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My 3 Month Old Has Rough, Dry, Red, Flaky Skin That I Can't Cure!

I have a 3 month old with very VERY dry skin. He may also have a touch of Eczema, but I really think it is mostly chaffed skin. His skin is rough and flaky with tiny bumps in some spots. The worst areas are on his trunk, arms, and face. His whole trunk is basically flaking. I have cut back on the bathing to every other day and only use lukewarm water. I also use baby oil and immediately apply a very greasy over-the-counter eczema cream as soon as I dry him. His rash was worsened when I took him walking with me outside -- so I have cut that out too.

I use mild Johnson and Johnson soap only on his genital areas and hands...I keep the soap off the dry areas. I have also tried the Johnson and Johnson baby lotion. I love the way it smells, but unfortunately it has not helped.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or products I can try???


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Thanks everyone for all the great advice! I took Ben to the pediatrician and he agreed with me that it was dry skin with a little irritation from scented products. He didn't feel like he had Eczema. Really, his skin looked great by the time I went to the doctor because of some things I did once I read everyone's suggestions.

I stopped using "baby" soaps and lotions and switched Ben to the Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented bar. I also just bathe him every other day. I started coating him in unscented Cetaphil lotion after his bath. I noticed a difference the next day! I would say his condition has resolved.

Thanks again for all your tips!

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Like several other people stated, the Eucerin lotion and oatmeal cleansers worked the best for my daughter. (No lotions and/or shampoos with fragrance in them.) My daughter had mild eczema when she was a baby (she's 5 yrs old now) and using the Eucerin really helped her skin. There's also a spray Eucerin makes that is for dry, itcy skin - that REALLY helped her!! And we were also told to use cooler water, with not much warmth to it. Good luck!!

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Hey M.
My son had similar symptomes and my Doc recomended I use Dove sensitive skin and Eucerin cream. When it was really bad he prescribed a lotion and once it settled I continued with the above. He is 16 months now and the rash hasn't come back except for a few patches very rarely.

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Try just plain old Vaseline...my son had the same problem and that was the only thing that worked...i probably wasted so much money on all the "creams" out there.

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Try just plain old Vaseline...my son had the same problem and that was the only thing that worked...i probably wasted so much money on all the "creams" out there.

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Use Dove soap because it has moisturizer in it and Jergens Ultra healing and Cortizone 10 maximum strength. Apply to his body in this order. I also saw SARNA advertised I've been meaning to try this to see how it works but I haven't yet. If these treatments don't work see a doctor.

Make sure you wash his clothes in the baby detergents only. I found that the regular detergents that adults used made my daughter's skin worse.

I hope some of these work. Good luck.


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Hey M.
My son had similar symptomes and my Doc recomended I use Dove sensitive skin and Eucerin cream. When it was really bad he prescribed a lotion and once it settled I continued with the above. He is 16 months now and the rash hasn't come back except for a few patches very rarely.

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Hi M., my daughter had skin problems when she was an infant as well. Her pediatrician recommended that I use soap alternatives such as the Cetaphil bar (on her hair too) and Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. I remember smoothing it on her entire little body during her diaper changes. I eventually had to cut back to giving her only three baths a week to prevent the water from irritating her sensitive skin. It sounds disgusting, but babies that young don't need a daily bath. Her pediatritian also prescribed Elidel and that really helped as well. I hope this information has helped. Good luck to you and your baby.


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Dear M.,

I'm sorry for your baby's trouble! First, if he goes into full-scale Eczema, I encourage you to seek out a homeopath. My friends went through so much using traditional medicine for their baby's eczema. When they switched to a homeopathic approach, the results were much better. They found, too, that it was very important in their case for the mother to continue breastfeeding him until he was at least two, and she was on a restricted diet. This was so crucial for their baby.

For now, I encourage you to switch to all natural products with him. Even store bought "baby products" are full of unnatural things. I have specifically heard how wonderful Burt's Bee's Apricot Oil is for eczema. We carry it at our warehouse here in Houston - www.NurturedFamily.com - but Burt's Bee's is so common everywhere now, I wonder if you could even find it at your local Walgreen's. In fact, check out their Baby Bee Getting Started Kit. It's only $12.75 and it contains the Apricot Oil, plus the natural soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. Even those small sizes will last you a while.

Getting Started Kit - http://www.nurturedfamily.com/detail.aspx?ID=70
Apricot Baby Oil - http://www.nurturedfamily.com/detail.aspx?ID=71

Also, here's another great site for natural products. Check out their soaps & lotions - the ingredients are amazing.

