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Looking for Good, Mild Baby Wash/lotion for Eczema

My 18 month old daughter has a mild case of eczema on her arms and legs. I had the same thing as a child and it eventually went away on its own, but right now I would like to find products to help it a little. My pediatrician just said to use a good greasy lotion for the dryness, but didn't give me any brands to try. I bathe her in either J&J Bedtime Bath or Wegmans brand Baby Bath (both are hypo-allergenic) and after a bath she almost always gets J&J Baby lotion on her whole body.

Can anyone give me a suggestion on another mild, hypo-allergenic brand to try that might help combat the dry skin and red bumps? The eczema doesn't seem to bother the baby, I think the dryness bothers me more, but I would still like to get rid of it, preferably without spending an arm and a leg!

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Aveno bath products and cetadil soap. Also the Aveno thick baby lotion (its the small tube) works wonders!!
Also, don't bathe her every day.
My kid's allergist and I fought over how often to bathe them..but less is better for the skin. I do every other night in winter.

Hey P.,

My son has severe eczema. Thanks to his dermatologist's advice, we started using Cetaphil wash and cream (you can find it at Walgreen's), and it is under control!! It is a bit pricey, but VERY, VERY much worth it (a little goes a long way)!! Hope this helps!!

I use Aveeno baby wash and cream because my son gets a rash from the fragrance in the J&j products. I also use Aquaphor wash occasionally.

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I had the same situation with my daughter and my pediatrician suggested not to use baby products at all. I used cetaphhil wash and lotion for her. It completely disappeared.

R. mother of beautiful one year old daughter Maya

My son has had really bad eczema from the day he was born and through trial and error of many products, we found a wonderful solution. We use cetaphil bar soap for washing his body, Aveeno baby shampoo and vani-cream moisturizing lotion. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lotion! It's fragrance and paraben free, is super moisturizing, but not greasy! You can order it on drugstore.com or go to your local CVS or Walgreens pharmacist and ask for it(or for them to order it). For a 1 lb jar, it's about $15 so it's cheaper than a lot of other solutions. He still has flare ups and if they are bad we use a prescription ointment from his pediatrician, but the vani-cream helps so much! Good luck.

Hi P.,

I have hyper-sensitive skin to everything, and the best lotion that I have ever found is Kiss My Face, olive & aloe. I have used it on my daughter, who has very dry & fair skin, since she was 9 months old, and it has worked wonderfully. It's about $8 for a bottle, and since it's so rich, you don't need to use a lot - her current bottle has lasted 5 months. You will be able to find it in any Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, natural-type stores, and some grocery stores.

Good Luck! K. T

Aveno bath products and cetadil soap. Also the Aveno thick baby lotion (its the small tube) works wonders!!
Also, don't bathe her every day.
My kid's allergist and I fought over how often to bathe them..but less is better for the skin. I do every other night in winter.

My 4 year old has eczema and I use Eucerin cream on her after a bath. Its nice and thick, but not greasy or smelly

You might want to look at your laundry detergent and if you use them softener sheets too. Your in your clothes all day the then you sleep in your sheets, you can never get away from the harm chemicals and toxins.

We use Shaklee Small Wonder products have helped many and my kids use it too.

Eczema can also be treated nutritionally. If you would like to know how, please e-mail me back.

You can get it at.

Good luck

I swear by Cetaphil. My daughter started life with a little dry skin which eventually escalated. I realized she was having a reaction to all J&J products including the Aveno lotion. She is 2 now and her skin is soft, smooth & spotless.

Curel makes a lotion that is for sensitive skin and unscented. It works really well on both of my children. They were probably around 3 or 4 when I started to use it so you may want to ask a pharmasist to confirm it is okay for infants.

Hi P.,
I just want to echo Martha's statement that we have THE best treatment for eczema on the planet.

Try Aveeno baby. I use both the shampoo and the lotion for my son. It works really well. THe doctor told us to rub it in RIGHT after a bath. Quickly dry baby and apply right away while skin is still moist. The lotion will help keep the moisture in and hopefully help you daughters skin. I used it several times a day in the beginning to ward off the dryness and now use it much less often. Good luck, hope it works.


My son has excema as well. He broke out whenever I used any of the baby washes like Johnson's or Aveeno. My doctor recommended using Dove bar soap. This has really worked for my son. They have unscented as well as scented. I then lather him up with Lubriderm lotion but a lot of people have recommended using the Eucerine lotion. Occasionally the excema flairs up at his bendable parts, knees and stuff, but I think the Dove soap has helped with the overall dryness. Good luck!

