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Medical Consent for Kids While Parents Are Out of the Country

Does anyone have any free resources for medical release forms we can use as we are traveling to Italy without our kids who are staying with their grandparents. We will be gone for 2 weeks so want them to have what they need in the case of emergency. They will be at our home but also taking the kids to their home in SC for 1 of the weeks. If you have anything else we should be thinking about, your suggestions are welcome. Thanks

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Thanks for all the quick responses. We are glad to hear this isn't as big of a deal than I was making it into and will just get something typed up for them. FYI - http://www.free-legal-document.com/parental-medical-conse... which indicates it has free documents actually is where I started through google and they do charge, which is ridiculous given all the advice I received from you all. Thanks again - this will help us to enjoy our trip even more :-)

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Here is a link to a legal form. Move down the page and you'll see it. Have a great time!



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My parents had our 9-yr old twin girls on a road trip for almost 2 weeks this spring. I just wrote out the following on the computer, printed it, signed it, and had them carrry it with them.


To Whom It May Concern,

[Names of both grandparents] have permission to seek any necessary medical care for our daughters, [Full names of both kids] during the time period of [Date] through [Date].

[Name of one child]

[Name of one child]

[Name of Physician Office where records are held]
Phone: [Office Phone]

[Company Name]
Subscriber ID:
Group Number:

[My husband's and my name]
Cell Phone:
Emergency Numbers :

Signatures Lines for both my husband and myself with a Date line too.

I hope that helps!

All you really need to do is type up something on your computer that says the grandparents are authorized to make medical decisions regarding your children in your absence, then sign and date it. That should be good enough for emergency rooms and doctor visits. That's what my clinic told me to do when my mom had my son.

One of my friends has consent to treat some girls she nannies for, and she said a note from you (must be notarized) is fine. She suggested wording like this:

I (your name) hereby give power of attorney for medical treatment to (caregiver name/s) over my children (names, dates of birth).

That should be sufficient!! Both you and your husband need to sign, and as I said, it needs to be notarized, which you can get done at pretty much any bank.

Make sure your will is up to date. You can authorize a medical release form by writing every thing and having it notorized. Make sure they have all doctor information and allergies. It would be helpful to write down schedules and habits. YOur parents don't need to follow them but just so they know their routine.
C. B

We have always hand written a form authorizing whoever it is taking care of our kids to seek medical attention for them. Just date and sign and it has worked for us.

I, _________, the parent and legal custodian of ________, a minor, hereby authorize __________to act in my place and stead and to give any consent that may be required for the care, treatment, or necessary surgery to cure or relieve my aforementioned child from any affliction requiring emergency or necessary curative treatment including surgical care. I further represent that I will be responsible for all charges incurred.
Dated:_____ Parent/Legal Custodian:______________________

My mom got this from somewhere, and we have used it every time we leave the kids over night. I print up one for each kid with a current date and signature.

Hi A.,

My husband and actually traveled to Europe back in May without out children. We left them at our house with their grandparents. What we did was printed out on the computer a sheet that stated that we give permission in case of an emergency to give medical attention. We signed and dated it. We also left my in-laws copies of our drivers license, insurance card, and passport along with numbers of our neighbors, and doctors. Another great tip that we recieved from friends was calling our credit card company letting them know we were traveling out of the country.

Hope this helps. Have a great time!!


We always just write a note with kids names and birthdates and other necessary information (allergies, etc.). We've never had it notarized and we've never had a problem, and yes, we have used it. The last time we were gone, our baby (17 mos. at the time) had to be taken to the ER. The letter and an insurance card took care of everything my MiL needed. Have fun on your trip!

My daughter just went to the VIrgin Islands by herself to spend time with my sister who lives there. I couldn't find a medical release form, so I typed out a letter giving my sister permission to make any decisions reguarding medical care for my daughter, then had it notorized. I'm not sure how efficiant it would havee been if an emergency arose, but it was the only thing I could think of.

Hope that helps.

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