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Need Children's Benadryl Dosage

Moms, I need your help! I have put a call into the pediatrician, but of course, haven't received a callback yet. I have a 1 yr old who weighs 20 lbs. I need to give him some benadryl because he has a runny nose and isn't going to be able to take his naps and/or eat! Does anyone know how much liquid benadryl I need to be giving him?!?!

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Thank you SO much for all of your advice! Turns out for his weight and age, I can give him 3/4 tsp. I was conservative and gave him 1/2 tsp and it still seemed to help! Hopefully he'll be feeling better in the next couple of days. Thank you for all of yoru feedback because it helped a lot!

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you have probably already got an answer to this..but just in case you haven't...
my daughter is 11 months old and a little over 20lbs. I give her between 1.25 and 1.875ML of children's benedryl. that darn runny nose, poor baby can't eat or sleep. she has it now too. good luck!


My sisters and I go to this website for EVERYTHING!!!!
Hope he feels better soon. :)

Why don't you try Tylenol cold? My baby gets too active after Benadryl, so I give her Tylenol cold and it works like magic.

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Hi, I have this page bookmarked for easy reference http://www.lpch.org/HealthLibrary/ParentCareTopics/DrugDo... Hope your wee one gets better soon.

This link may help, but it does say child's weight MORE than and the first is 20 lbs which would seem that your child may be too small to take Benadryl.

You have to be very careful with all these drugs because they manufacture many different potencies -- infants, toddlers, children, adults, etc. Also, you need to keep the plastic measuring cups with the original drug they came with -- otherwise you could overdose.

I know this because my sister is a doc and there are many dangers in this area.


I am a natural health nut, so I would start with a humidifer, try oregano oil by North American Herb & Spice, try a homeopathic remedy, etc. In my opinion, these are a lot safer especially when you don't have correct dosages for drugs.

Good luck.

I would wait for the pediatrician to call back.

Moms and Dads, please do not give your babies OTC drugs....yes, even though not a perscription childrens's Benadryl is a drug. On the container says not meant for children under 4. Anyway the question is moot because all of the children's benadryl has been recalled. Vaporizer, a tad of vapor rub, have to go back to the old standards. Baby may have a difficult time sleeping but better than medicating at this age. Love to all the beautiful babies.

I would suck the mucus out of his nose and wait for the doctor to call. With all of the medicine scares that have been going on I wouldn't risk the chance of the wrong dosage or medication for that matter.

Hi Cecilia,
I give my son who is 4 and weighs 40 pounds, 1 tsp of liquid Benadryl. He has allergies and itchy skin and I give this to him at night so he won't scratch his skin up. So for your one year old I would start out with 1/4 of tsp but certainly wouldn't give more than 1/2 tsp. Good luck. Shell

I hope the doc got back to you already. I give my 18 pound 11 month old son one dropper full of childrens benadril. Now the dropper I use is from my Infant Tylenol or from my Little colds Multi sympton Formula. It measures at 1.0 ML. Just try it and if its is not enough just wait the recommended amount of time before trying again. Then try one dropper full and .25 ML. Just keep trying till you get the right dosage that works for him. Luckily for me the one dropperful was enough. I really think it should be enough for you too since our babies are about the same size. Sorry your lil guys not feeling well. Hopefully you can get him going on the first try. Take Care. Let me know how it works.

Maybe you should call the hospital. They will tell you how much, according to his weight.

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