Hey P.,

My son has severe eczema. Thanks to his dermatologist's advice, we started using Cetaphil wash and cream (you can find it at Walgreen's), and it is under control!! It is a bit pricey, but VERY, VERY much worth it (a little goes a long way)!! Hope this helps!!

My daughter has terribly sensitive skin and really bad eczema since she was a month old. She's 14 months old now. A pediatric dermatologist advised the use of Aquaphor or Eucerin ointment (they're made by the same company) and Cetaphil or Dove soap for sensitive skin. Cetaphil is also what we use in the hospital where I work for our patients with skin problems. It doesn't lather though, so some moms don't like it because they feel their kids aren't clean after using it. I also make sure that her clothes are washed separately from everyone else's and I use Tide for sensitive skin to do her laundry. Hope that helps!

Try "Mustela - Dermo-Pediatrics" it's for babies with dry and eczema-prone skin. It says Stelatopia on the bottle, I don't know what that means, but the product works GREAT!

I use Johnson and Johnson products, and she doesn't have a problem. It had not come back for a while. Also, the allergist suggested dove products. Depending on the cause, you may want to go to an allergist. We did and found a lot of good info and things she was allergic too. It helps to know. Also try Euricin cream, that also helps. The ped suggested that. Also, when in dought go tot he doctor.

Dear P.,

I know of an excellent lotion that is 7X more effective than Eucerin and works wonders on eczema! I work for a wellness company and I can enroll you as a preferred member so you can get safer products for your body and home. There is a whole line for kids as well! J&J products are full of chemicals that aren't good for our babies!! Hope I can help you.

Here is my contact info:




Try the California Baby line of Supersensitive everyday lotion and shampoo & body wash. http://www.californiababy.com/super-sensitive.html I use them on my son- he has very sensitive skin and sometimes gets rough or blotchy patches and it helps him. They are made with all natural ingredients and it is completely unscented. For a really thick coating lotion I like Badger Baby Balm. Badger products are completely organic and really nice. I even use the balm as a diaper cream sometimes. http://www.badgerbalm.com/default.aspx
Stay away from petroleum-based products like Aquaphor and Vaseline because they don't allow the skin to breathe. Think about it this way- when there is an oil spill in the ocean, the birds get coated in oil and it kills them.

I have a 4 yasr old who has had eczema since he was 6 months, aquaphor is good though greasy like vaseline and vanicream is also good, this is a white cream. You can get both at any drug store though you might have to ask for the latter at the pharmacy. Both can be gotten in one pound jars - the vanicream comes with a pump too which is nice.

Hi P.,

I shop from a company called Melaleuca that has a great kids line with a tear free shampoo, body wash, etc. that doesn't use harsh or harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or phthalates in them. They also have a great lotion for excema too that's not greasy but keeps skin hydrated.

If you want more info. I would be happy to share it with you.


I use Aveeno baby for the bath for my twins and vanicream moisterizer after. my daughters pediatric dermatologist reccommended the switch i used to use J&J for the bath and aquafor afterwards but it wasnt working and i would have had to switch to a topical steriod which i didnt want to do so she recommended changing everything and it worked. good luck

J&J products will make Eczema worse! Try using Aveeno (another brand owned by J&J) Oatmeal bath powder - make a paste out of it and after you bathe your Daughter (using something with no fragrence - no J&J stuff here either - we use Little Twigg), leave the paste on the affected areas as long as you can before rinsing it off...don't let her back in the water, drain the tub before you put the paste on....

Our two year old son didn't like it at first, but we made a game out of it, saving some for him to put on his rubber ducky, etc... and now he doesn't mind. Then after the shower, and before he's totally dry, we put straight lanolin oil on his affected areas....the combination seems to be helping..

Good luck.

my pediatrician told me to use Dove or Aveno

Hi P.,

My son has eczema also. Aveeno makes an eczema body wash and the eczema lotion as well. Cetaphil also makes body wash and lotion which my dermatologist highly recommends. I've also been told to use plain Dove soap and hydrocortisone cream. I hope this is helpful.

You can try ABC Arbonne Baby Care or Arbonne Intelligence Body lotion. Arbonne has a great hosting menu. You decide what kind of party you want to host and earn products for free. Arbonne is great and I should know as an Independent Consultant. Check out www.arbonne.com and see what you like then email me at ____@____.com to place the order for you. Good Luck!!