Soaps - http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/naturalsoaps.htm
Creams - http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/skincare.htm#Moisturizi...

If you're breastfeeding, try rubbing the breastmilk into his skin. That may work wonders, with all of its natural healing properties. I hope you find just the right thing!


Supporting you as you nurture your family.

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eucerin is great for dry skin, my 5 mo old has been using it for months now. He has it very bad (eczema). Stop using scented lotion, eventhough it smells good, it hurts the skin. Ya just gotta face it, he wont be able to use scented lotions or soap. My dr said to keep my son son moisterized at all times. I use the eucerin and aveeno baby, it has oatmeal and it is unscented. when it is really bad, i sometimes bathe him in aveeno bath, it sooths his skin. He also has it in his scalp, now that is horrible, in that case i use lotion in his scalp. As far as the baby oil, put a little in the tub when you bathe him, not after, then lotion his whole body down to lock in moisture. It works. I have also been told to use cetaphil (eventhough it is a face soap), it holds tha moisture in the skin also, and IT SMELLS GOOD. At first it will be hard, but it will get better, i know.....And my dr also said that the good news is that the worst that they have it when their young, the better it is when their older. So, good luck, and trust me it will all get better.

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I will keep this short since you have already had a lot of advice so far. My son has the same thing and it is eczema. My doctor said to ONLY use white Dove, no fragrence bars of soap on him and it has helped a lot. Just an FYI.

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for my daughter and my son when the got a rash on there but's I would put ARGO PURE CORN STARCH on there but's. My son loved to put his hand down there and get it on his hand and eat it. LOL. I got to where I would just put some on his hand and then put it no his but. I don't know if you have asked the doctors about this or if the corn starch will work but it durn shure won't hurt him in any way. put it all over him if you like.
My name is S. and my e-mail address in ____@____.com let me know if it works. like I said it worked on my baby's but's.

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Have you tried Eucerin cream ask your pharmacy they advised me to use it on my son when he had a touch of very dry cheeks (they were champed and horrible looking) this is a thick cream and it cleared it up over night. Also try the oatmeal bath soaps those help for very sensitive skin. Huggies make a coco butter formula that I have found to work great on my babies very sensitive skin.

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M., I know exactly what you need! There is a company called Melaleuca and they have a lotion called RENEW than will treat those skin conditions (stuff beats everything I gaurantee it) and it stays on for 12 hours. My brother just had a new baby and her skin was like that. He used Renew and all the bumps and everything are clear. I wouldn't bother with allergists or pharmacys when Tea Tree oil will clear it up. It's better to get the Renew rather than putting straight tea tree oil on her face. The number is 1-800-282-3000. All their products (including awesome cleaning) are natural and safe around babies. I'm getting a big bottle this week (contact dermatitis) and can send you a sample if you'd like. It works!

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My son has very sensitive skin and had horrible eczema!! Her eis what our doctor told us. First if he isn't crawling than he really only needs a full scale bath a couple of times a week - other than that wipe hime down with a warm damp cloth before bed ( no soap). Also when he does take a bath put babyoil in the water ( watch out this will make hime extra slippery). As for lotions we only use Aquafer ( by Eucerin) for Babies. where there are red bumbs use 1% hydrocortosone cream ( watch the hands though if he tends to put them in his mouth). Also never put a dryersheet in with his clothing adn we had to change our laundry detergent to All Free and Clear. His skin is smooth and soft now!!!

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hi M.,
i was told not to use the baby washes, even the ones that claim to be extra gentle on children. our allergist recommended dove soap for sensitive skin (unscented). be sure its the bar soap and not the body wash. we used this in combination with 1% hydorcortisone, cetaphil body lotion, and aquaphor ointment. everything cleared up in about a week but we noticed improvement right away. i didnt have a choice about daily baths because mine had severe GERD which resulted in lots of spit up.... there are usually underlying problems for skin reactions, ours happened to be a milk protein intolerance along with an allergy to milk. we had to use neocate formula for the entire first year. the good news is now shes 3 with beautiful skin and can tolerate milk like a champ :) good luck, with all the advice you receive youre sure to find a solution!

