly carrying your child more often? You may have aggravated the muscles in your back, between your shoulders, and just need to take a rest.

If that doesn't clear it up, or other symptoms arise (sore jaw, pain in the neck area, etc.) then you'll have to go to the doctor.

Good luck!

you could be out of allignment in your neck or upper back. You could try seeing a chiropractor and if that doesn't work consult a physician.

Dear K.
Do you have problems with neck pain or a previous neck injury by any chance?
Believe it or not, neck problems can cause nerve pinching and the type of arm problems you describe.
Many operations have been needlessly carried out on arms when actually the problems lay with neck vertebrae.
You could try physiotherapy - you mention you have a hyperactive 4 year old so you could very well be getting neck spasms from the trapezium muscles which are tensing up. That may help as your first choice of treatment and then I would suggest taking it from there...
All the best

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