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My 3-Year-old Daugther Says She Is Cold................

My 3 year old daughter has been complaining all week that she is cold, but she has no fever and has really acted like she has felt fine. Last week she did throw up out of the blue 3 times in the morning, but then acted fine the rest of the day, other than saying she was cold. Then, she has had 2 different accidents in her pants (poopy) and it upsets her so badly, and she says her bottom hurts. When I ask her if she needs to go potty she will try, but nothing. Then all the sudden it hits her and she can't make it to the potty. I am not sure what is going on with her and not sure if I should be concerned. I am just confused of why she says she is cold all the time, when she isn't running a fever and sometimes when I touch her she is clamy to the touch. I am just not sure what to do with her, so if anyone has any advise I would deeply appreciate it! Thank you!

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I guess it was just a stage that my daughter was going through, because she stopped saying she was cold all the time and stopped having accidents in her pants after those 2 that she only had. I think that she may have had a small virus going around also, but she is fine now and now we are dealing with different issues.

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I would at least call the Dr's office and see if they think she should be seen. They will definitely have more insight about whether or not she needs to be seen.

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Please let us know what the Doctor says about your child.
I have a 2 year old grandaughter going through the same symptoms right now. thank you , and sure hope your daughter will feel better real soon.

Have you had your daughter checked by a pediatrician? There is definitely something wrong there. The doctor took a culture from my daughter because she was a little 'off" during a routine visit as there was a lot of strep throat, going around. She had no fever or real symptoms, but she was positive, so he gave her an antibiotic. After that she seemed fine. 6 weeks later she suddenly went very pale, rushed towards me, (just as I was opening the oven door,) and threw up on the oven door. I took her back to the pediatrician and she still had strep throat. This time they gave her a shot and I had to go back in three weeks to make sure the strep throat had gone. Sometimes children don't show the correct symptoms.
My 4 year old granddaughter had a few accidents when she was 3years old. I think that once they feel trained they may get a little careless for a while, and then they get over anxious. Just tell her not to worry. Everyone has the occasional accident.

Please have her thyroid checked - it's a simple blood test. Does she sleep a lot or take a lot of cat naps?

It sounds like a stomach virus that has been going around. My five year old threw up twice but otherwise seemed almost normal. Maybe a bit slowed down for a couple of days, but not much! I on the other hand, when i got it, thought that it was the end of me!! Kids just, thanks be to god, don't get as sick as we do with things like this. When my son had the same sort of virus a year or two ago, he also had a couple of upsetting accidents in his pants. Hopefully, that's all it is, but if she keeps complaining of being cold, take her in for a check!! Best of luck.
Have a lovely day and god bless!!

I think with a week of her saying she is cold, feeling clamy and having poop accidents, I would take her to the doctor. She may just have a virus that needs to pass, but I'd let the doctor take a look at her.

Even children can suffer with low blood pressure which would result in the feeling cold symptom. Just to be on the safe side, I would take her to a dr. for an office visit.

take her to her doctor do not pass go just go straight to her doctor cause it sound like some thing strange is going on with her better be safe than sorry it might not be anything bad but then again you can catch it early if it bad good luck

My children rarely ran fevers when they were sick. There is something definitely going on with your daughter. I would make an appointment with the doctor, if for no other reason than to rule out any medical conditions. You can't be too careful with your children.

I would at least call the Dr's office and see if they think she should be seen. They will definitely have more insight about whether or not she needs to be seen.

Call the doctor. She may have a stomach virus. She should definitely be checked out. Let us know what happens. Hope she feels better soon.

Definately sounds like you need to take her to the doctor and have her checked out.

You should have her thyroid checked. I am cold 85% of the time and I live in New Orleans. My pediatritician had me checked when I was 17yrs old they found noduels on my thyriod via ultra sound. They haven't had to treat it with anything because the blood work says it is not that severe, it's just an answer.It has only been a problem when I was in school and would run a fever of 99 or higher. The school nurses would never take it seriously becuase it was a low grade temp for normal kids, but my normal body temp is 96. I am already a few degrees colder than everyone else so a 99 temp for me was a 101 temp for everyone else. I also get joint pain,shiver uncontrolably and my teeth chatter within moments of going out into the cold. If I can't get warmed up I get stomach cramps and become very tiered.
The thyroid effects many systems in the body so it may be why she is having bathroom trouble as well.
Good Luck and don't worry!

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