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My daugher has eczema with rough cracked (when dry), bumpy and sometimes flakey skin. She sees an Allergist once per month at Children's hospital in New Orleans (Dr. Cleveland Moore). We were told that water is not the enemy. Long baths in luke warm water, without soap for 20 minutes( or until your sons fingers wrinkle) helps to hydrate the skin. Hot water dries the skin. So keep the water as cool as your son can stand. As soon as you take him out of the bath pat him dry but not thoroughly. Apply Aquaphor Ointment by Eucerin all over his body, within three minutes after bath. Aquaphor Ointment can be found at any walmart or drug store. However, due to the cost, I have found the best value at Babies R Us There is a large jar for approx $16.00. Also, use the aquphor throughout the day. It's safe, non-steroidal and effective to use. I use it as much as ten times a day and even have purchased it for her classroom bathroom for after hand washing. This is the safest treatment I know. We were told not to buy all the other treatments on the market for eczema and dry skin due to added fragrances and plant addititives in which your child may be allergic to and can cause dryness. Your son doesn't need soap now. But when he begins crawling and walking. Dr. moore suggested CETAPHIL Soap. Your pharmacist can order it for you if its not on the Shelf. I only use soap once per week with my daughter and only CETAPHIL.

Hearing your story is like de ja vous. My daughter's skin began flaking at that approximate time in the abdomen area. her pediatritician thought it was in response to the pampers. It wasn't until later when symptoms progressed we found she had milk protein allergy and some other allergies.
Your son is too young for allergy testing. However you may want to get him tested when he is older. Also, discuss this with your pediatritician. We found by eliminating certain foods from her diet. Her skin condition improved. But don't wait to begin hydrating your sons skin throughout the day. I believe because I didn't know and wasn't educated about the subject. I could have kept her skin from worsening over time.
If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I know how it feels not to know what the heck is going on with your baby. And congratulations on your new arrival.

T. W.

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My sister-in-law used Cephil. I think that is how you spell it. I know lots of people use it and swear by it.

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I have only used Dove sensitive bar soap and California Baby sensitive shampoo (look on the internet) since my son was born at the advice of my pediatrician. I have sensitive skin and allergies, and I was afraid my son would have problems too. After his bath, we rub Cetaphil lotion all over (look at a drug store), and so far, he has never had any rashes and it cleared up the dry skin he had as a newborn.

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M., Stop using baby oil on him. Baby oil has mineral oil in it and it is not recommended to use on babies. Mineral oil has been studied and has been poven to be a casuative for cancer. Also it plugs the pores and does not let them breathe. look at the label for the baby lotion. If it has mineral oil, stop using it. There are natural oils out there that you can use. Almond, peanut, olive and sesame seed. These are non- fraganced and less chance of causing an allergic reaction. Has your pedi told you that it is eczema, they can recommend a product. Also there are natural herbs and lotions available on midwive's websites that are for babies. Good luck!!!

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I have a very similar problem with my 1 year old. It is getting much better though. I like most others highly recommend seeing the pediatrician first and formost. I use the Aveeno bath & shampoo, which seems to do better than the "smell good" bath stuff. Also chunk the Johnson & Johnson. My pediatrician advised me to use an equal mixture of Lubriderm lotion (fragrance free) and Cortizone 10 ointment. It helps some. I didn't really see major improvement until the doctor gave me some samples of Protopic ointment. I put the ointment on the affected places a couple times a day and within a day or two it is cleared up. Hope you find some relief for your little one.

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Like several other people stated, the Eucerin lotion and oatmeal cleansers worked the best for my daughter. (No lotions and/or shampoos with fragrance in them.) My daughter had mild eczema when she was a baby (she's 5 yrs old now) and using the Eucerin really helped her skin. There's also a spray Eucerin makes that is for dry, itcy skin - that REALLY helped her!! And we were also told to use cooler water, with not much warmth to it. Good luck!!

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I think it would be wise to see a dermatologist or his pediatrician. Sounds like he could have an allergy which is manifesting itself through his skin. If he broke out in a rash from being in the sun or outside..it could be an allergy to the sun. This is not that uncommon. I don't think the baby oil is beneficial, baby oil clogs pores. Aveeno has a baby line which you could try. My nephew has mild eczema. Aveeno is what my sister uses on him. She says it is very mild and highly effective. I would use cetaphil for his bath. It is very mild. But definately do not do anything without first consulting a doctor and consider allergies (detergent, food, sun, or what products you are currently using on him) as a cause. Good luck. May God bless your little one and make him better.

M., the suggestions mostly address laundry options and skin creams. Something is affecting your son's skin. My son had the same issues. We went through h--l trying to get the itchy flakey scratchy peeling skin healed. What we found out the hard was was that my son had really bad allergies to what he was eating, some to the environment. When we eliminated the foods causing the allergic reaction, his skin calmed down. Skin that looks like plucked chicken skin often is caused by an allergy to wheat. Babies with a lot of wax coming out of their ears (sounds gross, but if you had a child who was really waxy, you know what I'm talking about) are suffering from allergies of some sort. The skin reaction is just that, a reaction to an exposure. The ear wax is a result of an immune system in hyperdrive trying to clear what is irritating the body.

