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I Would Love to Have a Girl

Hello Ladies, I am the mother of two beautiful boys ages 4 and 1. I love my boys but we are about to try for number three and I would love to have a girl. Of course I would be happy with what ever god gives me, but my four year old did tap for a year and told me it is for girls. I long for PINK. Before I get started does anyone know of any good books or theories for "helping" choose the sex of your baby? Thanks for your help!

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I used the Femta (www.femta.com I think). It tracks your cycles, and is based upon the theory that during certain times your ph changes. "Girl" sperm and "boy" sperm are different- boys are quick but die sooner, girls are slow and steady. So the ph affects which ones get through. Make sense? Anyway, it's a downloadable application that shows you which days you are more likely to get pregnant with a girl or boy. I have a baby girl, and it may have been a coincidence, but I think it worked for me! Good luck!

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Hello, i am 25, and have three little boys. 6,4, and soon to be 3. i would love a girl, and found this awesome (scientific) book, written by a doctor called, How To Chose The Se of Your Baby. look that one up, and your bound to have a girl. There are millions of people who said they read this book and it worked. a success rate of 80-90% i believe. :)

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Hi J., I too have 2 wonderful boys but would love a girl and I have bought the book "How to Choose the Sex of your Baby". I haven't finished reading it so I don't have any personal experience but I know two woman that used the book and had girls the third time after having two boys so I'd say it's worth a try. Good Luck

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Well I tried the shettles method. It believes that the optimum time to conceive a girl is 1-2 days before you ovulate. Boys are best the day of ovulation or the day after. The theory is that the "boy" sperm are stronger faster swimmers, but die quickly....the "girl" sperm are slower swimmers, but live longer. It will help you to chart your temps so that you know exactly when you ovulate. Go to www.fertilityfriend.com and they have a free program that will help you learn how to chart your temps. I did all that and I conceived a little girl after 6 months of trying. I hope this helps and good luck!!

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The best book is Taking Charge Of Your Fertility by I believe its Teri Weschler. Positive on the name of the book and the authors first name. I used her method for my first child, (boy) and "got what I wanted". Good luck.

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I found a website with a lot of interesting ideas and links.


I'm not sure if there is anything that you can do to ensure a girl; it essentially all falls on your husband!?! Still, having a girl myself, I can understand why you would want one!
Good luck!!!

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J., check into the Shettles method.. it's all about timing.. whether or not it works - not sure, but I got my boy.. it could have just been luck, but there's a science about how fast sperm swim and how quickly they die, so if you know exactly when you ovulate, you can help it along. good luck!

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I just got "How to Choose the Sex of your Baby" by Landrum Shettles, because we also want a girl next time to have one of each. I also used "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler to conceive our son, which is a great book. Check out the reviews for both on Amazon.com (mostly positive)

How to Choose the Sex of your Baby claims 75% accuracy for girls when followed correctly. It is a scientific method, not an old wives tale and it explains the science in detail (the Weschler book also backs this up) Nothing else can claim a success rate that high without artificial measures, which are extreme, expensive, and not very romantic (artificial insemination, in vitro) Good luck!

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Hi J....I have heard that it depends on the mother's age and the month she conceives in. For example: if you are 27 and it is January (which is the 1st month), you add 27 + 1 = 28; then you add 2 + 8 = 10; then lastly 1 + 0 =1 (reducing until you have a single digit I imagine). If your final number is an odd number, you will conceive a girl, if it is an even number, you will conceive a boy. I have gone back and done the math for the times and ages I was when I conceived each of my 3 children and it seems accurate. I also did the math for my mom's conceptions of my sister and I, etc...)[I have no idea what happens causing some to conceives opposing sex twins though...lol]. ~M.~

I read the Shettles book as well as the Weschler book (the latter was particularly excellent: Definitely check out her website at www.tcoyf.com). The conclusion that I drew from both was that the primary factor in conceiving a child of the sex you prefer is timing, as most of the other respondents have indicated. Ph may also play a role for some women. I didn't worry about it though, and got the girl I had hoped to have.

I don't have a lot to add to the advice you've already gotten except to advise that you chart several cycles before you start trying for a girl. Conceiving boys is generally easier, since you can have intercourse when or just after you ovulate. Conceiving a girl means being able to 'predict' when you'll ovulate and then having intercourse only on the days leading up to ovulation (if I remember correctly). Even if your cycle is slightly irregular, you should be able to predict some patterns so that you can predict ovulation, as long as you chart for a little while. For example, you may notice your basal temperature drops just slightly or you have some other symptom just before you ovulate.

Good luck!!

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