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Son Traveling with Grandparents

This weekend my 3 year old son with be traveling with my parents to a different state to visit my little sister. It will about an 8 hour drive (each way) and they will be leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday evening. This is the first time my son will be traveling without us, and to top it off my husband, daughter and I will be traveling in the opposite direction for other commitments. I know he will have a great time, and I trust my parents completely... however I am still really nervous!

Should I type some paperwork to sign and have notarized giving my parents authorization for medical treatment if it is needed? Realistically, I understand that in an emergency the hospital would take whatever life-saving steps were needed - even if they could not reach my husband and I for consent. Anything else could probably wait until they could reach us... UGH! I also worry that because we are traveling, if we were involved in an accident we might not be able to consent if he need stitches, etc...

I am generally a nervous wreck, but this is new ground for me... What do you moms suggest? Any documentation? Is it worth the time? Am I absolutely crazy? :) Thanks for the help.

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Yup. Absolutely a medical power of attorney (print, take to the bank sign & notarize) because even lifesaving surgery will be postponed to the very last moment if they can't reach you... but for the more likely non-life threatening stuff... you don't want your son sitting in the ER with a broken arm and no pain meds for hours because you can't be reached (seen that happen).

ALSO... phone your pediatrican's office and let them know that your parents will be caring for your child for x number of days and ask if there is a consent form of any kind that they would want you to sign.

Ditto, a handwritten note (with a photocopy of your drivers license and your phone numbers) authorizing your parents to be taking care of your child and traveling out of state with him has as little chance of being needed, but if for any reason there is an amber alert, or they're pulled over, or, or, or... cops want something that verifies that they are allowed to be traveling and caring for your child.

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Definitely get a notarized Medical Power of Attorney that authorizes your parents to seek medical treatment for your son for the duration of your trip. Without it, unless it's a life or death emergency, your son will not be able to receive medical treatment, even tylenol, until you can be reached and some hospitals will not accept verbal consent over the phone. My pediatrician's office has one on their website, so I'd call them first thing in the morning. We left one with my mom when we left our then 3 month old with her for a weekend, just in case. Other than that, relax and try to enjoy your trip as I'm sure he'll enjoy his. Good luck!

Found this one online, but see if your pediatrician's office has a different one:

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First B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Second, isn't it wonderful that your parents are competent enough
and smart enough and loving enough to take DS on a trip without your help.
After reading about some of the nightmare grandparents on this list,
it's a joy to be reminded
that there still are some terrific grandparents out there.

So . . . YES. Absolutely.
You should give them a formal authorization regarding medical care.
Your doctor's office can provide a standard form for you to fill out.
In fact, it's probably a good idea to include the name and contact
information of DS's regular doctor along with a permission form.

In my opinion, it is 99.99999% probable that you and your husband
and DD will be fine, coming and going. But, just to cover all the bases,
you might want to have a discussion with your mom
about your wishes if they might need to be in charge of your son
for any length of time beyond this particular trip.

It seems to me like a very long trip for such a short visit.
Practically more time in the car than at the destination.
I can't help wondering if the trip to visit DS's aunt
could be another time, with a longer stay.

Remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

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yes sign a medial consent so they don't have to wait to get ahold of you. I did it with both of my kids if staying with family for an extended period I have never needed them but it is a piece of mind for them to have them. you never know. put your insurance info on it your name phone and address incase they cant speak unlikely that will happen but just be safe. his docs name any allergies he has and any meds he is on. this should cover everything. dont worry mom it will be ok just a precautionary measure I have given for 21 yrs and never needed.

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Yes, you need a notarized consent to treat letter for them to take. I actually had to use one when my daughter's friend was traveling with us and the hospital asked for it! Be sure to put your insurance information on it as well.

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I would and get it notarized. Good for thinking ahead. You might also want to talk to your Dr or local hospital, give them the situation and ask them exactly what it should say or copies of anything that might be needed.

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Hello MS, I am the mother of 5 and have several Grandchildren. I always had a written medical care statement with our doctors name and number, all insurance information, and how we could be reached & that was in the days of pagers not cell phones.
I often take my grandchildren places and thier parents do the same with me and often will make sure I have thier medical card with me just in case needed. Your mother's heart will always be pulled becasue your child is not in your arms and eye sight. Call often and send pictures both ways on your cell phone. Good Luck

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Being nervous is normal. Definitely type up a consent form for your parents. It really helps. Have it signed by both you and your husband and what you are ok with them consenting to. Have them keep a copy and you keep the original. What we did was make it for a year---then renew it after the year is up. Hope that helps and don't worry--- have a great time!~


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