The hard part here is this: not all doctors buy into the concept of allergies causing these types of reactions, and minimize the possibility of food allergies. Blood testing for allergies is not as effective as it once was because the baseline levels have been increased. Tell your pediatrician you want a referral to a qualified allergist/immunologist. Tell that doctor you want skin testing done - and i hate to share with you just how hard it is to hold a screaming baby when his body reacts to everything that they test on him and he is writhing away trying to get away from the itchy skin. But, it was worth it. Make sure they test for milk, soy,corn, wheat, oats, as well as somethings inthe environment like mountain cedar, molds, ragweed etc. If you are nursing, you will have to adjust your diet to exclude anything he is allergic to. If you are using formula, try goat's milk based formula- costs a fortune, but it was worth it for us after we found out my son was allergic to milk, soy (there goes the alternative) and just about everything else on this earth at that time! Some of the allergies he has outgrown, others we manage. But, any doctor who tells you this is all just eczema is taking the easy way out and giving you platitudes. Many h ave little experience with this. My pediatrician, whom I adored, had one baby older than mine, and her second about 6 months after my allgergy baby. She called me to find out what was working/not working, whom to see etc when her baby started having the same symptoms mine originally showed. We love doctors, we have some in our family, and I am married to one, but they do not know everything and the only person your baby has on his/her side at this time are you and your husband. Aloe gel can help with the itchiness on the skin, and there is aloe juice that can help with the irritation in the intestinal tract if there are food allergies involved - just talk with the doctor and healthfood specialist to make sure the one you use, if you use it, is safe for infants to consume. It doesn't necessarily taste great, but it did help my baby's tummy calm down.

What this all means is this: your baby needs your diligence, answers don't solve the problems, but they do help you manage them better. don't accept routine answers for your baby. (Mine stayed in a diaper and a t-shirt for the first 6 months because clothes irritated his skin so much. He would wail when I dressed him. To this day, if the clothing is not 100% cotton, he knows it and yanks it off. He's now a healthy happy 7 year old!)

i have been having excema since i was a child. cocoa butter helps, aveeno baths help and using the cream you bought prob will help too. you just might need to apply it to him more than once a day.

try aveeno baby wash! works everytime- and please keep the daily baths to 1 every 3 days- you might be over washing him- also if you think its diper rash- then use an antifungal or it will never go away-

using something with zinc in it (like sunblock) will sooth his skin- if you go outside-

It seems to me that he has it everywhere! he might be allergic to your cleaning agents, try all natural ingredients for your cleaning solutions (water/lemon) and allergy free laundry detergent-

Extra virgin olive oil works wonderfully for hot spots( on kids and animals!)

my friend had a similar situation- she went to the doctors for years, couldnt figure out what was wrong with her- she went to an allergist said she was allergic to artifical sweeteners and cinnemon!! (and the new carpet she just got) (and she loves her cinnemon sugar free gum!!) she stopped eating diet food, and chewing sugar free gum and her symptoms went away- she was red and flaking everywhere!!! she even did photo therapy!

I don't know if this will help but my son has a skin issue too but I don't think it's as bad as you described. I stopped using Johnson and Johnson and started using Aveeno Baby. That has worked great. For his face his doctor recommended a product called "Ocutine" I think. We never used it but it's safe for his face and you can get it from any eye doctor without a prescription.


My guess is that is NOT just chaffed skin. My son's eczema started at 3 months just exactly as you have described. STOP the baby lotion--perfumes only make it worse. I'd like to say there is an easy cure--but there isn't --and it is NOT going to go away. My son just turned two and it has been a DAILY CONSTANT STRUGGLE since he was 3 months old. He still does not sleep through the night b/c he wakes up scratching. He scratches himself to bleed even though I try to keep his nails down to nothing. I do not say all this to depress you but to give you an idea what you are in for. You need to get a mind set now how you are going to handle it on a daily basis and just keep at it. It does SLOWLY improve with age (around 2 years) but does not go away. There has not been a day since he was 3 months old that I haven't treated his eczema. I will tell you what I have learned.

1) Seek your doctors help immediately. I will tell you that he/she will probably prescribe very mild topical steroids. They will tell you it is safe--you may want to research and make your own decision. I used the topical steroids in the beginning--only on his "hot spots" and no more than twice a day.

2) STOP using perfumes of any kind!(Both you and your husband)
Switch your laundry cleaner to one that says ALL clear--no perfumes and don't use dryer sheets that have perfumes.