Try the Aveeno baby products. Make sure that whatever product you use is non- scented.
My daughter, and I both have eczema.
And my pediatrician said I can use over the counter cortisone cream .5% sparingly, twice a day.

Good luck!

My son also has mild eczema. For his baby time we use Aveeno soad for eczema care. The lotions we use are AVenno for eczema during the day and then we use Aquaphor at night(it is greasy). If the eczema is real bad I had a cream that the dermatoloist(sp) prescribed for us. Aquaphor and Aveeno are great but expensive. Good luck

Hi There,
My daughter had the same problem and I used California Baby wash (purchased at Target - it's organic, no fragrance, etc.) and then follwed that up with an application of Cetaphil cream, not lotion. The cream comes in a little tub, not a bottle. You can use a pharmacy brand that's equivalent to the Cetaphil which might be a dollar or two cheaper. I recommend staying away from any colored or fragranced lotions. These worked for me!

Aquaphor is the best. Greasy but it works if you put it on a few times a day, at least morning & night and after baths. Worked for my son whenever he got a dry patch.

I use Gental Naturals on my son and it works great! It's a little more expensive, but a little goes a long way!

Try California Baby. They have lot s of products that are organinc and great for baby's skin.

Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics Stelatopia Cream Cleanser

Mustela STELATOPIA® CREAM CLEANSER gently cleanses the skin and also protects and softens it with moisturizers including the sunflower oil distillate, which also enhances natural lipids to form an effective skin hydrating barrier (Active Lipid-replenishing Process®, a patented natural action).

STELATOPIA® - Hygiene and skincare for dry skins with atopic tendencies.

*Hypoallergenic, formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction

*High tolerance

*Does not sting the eyes



About the Dermo-Pediatrics Product Line

Mustela®, with the collaboration of healthcare professionals, has developed Mustela® Dermo-Pediatrics, a product line dedicated to problem skin of newborns, babies and children.

Mustela® Dermo-Pediatric line is non-irritating, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, formulated without paraben and with no artificial coloring. Its efficacy has been tested under dermatological and pediatric supervision; and the formulas are composed of rigorously selected natural active ingredients.

My nephew had the same thing and so does my son....I find that in my son the J&J washes make my sons skin worse. I have found that the lil goats milk collection (found at wegmans) is great!!!!! I use the soaps, the body washes, and of course the lotion. It doesn't leave his skin oily or greasy...It helps with the eczema and red spots, and I love the smell of him after he has taken a bath. I know that they have it at the Pittsford wegmans and I have seen it at the Holt Rd one also. I hope this helps.

My son was the same way. I used Aveeno Baby wash and the Aveeno lotion. It worked wonders.

My (wonderful) son started showing signs of eczema. I also have very sensetive dry skin. Waht works best for the both of us is plain old Dove soap. It's th ebest and it stops all the itching.


I have eczema myself, and I've found that a product called Keri Advanced Dry Skin Lotion helps more with the dryness than anything else that I've tried. It is an excellent moisturizer, and works without leaving you with that greasy feeling, and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

You should probably just apply a little dab on the inside of her arm, and make sure that it agrees with her, before applying it on all the affected areas, but I doubt you'll have any problems. It was actually recommended to me by my mother's dermotologist, so I'm sure that its probably hypo-allergenic.

I think you'll find that it will help a lot, and you can apply it several times a day, if necessary!

Aquaphor cream is awesome! Also, the body shop sells Mustela, it made my daughters skin so smooth, but its pricey. (she has eczema too). J&J was banned by the allergist and he also said Dove has traces of peanuts, so if you use it use original/plain Dove.

Hi P.,

Try the Aveeno products--they are specifically made for it and are fabulous. They have baby wash and a variety of lotions that work fabulously without all the dyes and perfumes in J&J and others that can be so irritating.

Hi P.,
Johnsons is all full of perfume and colorants that are irritants to sensitive skin. When my son was an infant, I didn't use soap/wash of any kind on him once he started getting eczema symptoms (at around 8-9 months) - didn't use soap for a few years. Now he uses the Dove soap that is hypoallergenic, no perfume, etc - I would look beyond baby products. When he was a baby, I'd use Aquaphor after a bath with skin still damp, Aveno products are good also.

