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Out of Town - Letter of Release?

My husband and I are going out of town for the first time since our son has been born (I want to look forward to this, but it's hard leaving my boy!). We are leaving a letter with my in-laws and my Mom who is keeping our son. What information do you put on this letter in case something happens to him and he needs medical attention? Does anyone have any suggestions of what we need to leave with them (info, etc.) that they might need that I might not think to leave? I'm leaving directions to all kinds of locations around my house that they might want to take him - phone number and directions to his doctor and local hospital. This makes me sick to think they might need it, but if they have it, hopefully they won't need it.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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You are all amazing! Thank you for the fabulous information. I have a lot of things I'm printing out with all kinds of information. All of your advice is phenomenal! I think my in-laws and Mom will definitely be covered with everything they could ever possibly need. But, you can never be too prepared. Thanks again to you ALL!!!

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My husband and I went to Rome for New Years this year without hte kids YEAH!!!! We left a letter, more like a consent form that we wrote and signed, allowing my mother to be responsible for the kids. My friend actually suggested it and it was a great idea! Also, leave your insurance card and if you are going out of the country, leave a copy of you and your husbands Passport for whoever is taking care of the kids.
I hope this is helpful! Have fun on your trip and don't worry, your son will be fine!!!!


Authorization to Seek Medical Attention and or Treatment

To whom it may concern:

(NAME OF PERSON TAKING CARE OF KIDS) have permission from: YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND NAME to seek and receive medical attention and/or treatment for our children: NAME while they are under their care and supervision. (CARE TAKER NAME)are our children’s (DESCRIP THE RELATION TO THE KIDS) also have our permission to make medical decisions for (NAME OF KIDS)in the event that we can not be contacted. (name of kids) have medical, dental, and prescription insurance and coverage as follows:

(Insurance name) and SS# OF EACH KIDS

Primary Card holder: NAME
Dependents: YOUR KIDS NAME
See attached copy of Insurance information


Please contact us with any questions and or concerns:
We will be out-of-town: December 27, 2007 – January 2, 2008
Mailing address:

Important Info. And #s:

Pediatrician is: Name and number
Dentist: Name and number

Acute Care Kids:
(after hours medical care):
(214) ###-###-####

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I just filled out one of these today for our church. You can take it and change the words to say what you need it to say.


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Hi S.,

Just type of a letter and put on the title "LIABILITY AUTHORIZATION" OR authorization for liability & care....

We, _________________ (blank line) print your and your husband's name on it, do hereby give authorization to ___________________(whomever that might be) for any medical treatment and authorize them to make any decision that is in the best interest of my son, __________________ (his name)....and so forth, so that they will have it in case they do need it.

You can then sign it at the bottom.

Very simple and it will hold up if there is a question, as long as it is dated and signed by both of you.

I did this as well, when I first left my son in my sister's care when we flew to Vegas for 3 days. They obvioulsy didn't need it, but had it if need be.


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We, too just went through the same thing. We left our twin boys at 10 months old for a week. It was so hard. I left everything in a 3 ring binder-every document in a sheet protector labeled. Leave a copy of yours & your husbands Health Ins. Card, Rx Card, Drivers License, if you have a second Bank Card(obviously with someone that you really trust), directions to nearest hospital, Care Now, Pediatrician...any and everything you could possibly think of. Lists of approved foods, allergies... I could go on. On the Release of Liability, make sure that in there it details which person ( or 2 at most) will be making any decisions in the hospital in an emergency. The hospitals have to have a consent to treat especially if there is surgery involved (God forbid). And I don't mean to scare you, but make sure that you have put thought and money aside for an emergency trip home. It's true. You want to look forward to your trip-and I promise, once you are completely organized and know that you have not left anything out, you will really enjoy yourself. Have a safe trip.

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you've received excellent advice so far...I may have missed it, but I didn't see anyone say to go ahead and pre-register with the hospitals in the area. Just go in with insurance cards, etc. and tell them your wishes for treatment. They'll keep it on file and in the case of an emergency, they will already have ALL necessary info, including any release from you. This is the absolute best way to ensure there is no issue with care should it be needed. The hospital, depending on the mood of the employees that day and other consideration - may or may not "honor" a letter that your parents walk in with, and it may take a few calls to different people to settle it which could cost valuable time, but they will imediately honor instructions that are already in the computer.

I'm sure everything will be fine, but good for you for thinking ahead and preparing. It will help you have a good time to know things will be handled properly without you. So go and relax and enjoy being just a twosome again...Have a safe and fun trip!


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I can't find the form we've used but here is a website with 2 emergency release forms that you can print and add your information to. Be sure to have them notorized. We took ours to our bank and they did it for free.


I don't know if this will make you feel any better but a couple years ago, when our son was 2, my husband and I went on a trip for the first time without him. He stayed with my parents. I worried that he would be so upset without us but he had a blast. Have your mom/in-laws take pictures of the things they do with your son. It was neat for us to see the fun things he got to do while we were gone.

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First of all, it might be best to leave major medical decision making to one person, in case some thing happens and for any reason your parents and in laws disagree on the best course of treatment. Also, be sure that you put his height and weight, and maybe even a shot record. I also like to check all medications and leave a list of correct dosages for each child. And, one final note, I would make sure that they know what to do if something were to happen to both of you (again God forbid) I like to make sure all of that is taken care of so that there is no reason for the courts to have to step in if there were to be an accident involving both of you. Obviously, it is so unlikely that anything will happen, but I travel much better if I know that all of my ducks are in a row before I leave. Have a super fun time, and try to relax a little! ~A.~

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Since everyone else has given great advice on the medical side here is something else. You may want to leave them a note on what foods your son abosolutely hates & the ones he adores, what his favorite books/toys are, any special routines that help calm him and other things of that nature. Have a safe & wonderful trip!

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