3) You are right about bathing every other day and sometimes only in those areas that really need it. The longer they stay in the water the worse it gets. Make sure the water is lukewarm--almost cold. I also put oil on him within 3 minutes of bathing. I don't use baby oil--does that have fragrance in it? I use a body oil formulated for babies by Arbonne (I can get you the number of a girl I know who sells it--I'll have to look it up) The oil is called ABC (Arbonne baby care care) body oil. They also have lotions (all natural) but b/c my son's skin is so cracked --it seemed to burn him.

Also, you can get an oil at Walmart called RoBathol. It contains no Lanolin, dyes, Mineral oil (which supposedly clogs the skin--Arbonne doesn't use mineral oil either) or perfumes. You actually put the oil in the bath and let them soak 15 minutes. You have to go to the pharmacy and ask them to order it--it's around $16 but you just use a small amount so it lasts a long time.

Lastly regarding bath--my husband found a product on the internet while researching homeopathic cures (they are totally against steroids). It is called FreeDerm. We bought the Non-Medicated Herbal Shampoo and Herbal conditioner. Your baby may not really need a shampoo but you could bath his body with it also. I've even put the Herbal conditioner on his body. They also sell soap--but Dove's Sensitive Skin is just as good. Our whole family uses the Dove sensitive skin soap so that our bodies don't have any lingering perfume on them. I even put the dove sensitive skin soap in the hand dispensers in every bathroom for washing hands. I wouldn't use Johnson and Johnson--I think they all have a fragrance. We also bought the FreeDermHC Eczema Cream(which you use immediately after a bath on his worst spots) and the FreeDerm Intense Daily Moisturizer. The website is www.freederm.com. I will warn you--it's not super cheap--however it is well worth it.

The FreeDerm has not "cured" my son's eczema--but within a week of using it--even the checkout lady at the Kroger we go to mentioned how good he looked. I was using topical steroids on a daily basis before and now I only use it if a spot gets so bad he is scratching to the point of bleeding.

4) Almost everyone I have spoken to (and believe me--you need a support group!) has found that certain foods and dyes in foods make it worse. Our next step is to have my son tested for food allergies. At 3 months I don't know if there is much you can do. My son was on formula and when he switched to whole milk at 24 months it seemed to clear up but then it got bad again. We have taken him on and off whole milk and I can't tell a difference.

5) We also visited a pediatric dermatologist for about a year. Our son was so severe she sent him to a doctor at Texas Childrens Hospital. He said the same things she had and prescribed the same steroids--so we eventually quit going. If all they are going to do is prescribe steroids--his pediatrician can do that. I just showed him the prescriptions the dermatologists had given me. However, my husband and I were determined to get him off the steroids--that's when we started researching homeopathic methods. I would highly recommend you look into that as well. There is a lot about it on the internet.

5) The sunshine can actually help--so I would NOT quit the walks. Expose as much of his skin for short periods of time without sunscreen (except for the face). You want to look for one that is Hypoallergenic that contains Titanium Dioxide(advice from the dermatologists)

6) I also have had some luck with Desitin with zinc oxide. It's great for diaper rash but it also helped on his ankles. My son has eczema really bad on his ankles. Recently they flared up again and he would not stop scratching. I put the desitin on him b/c that's what I had on hand at the time. I had to put his socks on also b/c the Desitin with Zinc stays white and it will rub off on the furniture. The next morning the ugly redness and "hotness" was gone.

7) I found that treating once or twice a day (especially when it was on his trunk) is NOT enough. When my son was 3 months up to about 18 months--I would completely undress him everytime I changed his diaper and cream him up. The changing table that had once been a happy place became not so happy.

8) I know I am leaving something out but this is getting long. In summary i would say seek a doctor's help immediately--definitely look into the FreeDerm and research homepathic natural healing agents. Start researching immediately. We went through 18 months of hell before we found FreeDerm. Whatever you do--you can't quit--as soon as you do the ezcema comes raging back. Remember it is the "itch that rashes"--your son is probably itching on parts of his body that look perfectly okay.

Please feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions. I'm not a doctor I'm just a Mom, like you, who has been through the long road of ezcema and is still traveling--learning as I go.

About me: I graduated from Texas A&M with an education degree. I taught middle school math/Algebra for 17 years before I quit to stay home with my daughter when she was 18 months. In 2004 we had our baby boy. Our daughter is now 4 1/2 and our son just turned 2 years old. This March my husband and I will have been married for 10 years.


