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Pierced Ear Has a Ball Forming Behind Ear

Well.. my daughter had gotten her ears pierced back in january and i kept those earrings in and then yesterday i thought since its been more than 6 weeks that it would be okay to change her earrings into the ones her grandmother had bought her when she was born, WELL i took them out and the right earring went right through but her left ear it just wasnt wanting to go in and my baby started crying and her ear was red and it looked swollen so i just gave up and put some ice on her ear hoping the swelling would go down...

Today, I went to see if her ear was okay and I found that behind her ear is a little ball looking thing forming, It kind of looks like a pimple. I dont want her hole to close up cuz she cried when she got her ears pierced and i dont want her to go through it again but does it mean she has an infection??? Has this happened to anyone else?? Should I call her doctor?? I hate to call them cuz I hate where I take her but shes on medicaid so I'm waiting til shes off of it to put her on a different insurance and get a doctor I like... but I'm worried if somethings wrong!! Obviously there is but I dont know how bad it is!!

What can I do next?

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This happens to me. I have a nose piercing and an ear piercing. Take a q-tip and put peroxide on it. Rub it around the infection. It will go away in a couple of days. Don't leave it untreated! Don't take the piercing out either. This can let the bump close up and leave a scar. The peroxide will not burn or anything.

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My then 9 month old had the same thing, and you are right, it is sort of like a pimple. As the others have said, keep it cleaned and keep the earring in. Make sure the earrings are cleaned as well.

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i get those around my own pierced ears a lot, my ears are sensitive. usually it goes away it a week or so, i just try to keep it clean & i always use, sterling silver earrings or 14k gold. if it gets bigger, or changes color i would definately make an appt. but it is probably just irritated & will go down on its own.

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To me it sounds like it's forming into a keloid scar. I had the same problem when I first got my ears pierced at 12 years old. Some people are more prone to keloid scarring than others. Google "keloid" and see if that's what it looks like. You can get it injected with cortizone, which is what I did, and it will shrink. But if she prone to keloid scars, it will be something she'll have to deal with. I had my appendix out and that scar keloided as well.

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