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Trying to Conceive a Baby Boy

Hello Mommies,

I have three beautiful girls and I love them dearly. My husband and I have decided to have another child. He and I would love for our last baby to be a boy. If we have a girl, we would still love the baby just the same, we would just love to add a little more testosterone to the family. We are not trying to do any thing such as microsort or any other technical type procedure. We are looking for some natural ways. We looked online for some tips and we were just wondering if anyone has any ideas that could help increase our chances of having a precious little boy? Thanks for any advice.

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I did what Minda talked about. I had sex on the morning my temp rose (ovulated) for a boy so the egg was waiting and the girls didn't have a chance. And then I had sex 5 days before my temp rose/ovulated for a girl so he boy sperm don't last more than 3-4 days and the girl sperms are holding out!

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Just sent this article to my friend who wants to try for a boy...
Who knows if anything works, but if you fit the description for having girls, maybe there is something to it!

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Actually I wanted to have a boy so I really believe that this worked for me, twice. Ya ready? Male sperm do swim faster than female sperm, but you can help the male sperm win the race! I don't know any way of writing this in a "lady-like" way...so I'll just cut to the chase and say it as delicately as I can. Position, position, position! You need to have your husband behind you and you need to be on your hands and knees with your husband as deep as possible. After the fireworks have gone off, lay down with pillows up under your hips so that the force of gravity is working with you. Diet also has something to do with it too. Women that eat, 2,200 calories a day before conception increase their chances of having a boy. Also, I used an ovulation predictor kit to check when I was going to ovulate because the closer you time intercourse to the day of ovulation the more likely your chances are of having a boy. One more thing, the vaginal environment needs to be alkaline. (I googled some alkalin foods:ALFALFA(sprouts), almonds, APPLES apricots, artichokes, BANANAS, blackberries, blueberries, BROCCOLI, cabbage, cantaloupe, CARROTS,cherries, COCONUT, CRANBERRIES, cucumbers, DATES, dill, figs (dried), flaxseed, GARLIC, GRAPES, Grapefruit, greenbeans (fresh),LEMONS, lettuce, LIMA BEANS (fresh), mango, MELONS, okra, Olives, olive oil, ONIONS, ORANGES, Peaches, Pears, PINEAPPLE,Pumpkin, Raspberries, Romaine lettuce, Soybeans, Spinach, squash, Strawberries,tangerine, Vegetable oils, water chestnuts, watermelon.) Good luck!

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my hubby and i have three girls....and now 2 boys! Its not rocket science heres the thing.
girl sperm are slower but stronger
boy sperm are faster but weaker.

for a girl the sperm needs to already be waiting so that when the egg drops the boys have diedand the girls are waiting.

for a boy you must not have any sperm waiting- so no sex from 5 days before you ovulate until the day you ovulate-this is key! that way all the boy sperm can get to the egg before it dies and before the girls.
Therefore you need to know when you ovulate. I just check my cervix- its very easy. Or you can buy an ovulation detector, basal body temp chart, mucus chart. Just do not go by rythem! Many women get messed up because they think they are counting right but they are not (first day of last period is the correct way) Also some women think they know when they ovulate (the average is 15 days past the first day of your last period but many many many women fall before or after- I am one of them=-) Soooo- you must know when you Ovulate.

In short:
5 days before you Ovulate stop having sex
the day you ovulate have sex!
The boys will get to the egg before the girls.
and there ya go!

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You may have heard of it, but there is a book out there, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, that has a chapter on this. Basically what it says is that if you can time intercourse in relation to your expected ovulation date, then you will be more likely to have one sex over the other. Because the sperm that determine male and female swim in different patterns, you can try to work with those patterns to try to conceive one sex over the other. So, if I remember correctly, male sperm swim faster than female sperm, but die sooner. Therefore, the baby boy-producing sperm will most likely reach the egg first, but if they egg is no there yet, they will die before having a chance to fertilize it, leaving it open to the slower but longer-living female producing sperm. Theoretically this is why there more girls than boys. So, if you were to have intercourse several days (up to 5) before your expected ovulation date, you will most likely have a girl. If you can time your intercourse to be the day before or even the day of your ovulation, then you will most likely have a boy. Of course this is not an exact science and there are always exceptions to the rules, but its something to consider. If you don't already have the book, I would recommend at the very least checking it out from your library and reading up on the section. It might help. Good luck on your quest!

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Here are a few tips that a friend passed onto me. My husband and I used them and we have 2 boys. If you know when you ovulate, wait and have intercourse on the day of and days after you ovulate. If you do not know when you ovulate, get ovulation sticks (from Wal-Mart for $10) and use them. Girls are usually conceived a few days before ovulation and boys on or after. Have your husband wear boxers instead of briefs as heat affects sperm. Have your husband drink a highly caffeinate soda before intercourse as this speeds up the Y sperm. (My husband drank Mountain Dew both times when we conceived!) I laid down for 20 minutes with a pillow under my hips after intercourse as this is suppose to help. Also intercourse position is important. Man behind women is recommended. (I hope I did not offend anyone.) Enjoy!