Hi P.,

My daughter, eight months old, also has eczema(mostly on arms and outer legs) and I use Aquaphor lotion on her to help with the dryness and itching. My pediatrician told me not to use J and J lotion becasue of the high alcohol content. I also do not bathe her more than 3 times a week as the water is also drying. They have a "baby" brand of Aquaphor but I have not tried it yet as I am trying to use up the container I have. It lasts a long time and is sold at most stores like CVS and Walmart. IT has worked pretty good on her. Her eczema seems to come and go, depending on the weather.

I paid about $7.00 for the small container of lotion but it has lasted a long time. You can also use it for diaper rash as well. I hope this helps and hope your baby feels better!


p.s. I am also a first time Mom at 35(I was 34 when she was born). I love the name you picked:)

My son had the same problem. I used every morning and night Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream on him. It worked wonders for him and is not greasy at all. Loved the product.

Hi P.,
I am a pediatrician and I found that a company called Arbonne makes a baby line, called ABC, which has Hair and Body Wash, as well as Baby Oil, and Baby Lotion. This company does not add artificial colors, fragrances, or harmful chemicals and works wonders for eczema. My friend was selling the products and I became a rep so my patients could get the products at wholesale which I offer to everyone. If you would like more information, you can contact me through my website: www.melissabrownmd.myarbonne.com to learn how to get the wholesale account. That would save you between 35-80%!!
Good luck.

Hi P.,
Melaleuca, Renew lotion is the best out there! They also have a baby wash that is fantastic, my grand babies love it! Check out the site= www.livetotalwellness.com/mmr


I use the Eucerin paste (in a jar, not a bottle) on my son. It does a pretty good job...the other thing I just found is J&J baby oil body wash...It's fairly new, no-more-tears, etc. and leaves the bathwater nice and slippery.

I agree that Dove bar soap is the way to go - it's what our dermatologist recommended, and it has worked well for our son's bad excema. aveeno lotion and aquaphor work well for us when applied twice per day.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
Advanced Healing for Dry, Cracked or Irritated Skin Ideal for all babies' skin care needs, Aquaphor Healing Ointment restores smooth, healthy skin.

Fragrance-free, preservative-free formula soothes, protects and helps heal dry, irritated skin due to drooling, minor burns and abrasions
Effective relief for the dry skin associated with Atopic Dermatitis
Clinically proven to reduce diaper rash within 6 hours, without the zinc-oxide mess
Clinically proven to reduce healing time
Mild formula is safe for external use anywhere on your baby's delicate, sensitive skin
Pediatrician recommended
Eucerin Promise: High quality ingredients and clinically-proven formulas that help keep your skin healthy. Eucerin skin care is safe for sensitive skin and so effective that it's been trusted by dermatologists for years.

I used both Aveeno baby and California Baby. Both are available at many stores. I know you can get them at diapers.com,i think if you spend $50, it is free shipping. You can re-stock on any diapers, food, wipes...they have it all. I think it is a life saver.

I love all of the Aveeno products. I have used them with all of my kids, and they are superhelpful, especially with dry skin, ezcema. We use the shampoo/body wash in the tub and then use the lotion as well. hope that helps.

My son had the same issue and my Dr. had said to use Dove soap and to use aquaphor lotion. Worked like a charm.

my son has mild eczema & i use aveeno wash on him for his bath & eucerin cream (the pump form) ater EVERY bath, from his face down to his toes! i've done this since he was 3 months old & he's been outbreak free since then..he'll be 2 next month.

Hi P.,

That's disturbing to me that your Pediatrician said to use a very greasey lotion . . . products like vaseline or anything containing petroleum in fact just suffocate the skin and sit on top of it, not penetrating or doing anything beneficial. Arbonne makes a full line of baby care products that are 100% botanicallly based & PURE,SAFE & BENFICIAL. If you look at J&J or your store brand ingredients you will see harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances etc.. arbonne has a baby body / shampoo was and oil that works wonders on excema. Check out their website for more info or email me for a free sample, my id # is 17364762 if you want to shop online.

Good luck!


When my children were little I used good old dove soap. It is very gentle and not as drying. It has been many years when my kids were little and I know things change by the day so I know it won't hurt but I am not sure if it will help. There is a store i the mall call L'octavia (Not sure of the spelling)that sells a natural product called shea butter it works great on many kinds of skin irritations. I had a friend that her daughter would get this terrible rash around her mouth and face in the winter due to severe chapped lips and dry skin. She used this shea butter and it cleared it up great. It looks like vaseline however it stays on and heals the skin great. Its worth a try good luck.

i love aura cacia baby from frontier. everywhere does coops online, pm me if you need anyone who does them. california baby is good toi but $$$.