M....my son who is now 5 had the same problem at that age. Baby oil made it worse for my son. My pediatrician prescribed a cream, it was wonderful. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of it. Once it was cleared up I applied Lubriderm to his skin after every bath and even in between baths. He has since grown out of it. Good luck, M..

Is this a sudden outbreak of the dry red flaky patches? If so, it could be roseola. If not it is probably eczema or sensitive skin. Are you using a mild detergeant like Dreft? He could be sensitive to that or the soap you are using to bathe him with. Make sure that you wash his sheets, towels, blankets and clothes in the mild detergeant also. Both of my boys have sensitive skin and a bit of eczema so these are things that I have learned over the years. Check with your doctor first, but I used the .5% hydrocortisone cream sparingly on the red patches only...don't use on the face. Also, I use baby aveeno for eczema and it really seems to make a difference. Apply the lotion before he is completely dry after a bath so it can retain the moisture from the bath. Also, try to minimize sun exposure. Most babies have this problem and will outgrow it. Good luck!

Try organic jojoba oil. Just rub it in wherever he is dry. Also rinse his laundry and anything that comes in contact with him. My son's dermatologist had us use Dreft laundry detergent powder (the liquids have some additional additives) and run his stuff through a complete cycle after the detergent one was done with nothing added. Bleach is especially harsh on little ones skin.

Good luck,

Hi M.,

My 3 yr old daughter has mild eczema and I use Cetaphil moisturizing Lotion and it has work great on her. I would suggest taking your son to a specialist, he would be the appropriate person to prescribe something. I can only tell you what has been working for me. Good Luck and God Bless.

I would limit bathing and moisturize but not over moisturize.I'd try regular vaseline.Just slather it on after every bath,puttting nothing elese on him but that.Also avoid the sun tooo much sun could aggeravte the rash.If nothing elese works....i've used Dr Sherman in Btr by the olol,he is great.


My son had that too. After many prescriptions, a friend recommended Aquafor- you can buy it at Walmart. It's really thick and ointment based. I used that on my son at night and it worked WONDERS. Let me know if it works for you.


I would take him to a pediatrician. Most products aren't for babies under 6 months anyway. It could be so many different things from allergies to psoriasis.

I would stop everything you are doing. Bath him as needed (babies don't need that many baths-once a week depending on hair length or spitting up etc.). Make an appointment2 or 3 days away so that if it is something that is getting worse, the dr will see it. I know that sounds mean but the dr really needs to see what is going on without the effects from products. Depending on your healthcare situation, you could see a pedi dermatologist or just your pedi and let your pedi decide if you need to be referred.

If you have a pedi you have seen and money is an issue-at least call the nurse and tell her. Explain money is a problem, they will generally advise you on your options.

Hope he feels better soon!

My son has very sensitive skin with a touch of Eczema. They Doc prescribed ELIDEL. It has no steroids in it. I have found out it works great. I know this sounds weird but Vasoline works great. Good luck. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hi, I'll be 33 years old in a couple of weeks and I have the exact same rash on my body as you described, when I go in the sun, I'm making it worse, I have diabetes which makes it harder to heal but along with the eczema, it's a combination of that and Psoriasis.....I use and over the counter cream, Dermarest it's medicated with a moisturizer in it and you can buy it at Wal-Mart. Don't think I'm crazy but when it's really bad, a friend gave me some plain crisco shortening (the white stuff, nothing but the plain one and not an off-brand) theres something in the crisco brand that soothes the symptoms. When I break out on my hand and don't have any, a bit of olive oil, not veggie oil, olive oil has the same results. I normally use an antibacterial soap on my skin because of the antibacterial stuff in it, the last thing you want is more germs there. Baby lotion smells great but it doesn't work, not many lotions do, but the Aveno lotion with the oatmeal in it, is awesome. Also it his symptoms flare up and it's red and worsened, give him an oatmeal bath before putting on the creams, the itch won't be there. I have my symptoms down to only a few small patches on my legs and only 3 spots on my hands and they're not noticeable, once you get into a routine with what works for you, you will be able to manage it better. Winter months are harder on hands and face and summer is killer on legs because we tend to expose them to the sun, the hardest thing is being patient and letting the process work, so don't give up, i have a small niece with the same thing and the Dermarest cream tend to burn her skin a bit because of the cooling agents in it, but it is coal and tar free, some over the counter meds aren't but she's responding perfectly to the aveno and crisco. I hope that he gets better and you find a process that is good for him and you both and that it's soon. Sincerely, R.

It might not be eczema at all but Psoriasis. I was thought to have eczema when I was very little but later on discovered that it was psoriasis. It's very similar but needs different treatements.