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I did what Minda talked about. I had sex on the morning my temp rose (ovulated) for a boy so the egg was waiting and the girls didn't have a chance. And then I had sex 5 days before my temp rose/ovulated for a girl so he boy sperm don't last more than 3-4 days and the girl sperms are holding out!

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Test your pH level. I am sure it is not fool-proof but it does sway your odds a little. You should be alkaline (8 or above) before trying to conceive a boy and acidic (6 or below) for a girl. There are lots of alkaline diets, the one that worked the quickest for me was the one from http://www.choosethesexofyourbaby.com/. They also suggest potassium supplements. I am currently pregnant (1 have 4 girls), we'll see if it worked...

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution just ran an article about this. Here is the link:


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Hi D.! I have a lovely daughter, but I'm trying for a boy too! I'm using www.yourdays.com to help me figure out the best days to conceive a boy. Good luck! D. H

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Wonderful site: yourdays.com

It will help you figure out the timing for conceiving a boy!

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Hi. I would recommend the book "How to Choose the Sex of your Baby" by Landrum B. Shettles and David M. Rorvik. I had 2 boys and wanted to try for a girl and I figured why not read the book and try some of the techniques. We now have a baby girl to round out our family. I used their charting techniques to pinpoint when I ovulated and then timed the trying each month based on the info in the book. It's a good read and worth trying if you'd like to try to influence the gender of your next baby without any extreme measures. Good luck!

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There is tons of great advice there! My youngest is 3, so I am not up on the most current developments. However, I used Natural Family Planning as our method of birth control/conception plan for 10 years. You need to learn your body and it's 3 major signs for ovulation (basal temp., external conditions and cervix conditions)..it is much more than just your temperature! Conceiving on or near ovulation will increase your chances of a boy, but keep in mind it is not guaranteed! I believe it makes it a 75% chance, which is better than 50%, but not 100%. Good luck!!!

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Hi D.,
I thought I would tell you what I did when I really wanted to have a girl. I had already had a son and had such a rough pregnancy that the thought of being pregnant more than once more was not an option. I really wanted to have a girl and had heard about a book "Now you can choose the sex of your child" Its been awhile, (my daughter is now 13years old) so I am not absolutely certain of the name of the book but it was very close to that. I went to the library found the book and followed the instructions and totally believed it would work and it did for me! Check with your local library and I am sure they will either have or would be willing to get it for you.

Good Luck

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Just sent this article to my friend who wants to try for a boy...
Who knows if anything works, but if you fit the description for having girls, maybe there is something to it!

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yeah - I saw that in the news jsut yesterday. Bananas and breakfast, and generally a fairly high calorie comsumption to have higher glucose levels in the blood. (Good excuse to enjoy dessert, huh? Chocolate covered banana anyone?)

It still only ups the odds to around 57% instead of 50% - but if you get another girl, at least you won't have to buy more clothes, right?

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Well, according to British studies out this week, if you start consuming a high-calorie diet while trying to conceive -that will up your chances of having a boy. Who knows if this is accurate, but it was a scientific study conducted by the doctors. Hey -it wouldn't be the worst thing to try -a little extra pizza and some chocolate here and there! Good luck!

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D., You could pray and ask God to do this. He does have reasons for the children He gives us, but He listens and answers our prayers, and sometimes, the answer is, "Yes." :D Maybe He'd even give you more than one. :D

D. S, mom of 5

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I got a book "How to choose the sex of your baby" at Walden Books in the Sumter Mall when I first tried getting pregnant. I think it had good information in there. I stopped trying for a particular sex though because I learned I had fertility problems and just wanted a baby period so I couldn't tell you from personal experience if it works.


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I just saw on CNN yesterday that women with high potassium levels have boys at a higher rate. The headline was "Eat more bananas to have a boy." I don't know that I buy some of the things that pass for "Science" on CNN, but you might look into that. At the very least, eating more potassium will be healthy for you. Best wishes!

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Not sure how valid it is but there was an article in the Charleston Post and Courier yesterday about what you can eat prior to getting pregnant to increase the chances of conceiving a girl or a boy. Apparently they did some research around it so it might be worth a try. Good lUck!

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Don't know if there is any truth to it but this article was in The State paper today.

Research says your diet can influence the sex of your child

NATIONAL (NBC) - Can what you eat before pregnancy affect the gender of your baby? A new study says yes.

The research suggests women who eat more, especially in the mornings, are more likely to have boys.

Model and author Lisa Be is a firm believer of the mother's ability to influence the sex of her child. She realized while researching a book that she had had a diet now associated with the conception of boys.

