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Help, Weird Feeling in My Arm.

I have this weird feeling in my arm, from my elbow to my finger tips. It feels like I my arm is just waking up from being asleep. It is even kind of twitching. I have never had this before, well other when I am laying on my arm and it falls asleep. Does anyone know what this could be and what I can do about it. I don't have insurance, work is reeeeeally expensive and my husbands only offers it to him. Please if anyone has any ideas let me know.

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I know that you are only 24 years old, but that tingling feeling may be a sign of serious heart problems. Please see a doctor ASAP. A doctor visit is a lot cheaper than a funeral. Heart problems run in my family young and old. Please get a professional opinion on this.

Sounds like carpal tunnel to me. I was diagnosed with it for the same feelings that you are describing but my pinky and ring fingers also went numb. Take ibruprofen and see if it feels better. It's an anti-inflammatory and works wonders. Good luck.

It could be carpel tunnel. I have that on/off. Is it bad when you first wake up in the morning? Try sleeping with a wrist brace on if it is. Also, try large doses of Advil. That is what a Dr. told me last year and it helped.

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Hi; Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I had a similar experience and ended up in the Heart Hospital b/c I ignored it. You seem too young for blood pressure problems, but I've learned that it can effect women of all ages and varying degrees of weight (over vs. under).

hi i know this is not an answer but i have the same exact feeling in both y arms and im only 16 its been going on for about 8 hours now (on/off) and its making me nervous. I asked my mom and she just said sleep it off.

It sounds like nerves to me. I had a weird incident that happened around 20 years ago. I laid on my arm and it fell asleep. I didn't get off it in time and I lost 50% of the strength in my arm. I wasn't drunk and I was wide awake. To this day, if I am tired, I get tingling sensations in my arm. When this happened, my arm was so sensitive. I had shooting pains and I couldn't pick up a cup. The doctor said to take a vitamin B complex and not to drink alcohol and to sleep with my arm elevated under a pillow. He put me on a very controlled steroid for a week. It is referred to as Saturday Night Syndrome, which typically happens to someone who has been drinking heavily and falls asleep and is too drunk to feel that their circulation is cut off. You probably don't have anything close to this extreme, but taking a vitamin B complex and abstaining from alcohol and elevating your arm would probably help. Try not to lay on your arm so the blood can flow easier.You probably should have this checked out by a neurologist. If you do have slight nerve damage, there is probably not much that can be done. You also might try an accupuncturist. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

This could be the starting of a seizure. They start off small like this and if that's what it is you def need to see a doctor. My husband has epilepsy and it's been a really hard battle for us. His numbness or awaking from being asleep feeling started in his face though. Have you been noticing any visual changes (hallucinations or flashing lights) or weird smells that noone else smells?? These could very well be epilepsy OR something that's causing you to have seizures.

Good luck!

It could be carpel tunnel. I have that on/off. Is it bad when you first wake up in the morning? Try sleeping with a wrist brace on if it is. Also, try large doses of Advil. That is what a Dr. told me last year and it helped.

I have this problem often and it turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck, don't worry nothing major. My chiropractor was able to help with the problem and anytime I feel it coming I just make my appt. After several treatments, it rarely bothers me anymore, he said it was more stress related then anything. So I would call and find a good chiropractor and set up an appt. It really did help me, alot. Hope this helps. Take Care T.

Don't know what city you are in but I would suggest seeing a doctor at one of the free health clinics in your area. If you are in Bryan/College Station you should enroll at the one on Texas Ave. I did when I need to see a doctor and did not have insurance. I hope you have insurance (medicare- CHIP) for you child. It's just to important not to. Preventive is always better and less expensive. Good Luck.

Sorry K. but it sound to me like the beginning of carpal tunnel. That is exactly how mine started. They put me in hand braces to use as much as possible. You can get those same type at Walmart. It helps if you can stop dropping your wrist, or "cutting off" the circulation in your arm by doing things like holding the phone up to your ear motion and keeping it there. Hope this might help. The actual test is expensive and PAINFUL for carpal tunnel!

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