So please do away with all the responses and take your child to your pediatrician or a dermatologist immediately. You can be aggrevating the situation with all the things that you are currently doing which will make it worse.

Hi M.,

If it is not responding to otc or home methods, I definitely would take him to the doctor soon. Often eczema does not respond to anything but medication, and can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Does he seem uncomfortable? If so, take him to the doctor as he is probably too young to scratch or let you know it hurts/itches. Eczema can also leave scars if not treated. My son has it and it flares up off and on for no apparent reason, his is usually behind his knees, elbows, and in the crease of his ears. Sometimes it takes a doctor visit (and unfortunately a copay) to ease your mind, (and possibly your child's condition) and is usually very worth it.

Good luck!

I have a product with my company that I am confident that will work. Email me your address and I will send you a free sample you can try out. It has cured eczemca in several kids that were on steroids and now they no longer require medications. It is all natural and I use it on my kido.

I look forward to hearing from you!

My son has eczema/psoriosis. We have found that using shampoos and bodywashes that contain no sulfates help alot. My son hard ever had a break out unless we are slack in his moisturizing then he tends to get more dry. The Jason products we use alot of are great and have no sulfates. They can be bought at the vitamin shoppe. We have also went to using laundry soups without the sulfates. This total treatment seams to help my son.

I grew up with Eczema and very dry skin. I would suggest that you bring your son to a dermatologist before you ask for advice from others. 3 months is very young to be fighting this type of problem. Mine did not show up until I was a year old. A good dermatologist can help you a lot faster and you won't have to put your baby through remidies that will not work for him.

For example: Baby oil may work in the short term but it could dry the skin out worse in the long term. Your baby may also be allergic to ingredients in some of the product people might suggest you use.

Good Luck

both of my children, ages 7 and 3 now, had what they call baby acne. my daughter had it more severely and it spread down her back. i took her to the dr and he prescribed an oral steroid and allergy meds, it cleared a lot in about 3 weeks!!


have you talked to your ped. about getting him allergy tested? maybe he is throwing a reaction to something in his enviroment. it could be any number of things, laundry detergent, perfume, fabric of his clothing etc.

I would maybe try laying off all the specialized creams and just try some good old all natural aloe vera. at least till you can get with an allergist.
my best guess would be that he is allergic to something.

good luck!

Call your Doctor. My daughter has eczema. There are better prescription creams and use Dove unscented soap and use ponds lotion

Try using Neosporin. I know it sounds crazy, but it works for me. Apply just after his bath when his skin is moist. Good luck.


My daughter also has very dry skin and she does have Eczema. I use Aveeno products. I also have a medicated lotion called Desonide. This was ordered for my daughter to use twice daily for a week and it worked wonders. Now I just use it when she has flare ups. It will cause the skin to lighten if it is used for long periods of time that is why it could only be used for a week and then occasionally. (That is what the doc. told me) Maybe ask your pediatrician about that lotion.
M. E.

My 4 month old was having the same problem. My pediatrician recommended Baby Aveeno (in the baby section at Target). I've used the soap at bath time and the lotion twice a day (the one that says it's for Eczema) and it has helped tremendously. It took about a week before I saw a major difference. It's not toally gone, but, again, a huge difference. I was also using baby oil and it didn't help.

If this doesn't work, ask your pediatrician about a prescription lotion. My doc said that we could go to it if the Baby Aveeno didn't work.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

My son had terrible eczema the first 18 months of his life. he initially broke out around 9 weeks old. After tons of doctors visits with no improvement I finally set out on my own to find a remedy. This is what worked for us.......bath sparingly, 2-3 times per week. Use Aveeno oatmeal bath at least once a week, more won't hurt. Buy some 1% hydrocortisone cream and apply once in morning and once before bed. By Aveeno lotion, or Lubriderm (works great) and apply at EVERY diaper change. That was just an easy way to remember for me. It takes lots of lotion! Lotion should be plain, no scents or specialty stuff. Lotion should also be applied after cortisone cream has absorbed. The cortisone cream should not be used for lengthy periods.....a couple weeks at most and then stop for a week or so. Keep in mind it is a little steroid. It helps with the inflammation and itch. After persistence with the lotion application we finally got ahead of my sons problem. He finally grew out of it except for when he gets ill. If his immune system takes a hit, he will break out with a little eczema in the elbows and backs of knees. We do the old tricks and in a few days it is gone again. I have a daughter who is almost 1 year old and she broke out the same way....around 5 weeks. We did this with her as well, and it disappeared quickly and she has never had a problem since (now that I know what I am doing)! I hope this helps. I would put off the doc visit until you give this a try. I wasted so many trips there!

