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Benedryl Dosage...2 Year Old

Anyone know the dose for childrens benedryl for a 2 year old 30 pounds?

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Benadryl is for allergic reactions to a strong allergin. Hives, swelling, etc. It should not be used for just a runny nose and stuff. It dries their sinus' out, they get super glue snot stuck in their sinus' and throat. It is not the best thing for them to take. It may stop the runny nose but think about where it is storing that snot and what is happening to it. It will sit in the sinus cavity and start building an infection. It needs to get out, it's job is to wash away irritants. The super glue goo will find a way out, it may try the ear canal, get stuck and cause an ear infection, may try the sinus drainage route, get thick, green, and make a powerful headache. It may also try to get out through the eyes and cause mucky eyes and redness that looks like pink eye but is really only sinus drainage that is trying to get out.

Take the kiddo to and ORL/ENT doc and get the recommendations from the horses mouth.

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From my ped's website:

Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)
For relief of nighttime cough and nasal congestion.
Poison Control Center can be reached at 1-800-222-1222

Since this is the only OTC medication that we recommend, we thought we should have the dosing here. Remember this is plain diphenhydramine (click here for sample pictures) not Benadryl Sinus or Benadryl whatever. As long diphenhydramine (it's sometimes written as diphenhydramine hydrochloride) is the only active ingredient, any version of it, including the store generic brands, is fine.

Weight Dosage Dosage Dosage
Pounds 12.5 mg/5ccliquid 25 mg capsules 12.5 mg tablets
20-24 3/4 tsp - -
25-37 1 tsp - 1 chewable tablet
38-49 1 1/2 tsp - 1 1/2 chewable tablet
50-65 2 tsp 1 capsule 2 chewable tablets
70-75 2 1/2 tsp 1 capsule 2 /12 chewable tablets
80-90 3 tsp 1 capsule 3 chewable tablets
100 pounds and over 4 tsp 2 capsules 4 chewable tablets

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The reason it's not on the bottle is because you are supposed to call your pediatrician and ask. They'll be able to let you know easily. And they'll be able to tell you if Benadryl is what you need or if something else might work better.

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we had to give some to our daughter because she had a sinus infection and we were flying home in two days. They told us that it would help the swelling in her sinus cavity and ear canals. Who knew? Anyway the pharmacist told us the correct dosage, if you pick some up stop my the pharmacy counter and they can help.

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My pedi says to give 1.5 tsp

Current recommendations are not to use at all for colds (it doesn't work) and to avoid for all indications for children under 4.

New guidelines are that kids that young shouldn't take these types of drugs at all (apparently in some cases not safe and sometimes don't work in the very young), unless under the supervision of a physician. If you google the topic you'll find plenty of articles etc. about why the new guidelines have been set.

However, if you have an older pediatric medical book (pre-2005), the old guidelines for dosages are listed for most of the more commonly used over the counter allergy and cold meds.

Call your PED or a Pharmacist. I would not rely on information posted here on something as important of dosage of medicine. While well meaning and most likely correct, you just never know. Good luck!

Check Micromedex- a drug info website. If you have an iPhone, they have an app that's free. It's great- I use it all the time whenever I need dosage info. Also, try Dr. Sears website- I seem to remember there being a feature on there that had dosage info for all types of different medications.

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