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I Want My Boobs Back!

how can I get my boobs back to ore breastfeeding shape?! Are there any creams, exercises, prayers you could reccomend? Short of plastic surgery I'll try anything. I've gone from a 34C to a what feels like an A. I'm so sad.

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Bras with some padding. Victoria Secrets has a great bra...Angels Secret Embrace. that will help lift and give a great fullness. Also Le Mystere has great bras with lift and padding. Its Oprah's fave bra.

also, once I started doing push-ups, my boobs look better!

Believe me, I want mine back to. But I settled for a good push-up bra from Victoria's Secret. At least when I'm out in public no one else can tell that my once fabulous boobs bear little resemblance to the shriveled up remnants of what's left!

I feel that by doing the chest machines at the gym that mine have improved a little. By working the muscles underneath it makes them a little perkier. Doesn't make them bigger though:(

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Hi S.,

I have a wonderful suggestion that will do the job in short order. It goes against what the mainstream says but you will be much healthier for it and have your boobs back. That is to eat fat, not vegetable fat (which by the way is really bad for you) but the real saturated fat from animals. Such as cream especially raw cream, butter, again raw is best, whole milk. You should cook with either lard, coconut oil or butter - your skin will be beautiful and wrinkle free, your arteries will be clear and your cholestorol levels might rise to around 200 but this is where it should be. If you choose the raw versions of animal fat you will not gain weight either. This wonderful fat is what will make your boobs fill out again, it worked wonderfully for me.

I have a great website for you to go to read all about how we should be eating to maintain good health, it is, www.westonaprice.org

Good luck,
M. S.

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Since there is no remedy for the problem under discussion, how about a little humor from a 70 year old grandmother... Remembering back to a shopping trip to get new bras to replace my "nursing bras" after weaning our first child. My hubby asked the question "Is there such a thing as a negative bra size?"

Needless to say, I was furious and laughing at the same time... I survived, we all do.

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Hi S.:
Look into doing chest exercises. They help to build up the muscle under the breasts so they "look" bigger and they "definitely" lift them. One basic is to press your hands together in front of your breasts. You can push your hands together until they are in front of your left breast and then the other way to your right breast. Do the same with your arms raised at eye level and then down at belly level. Also lean a little forward and do them. You will feel your breasts getting bigger. Do these exercises every day at first. You can do up to 500 presses. It doesn't take that long and it is a small price to pay. You will notice a difference in as little as a week or two. You should get to the point where if you put a pencil under your breast, the pencil will fall because your breast will be too lifted. They have a special little device to press on when you do these breast exercises. Also putting a soft ball in your hands and pressing on it helps as well. But you can do this yourself with no devices. Even when you're sitting down you can press your hands together at your lap and you will feel it. You can also visualize your breasts getting bigger as you do your exercises. You know your body does what your mind tells it to. Good luck. I know it works. The natural way is best.

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Well, like so many women here, I can relate. I had lovely Ds all my life (I'm tall, and a big girl), and after nursing, and losing a ton of weight, my lovely boobs were literally heading south -- pointing at my toes! I hate wearing bras, was starting to chafe under my boobs on hot days, and didn't feel good about my body any more. I am also a single woman, so I don't have a loving husband who no longer cares about perfection -- I'm on the market, and believe me, single men DO care about this.

And so, I had a lift. It's not something you do lightly, it does cost a great deal of money, and the recovery takes several months in all. But, I'm very glad I did it. I was 48 when I had it done, and have not regretted it -- weeks go by where I don't have to wear a bra -- just a cami.

It's not for everyone, but for me it was the right choice. Though, I'm still single!;)



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There's a thing called Brava, it can increase your cup size 1/2 to 1 size, and apparently firms your boobs also and apparently it works. You have to wear it day and night for 2 or more months, and it costs almost as much as surgery. Two to three thousand, I think? Look it up online.

I may get around to it myself one of these days, but in the meantime other things are bugging me more.

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You should look for a bra that props them back up and fills them out. The women who work in the lingerie dept in pretty much all Nordstrom's are very good at helping you find the right bra for your needs. If there were a cream or exercise that could really increase breast size, trust me, every woman in the country would have heard of it by now. Please don't waste your money. My boobs are still Ds, but their shape is certainly not what it used to be. Molded cup bras help with that (though don't add size). Surgery is really the only way to change your actual breasts -- well, that or gaining weight, which is probably not the solution you want either!

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I hear you... After ending 19 months of nursing a few weeks ago, I realize my boobs have disappeared. I used to be a C and now it feels like I'm an A... I think it's just a part of life and our bodies changing, more dramatically because of childbirth and nursing. I'll be interested to see what kind of suggestions others have.

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Actually there is a way. With magnets. Check this website out:

Natural Breast Alteration (NBA) System: Breast Augmentation ...Chat directly with Kelly Mordaunt, inventor of the NBA System. ... Kelly Mordaunt's Natural Breast Alteration: Magnetic Augmentation, Enhancement...


Good luck :)

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