She now has two after eating what experts say is food high in energy.

"I did eat things like that. I ate bananas, I ate porridge in the morning. I had lots of sushi which meant lots of soy sauce," says Be.

Research carried by the Universities of Exeter and Oxford and involving 740 first-time pregnant women showed that those who had consumed the most calories, the most nutrients, were more likely to conceive boys.

Over the past 40 years the number of boys born in industrialized countries has been falling.

It means, say researchers, skipping breakfast, now increasingly common in the developed world, could be a bad move for those hoping for a son.

"We know that in in-vitro fertilization male embryos are favored by having a high concentration of glucose around them, so it might in a natural diet if the woman for example, skipping breakfast, she may have very low blood sugar in the morning and that may be the reason why boy embryos are selected against," says Dr. Fiona Mathews of Exeter University.

So if you thought it just about the X or Y chromosome, maybe you have to think again.

The study appears in the Royal Society Journal Biological Sciences.

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You have had some interesting responses. The boy sperm are the faster swimmers but die more quickly. Therefore you want to have intercourse just before or right after you ovulate (they will reach the egg more quickly and have a better chance of fertilization), as opposed to 2 to 3 days before ovulation. Good luck!

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I conceived my son the day I ovulated, I conceived my daughter AFTER I ovulated. I eat cereal every morning, and bananas, and still got one of each. you have what you are meant to have in my opinion. It always seems to work out that if you REALLY want one gender, you get the other. :-)

There was an article in the newspaper about this very question. I honestly believe it to be true. I have 3 children and had them in the order we wanted...boy, girl, boy. Now it may just be coincidence, but if you have less stress and eat more food high in calcium and potassium supposedly it works. Like I said....it may also be luck. There really is a lot of research about this though. You may also want to try a book store and look in the alternative section. Good Luck!

Remember it's nothing YOU do - it's the male sprem alone that determines the gender of the baby.

If you are wanting another baby, go ahead and have one and accept what God gives you. If you try different things to "have" a boy and it doesn't happen then you WILL be disappointed, but if you want another child and accept whatever sex God has predetermined that child to be, then you will NOT be disappointed.

I didnt, but at least 5 friends of mine have and it worked...
The Chinese lunar calendar...

Have you ever considered adopting?? You can have a boy and save a life!

I just read a study a day or two ago that showed that eating well during your pregnancy, specifically breakfast, gives you better odds of having a boy. I know there's really nothing you can do, but it did say that women who eat cereal for breakfast daily were something like 68% more likely to have a boy. Apparently it had something to do with the fact that it might, literally, take more food and energy to produce a boy. This really was a real study, not some wives' tale. I'm always skeptical of things like that, but it seems like an easy, harmless thing to do that might increase your odds. My husband and I were actually laughing about it because we were hoping for a girl, and I've been eating cereal like there's no tomorrow. Oh, well. Good luck!

I wish I knew. I have 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. My mother had 5 girls before she finally had a boy. I guess it's in the genes. Just do a lot of praying. Good luck.

I have friends who swear by the methods in these books:

How to choose the sex of your baby : the method best supported by scientific evidence / Landrum B. Shettles, and David M. Rorvik.

How to make a baby girl or baby boy : choose the sex of your child in plain and simple language / Mark Moore and Lisa Moore.

I have three beautiful boys and I know the closer you can try to ovulation the more chances you have of conceiving a boy. I believe with my first two we conceived the day I ovulated. Hope this helps some. By the way any ideas on how to increase chances of a girl?! Good luck.

There is a book called "Taking Charge of your Fertility" which I found to be helpful. Some of the things talked about were a little "icky" to be honest but I learned so much about a woman's cycle. One of her main focuses was actually knowing your body enough for birth control reasons. But it helps you to know when you are ovulating. My experience has been my friends and family that were not trying to conceive had girls and those who were had boys. I'll try not to get too technical but the gender is determined by your husband. The "swimmers" as I like to call them ;) carry the chromosome that determines if it is a boy or a girl. The "boy swimmers" are fast so if you time intimacy with right when you are ovulating then typically the "boy swimmers" will get there first. Now for me, I have a boy and would love to have a girl so we actually timed our intimacy for a couple of days before I ovulated so that the heartier, slower "girl swimmers" would get there about the time I ovulated. (I am very regular with my cycle so it was easier to do this - I am only 13 weeks pregnant and am dying to know if this worked or not!! :) ) So the "girl swimmers" are slower but more endurant. And "swimmers" can live for up to 72 hours in your reproductive system. I think that's why people not trying have girls because they think they are safe because they haven't ovulated yet. Anyway, if you can try timing your intimacy right when you are ovulating I think that would give you the best chance for a boy! (I will say this though - it is all in God's hands in the end!!) My best friend has 3 beautiful girls and her 4th baby was a spunky bouncing baby boy :) Good luck to you!

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