My friends swear by Burts Bees products. A bit pricey but worth it.

Try Cetaphil. It's a soap-free face/hand wash. You can find it at any drug store, or even at Costco (if you want a great deal...and can deal with using it for the next two years!) There's no scent, and no soap. I used to use it on my daughter's diaper rash. Good luck! (I have Cetaphil around for my face...my dermatologist recommended it because I still had breakouts when I was 20...but that's another story. ;-) Moral - it's gentle. :-))

Hi, you should find out what's causing the eczema. I would bet it's something she's eating. My Naturopath said that 99% of skin issued (eczema, psoriasis, acne...) is caused from food sensitivities.

She may have this for years, instead of having her suffer through it, why don't you take her to a Naturopath and have her tested for food sensitivities. I bet once you find out the culprits and remove them from her diet, her eczema will go away.......

It happened to my son -- the eczema went away! No need for drugs or lotions.

Naturopath for food sensitivity is the best remedy for your daughter, in my opinion.

Good luck,

Try using cetafil... Johnson's soothing naturals also helped my daughter

Hi P.! I agree with a couple of the other moms ... Aquaphor is amazing. I put it on my son before bed and he wakes up bump and redness free! It's amazing stuff ... greasy, but it works! I also switched to Aveeno bath stuff, but it's expensive, and not much different than the Johnson's stuff, to be honest. It's the Aquaphor that does the trick!
Good luck, sweetie!

arbonne's baby wash & oil cleared my baby's eczema & cradle cap overnight.

Cetaphil, cetaphil, cetaphil. I love it for my sensitive skin son. They have a soap. It is so mild and effective. And the lotion is so great. It is effective without being greasy. Also any Eucerin (sp?) product is wonderful and mild. You can use Aquaphor (sp?) but it does stain so put pjs on that you are not concerned about. It worked magic for my son. My dr. said that the eczema can bother babies with itching and sensitivity. My son learned to say lotion quite early since I always said it to him as I slathered him up each time he bathed.

Cetaphil makes a wash my babies all had to use for eczema. they sell it at CVS,Walgreens etc.

I was recommended not to use liquid soap on my daughter from my Doctor. I tends to stay on your skin if you are not giving a really good rinse and plus it is still in the bath water. I use Aveeno products for her bath (they have a bar soap). it helps. Cetaphil is a clean lotion (as well as aquaphor). Unfortunately, they don't smell as nice as J&J but to help our babies skin than I guess it something we give up :) I have to use a topical cream for my daughter in the winter in addition to all this, but this seems to help.

try aquaphor - it's amazing stuff - you can get it in wal-mart - target - babies r us.....

Hi P.,

I had the same problem with my two oldest sons. My oldest had the very dry patches while my middle son had the red rashes that itched horribly and therefore bled. I tried everything including the greasy products the doctors would recommend which I never understood. To me it's gross and I can only imagine how nasty it feels on their skin!

A friend finally introduced me to Arbonne's Baby Care line and I haven't used anything else since. Well I did once and my oldest got very upset saying that the store bought made him itch so now I use the Baby Care line on all three of my children ages 1, 5 and almost 8!

I'd be happy to send you a sample if you like. You can email me at ____@____.com or call me toll free at 866-570-4483.

All my best,

Tyler had some pretty bad eczema last winter, I ended up taking him to a dermatologist to get some cortisone that cleared it right up. They suggested all we use on him is Dove bar soap (we use the sensitive kind) and regular old Vaseline. The Vaseline is not much fun to use and the bar soap isn't nearly as nice smelling as some of the "baby" soaps, but it cleared him right up and he has not had another bout of it since. They're also way cheaper than all the fancy brands :-) Good luck!

My son has eczema as well. We use Berts Bees for baby wash, and then Cetaphil (the generic wegmans brand)for lotion. Good luck!

My daughter had Eczema at 6 months. The doctor told me to not use any baby washes on her. Instead she suggested Dove bar soap. It worked great. Her dry patches cleared up after a week. SHe also told me to not use any baby lotions on her. Most contain alcohol. So I used Lavender oil instead. I still use the Dove Soap and Lavender oil when I bathe her. Hopefully you find something that works for your baby! Good luck!

I use Aveeno baby wash and cream because my son gets a rash from the fragrance in the J&j products. I also use Aquaphor wash occasionally.

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