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Letter "I" Show and Tell Ideas

My son is letter "I" in the Letter People Parade and we have to come up with something unique for show and tell. Any suggesions besides ice cream and iguana?

**He will already be dressed up as Mr I who likes inches. And his costume is covered in inch rulers. The show and tell item is something that he shows the class that starts with the letter I.

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Thanks for all the incredible words!! Some of them I couldn't figure out how to do so we narrowed it down to instant mashed potatoes, ice cream scoop, irish (that wouldn't bloom), icing and the incredibles DVD. He choose the DVD and ice cream scoop since the flower wouldn't cooperate!

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We made an igloo out of sugar cubes and used a sugar and water mix to glue it together. It was a big hit and was a great craft to do together. I found the idea on www.familyfun.com. Go check it out :)

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Not sure if it's a play acting thing or not but he could be like a "Super Incredible Inmeasurable Inch of Impossibilities" Kind of on the Mission Impossible theme. He can Invent insertable infaired (sp) Invisibile igloos. (please excuse my spelling) Or Make Interesting Inquiries of imeasureable interests. He could Involuntarily injure an iguana with an iridescent eyeball or something. I don't know, but you could just go on and on... If you would like to banter more ideas, feel free to email me... ____@____.com

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He could bring a frozen ice pack that cures "illnesses", or maybe download some of those "illusion" pictures from the web, you know, the ones that show two different pictures depending on how you look at it.

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Igloo, icicle, insects. I miss show and tell days...my baby is 19 now. Good luck

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I would help him create an igloo from styrofoam block pieces and toothpicks or maybe a little bit of glue, attached from the bottom to a cardboard flat (like you get when you buy 4 six-packs of canned drinks at the grocery store). Just an idea! Good luck!

How about showing a picture of an indian standing next to an igloo? M--

how about inchworm or igloo

Ibex, iodine, inferno, Internet, idol, imp, incense, iceberg, inspector, island.

Intangibles: intelligence, inquire, innocent, infamous, illogical, if, important, invisible, idiosyncrasy.

My daughter just brought Instruments to class for her "I" day...

What about an "inchworm"... especially if the I looks like inches... this would be a great idea.... or an igloo....

Igloo,Ice Skate, Icicle, Idea,Impala, Inch (on a ruler), Infant, Ink, Insect, Iris, Iron, Island, Ivy.

Hope that helps

FUN STUFF! my first thought was an igloo, than an ice sculpture, i think you could use a 3D cake pan,inchworm aka gummy worm, or a box and he can measure it up than show them IN the box in a fun round about way.

Honestly the first words I thought of was icecream and igloo! But then I thought about it and thought of these:

Idea, inch worm, Illinois, inning (as in ball games),insect, Indian, Idaho (dress him up like an Idaho potato), Indianna, index of a book, inspector,injured (if he happens to have a scrape or bandaid on he could show that) I will let you know more if I think of any! Have fun and goodluck :)

INCHWORM!! Measuring the marigolds!! He could sing the song. Do you know the lyrics?

Here a couple, you can use an Ink pen or an Icicle (the type that you usually see on Christmas trees - if you can find them). Good Luck.

You and he could build a replica Igloo; or an ivy plant, or some incense, or a piece of ivory, or a bottle of ink for a caligraphy pen, or if he is in to bugs, an inch worm from a local bait shop?

Good luck.

He can also take a rainbow and show the color indigo! Iceskates? (probably a picture....) Inventions! So he can take anythign he wants:)
Or a leprachaun/clover and say irish!
Good luck and have fun!
M. Abadie

llinois, Idol, Idea, internet, ill, immigrant, Izzy (go Cards) insect, ipod (he's probobly too young for that one) GOOD LUCK! S.

Isn't the bird from Aladin named Iago? What about an I-pod? Picture of an Igloo? Ink Pen maybe? Maybe a picture of India, or Italy...? Italian dressing? That's all I can come up with now...Have fun.

The only thing I can think of is the flower "iris". Maybe your local florist would have some. Also, what about insect or instrument?

Good luck,

how 'bout an inchworm? or something irish .the color ivory. an ivy plant. iron, instrument instant... well, anything i was thinking potatos.( not that i'm looking in the dictionary :) hope i helped spark a thought!

Igloo, ice cubes that go into an ice chest (pictures of course) icebergs...Iceland, ice skates, icing (on a cupcakes that the kids can eat) increase of water & what may happen ..get out your dictionary & go to the "I's" & choose something from there that you'll both like. Good luck & God Bless!

The first thing that came across my mind was igloo. You could make one out of starfoam(sp?) or maybe posterboard.

Hope you get some great ideas.


My dad went to Canada to snow mobil this past year. I have pictures of true igloos that he emailed me. If you would like I can email them to you. ____@____.com just put in the subject line mamasource.

How about illustrator or illustration, he could bring a picture he has drawn or imagination? Have fun!!

Hi J.,
How about igloo, icicle, ice, initial(type up a list of two letters that represent initials - could be of famous people! Those are just a few I thought of quickly - there must be more. Gook Luck!

I'm a SAHM mom of two college kids and married to the same wonderful man this year for 25 years. I'm an independent Longaberger Home Consultant.

How about making an igloo out of sugar cubes?

How about an igloo. If you need to make the item you are showing you can make it out if styrofoam.
Good luck.

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