I used to work for Dr. James Nigro, a pediatric dermatologist here in town, and my suggestion is to see him or another pedi derm. Some OTC stuff sometimes do not work as well.

Try Aveeno, it works pretty good. oh , and their # is ###-###-####. Dr. Hanson is another pedi derm, and she works in the same office. They have 2 locations 1 in West U, and 1 in Memorial Southwest Hospital in building 7737 Suite 350.

Good Luck!!!

My daughter has eczema and a friend of mine from Peru studies all natural remedies. He told me to use olive oil. Rub the child down put his pajama's on him and let him sleep overnight in the olive oil. I know it sound crazy, but olive oil is used for many ailments. It is supposed to supress the eczema oe dermatitis for weeks at a time.


I can recommend over the counter Aquaphor healing ointment (for babies)which sounds like what you are already putting on him. Also rx only Atopiclair non-steroidal cream. My son's eczema has cleared up, I have heard of kids having baby eczema that just eventually goes away, thats what I am hoping. You should aslo watch out for people wearing perfume who hold your baby because he/she may have very sensitive skin and that would irritate it. One last thing is using Dreft only to wash your childs clothes, bibs, wash rags, bath towels and anything else that comes in contact with his skin. I know that those things have helped my child and I hope the same for yours.

put the baby oil in the bath with him so when he is soking in the tub it helps it aborse more hope that helps

hey M.
my daughter had the same kind of skin, it was very dry and i learned to bath her only in ivory soap. it has no scent and no kind of perfume in it. Plus she also had eczema i told her to the doctor and the gave me this stuff called elidel i used that on her 2 to 3 times a day, instead of lotion cause i noticed when i used lotion no matter how mild it was it just mad it worst. so my suggestion to you is to stop using the soap and lotion the has any kind of scent in it and try the ivory soap and she if you doctor will give you a presb. for elidel believe me it really work within a month my daughters skin was nice and smooth. hope that helps you, good luck

Ask your pediatrician. A three month old baby is not a science experiment. Everyone here has a different answer, but only a doctor who actually examines your baby can give an appropriate answer. You should be due for shots and a well visit now, anyway. And be sure to tell the dr what you have recently used, as it may have caused the skin condition to worsen.

My hero is Paula Begoun. She wrote "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me", and dispels a lot of the myths of the beauty industry. She's intelligent, objective, and the most well-researched resource I've ever found for skin care and hair care products. Go to her website at www.cosmeticscop.com, and click on the link at the bottom left-hand side that says "Skin Care Facts". Then look at the bottom right-hand side and click on "Special Skin Care for Babies". She gives advice and reviews on common brands. There is also a section for the treatment of eczema. Good luck!

M. B

Hi. Try Euycerin cream. It seemed to help my son. Plus the doctor should be able to provide a cream. I suggest you stop using baby oil. It just dries up.

I have a product you can try that will work, it's awesome! You can email me at ____@____.com and I would be happy to share with you where I shop for my products. You can also visit my blog: healthyhouse4u.blogspot.com
Blessings, C.

Hi M.! Try applying "A+D Ointment" to the affected areas. I have 2 1/2 year old twin daughters (and a baby boy on the way in December) and I have tried several skin products...to say the least!! I have found that "A+D Diaper Rash Ointment and Skin Protectant" (the original brand that has the yellow and brown lettering on the tube)is the best product to use. When my daughters get ill, they always seem to break out in a rash that looks like eczema on their cheeks. I apply a few dabs of ointment to the affected areas at night, and the rash is nearly gone by the morning! I also use it during diaper changes and it keeps their little bottoms free of any rash or redness. The product contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D, as well as Lanolin and Petrolatum. My Mom suggested that I use it, so I gave it a try. It doesn't smell all that great, but works like a charm! Let me know how it works for you! Sincerely, S.

There's this product called Renew lotion(I think that's how it's spelled.) and it works wonders. My neice has eczema & it was the only thing that worked on her skin. You can find it on ebay and through a company called melaleuca at melaleuca.com . Also their baby wash is the best. I found this product through a friend who's son has eczema. Both kids were at the point where they had tried everything & the only thing left was steroids. Neither parent wated to do that, so they both gave this product a try and it worked wonders. It takes about two weeks to clear it up, but after that they have had no problems at all.

just something to add, you will know if it is ecxema if when it gets colder in weather, the rash gets worse, my son has it only in winter but also if I use laundry detergents on his clothes that are not purfume/dye free... also super scented dryer sheets, just FYI :D good luck

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