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I Want My Boobs Back!

how can I get my boobs back to ore breastfeeding shape?! Are there any creams, exercises, prayers you could reccomend? Short of plastic surgery I'll try anything. I've gone from a 34C to a what feels like an A. I'm so sad.

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Bras with some padding. Victoria Secrets has a great bra...Angels Secret Embrace. that will help lift and give a great fullness. Also Le Mystere has great bras with lift and padding. Its Oprah's fave bra.

also, once I started doing push-ups, my boobs look better!

Believe me, I want mine back to. But I settled for a good push-up bra from Victoria's Secret. At least when I'm out in public no one else can tell that my once fabulous boobs bear little resemblance to the shriveled up remnants of what's left!

I feel that by doing the chest machines at the gym that mine have improved a little. By working the muscles underneath it makes them a little perkier. Doesn't make them bigger though:(

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Hi S.,

I have a wonderful suggestion that will do the job in short order. It goes against what the mainstream says but you will be much healthier for it and have your boobs back. That is to eat fat, not vegetable fat (which by the way is really bad for you) but the real saturated fat from animals. Such as cream especially raw cream, butter, again raw is best, whole milk. You should cook with either lard, coconut oil or butter - your skin will be beautiful and wrinkle free, your arteries will be clear and your cholestorol levels might rise to around 200 but this is where it should be. If you choose the raw versions of animal fat you will not gain weight either. This wonderful fat is what will make your boobs fill out again, it worked wonderfully for me.

I have a great website for you to go to read all about how we should be eating to maintain good health, it is, www.westonaprice.org

Good luck,
M. S.

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Since there is no remedy for the problem under discussion, how about a little humor from a 70 year old grandmother... Remembering back to a shopping trip to get new bras to replace my "nursing bras" after weaning our first child. My hubby asked the question "Is there such a thing as a negative bra size?"

Needless to say, I was furious and laughing at the same time... I survived, we all do.

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Hi S.:
Look into doing chest exercises. They help to build up the muscle under the breasts so they "look" bigger and they "definitely" lift them. One basic is to press your hands together in front of your breasts. You can push your hands together until they are in front of your left breast and then the other way to your right breast. Do the same with your arms raised at eye level and then down at belly level. Also lean a little forward and do them. You will feel your breasts getting bigger. Do these exercises every day at first. You can do up to 500 presses. It doesn't take that long and it is a small price to pay. You will notice a difference in as little as a week or two. You should get to the point where if you put a pencil under your breast, the pencil will fall because your breast will be too lifted. They have a special little device to press on when you do these breast exercises. Also putting a soft ball in your hands and pressing on it helps as well. But you can do this yourself with no devices. Even when you're sitting down you can press your hands together at your lap and you will feel it. You can also visualize your breasts getting bigger as you do your exercises. You know your body does what your mind tells it to. Good luck. I know it works. The natural way is best.

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Well, like so many women here, I can relate. I had lovely Ds all my life (I'm tall, and a big girl), and after nursing, and losing a ton of weight, my lovely boobs were literally heading south -- pointing at my toes! I hate wearing bras, was starting to chafe under my boobs on hot days, and didn't feel good about my body any more. I am also a single woman, so I don't have a loving husband who no longer cares about perfection -- I'm on the market, and believe me, single men DO care about this.

And so, I had a lift. It's not something you do lightly, it does cost a great deal of money, and the recovery takes several months in all. But, I'm very glad I did it. I was 48 when I had it done, and have not regretted it -- weeks go by where I don't have to wear a bra -- just a cami.

It's not for everyone, but for me it was the right choice. Though, I'm still single!;)



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There's a thing called Brava, it can increase your cup size 1/2 to 1 size, and apparently firms your boobs also and apparently it works. You have to wear it day and night for 2 or more months, and it costs almost as much as surgery. Two to three thousand, I think? Look it up online.

I may get around to it myself one of these days, but in the meantime other things are bugging me more.

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You should look for a bra that props them back up and fills them out. The women who work in the lingerie dept in pretty much all Nordstrom's are very good at helping you find the right bra for your needs. If there were a cream or exercise that could really increase breast size, trust me, every woman in the country would have heard of it by now. Please don't waste your money. My boobs are still Ds, but their shape is certainly not what it used to be. Molded cup bras help with that (though don't add size). Surgery is really the only way to change your actual breasts -- well, that or gaining weight, which is probably not the solution you want either!

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I hear you... After ending 19 months of nursing a few weeks ago, I realize my boobs have disappeared. I used to be a C and now it feels like I'm an A... I think it's just a part of life and our bodies changing, more dramatically because of childbirth and nursing. I'll be interested to see what kind of suggestions others have.

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Actually there is a way. With magnets. Check this website out:

Natural Breast Alteration (NBA) System: Breast Augmentation ...Chat directly with Kelly Mordaunt, inventor of the NBA System. ... Kelly Mordaunt's Natural Breast Alteration: Magnetic Augmentation, Enhancement...


Good luck :)

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Dear S. - I feel your pain! I breast-fed my three in the 80s and mine remained larger, but of course the shape and texture of them completely changed. Then, when I finally lost the baby weight, I really experience the deflation issue. However, do consider the fact that it is known that breast-feedbing babies, especially before age 30, helps prevent breast cancer. Also, be very careful of what creams you put on your breasts (as well as your entire body) because ingredients in creams are absorbed through the skin. Visit www.findgreenhere.com (safe cosmetics page - links to a costmetic data base and a safe cosmetics site) and find out the safety rating of any cream you use, especially on the breasts. Best of luck. I wear a supportive bra 24-7 and have three WONDERFUL adult children who mean so much more to me than any of my body parts! Godd bless you and your lovely family! V. G. :o)

I have always been happy with my 34B breasts....they were perky and did all the right things all on their lonesome. I never needed to wear a bra.But now after 6 years of breastfeeding they sag and I have to wear a bra.......which really bothers me...I often get headaches from them.So actually I have taken to envying those with very tiny breasts......I have four friends like this who are fifty and they look wonderful without a bra.Ah!!!The grass is always greener,isn't it?
Just thought I would give you another perspective.perhaps your A's can be free in the world.

When did you stop nursing? Right after the milk stopped flowing from nursing my 2 boys for 2 years each, I had the egg-in-a-sock look. But gradually they started to lift and look fuller. They will never be back 100%, but gaining weight helps - although the rest of me is too round right now, hee hee!

Oh the joys of post-breastfeeding boobs. I'm reading the responses to see if anyone has advice. I was a 34-B-C pre-pregnancy, 36-D while pregnant and then while breastfeeding and now I'm thinking I should be shopping in the training bra section. I'd like to think of my new bra size as my badge of honor for breastfeeding 2 kids for 14 months each kid and hey when I go jogging I have no problems and clothes fit me fine. I've had D-cup and I now I have A cup and to be honest the A-cup is easier for me:)

I totally agree. I started as a 32B and after having 3 kids I'm a 32D! I recommend a really good bra. I bought my last one from www.herroom.com. They have good recommendations for bras in your size or you can try some on at the mall/lingerie shop and then check to see if they are priced cheaper online. Good luck!

I didn't get mine back either. They shrunk. That's life. Try to love them for the lifegivers they are ;)

This can natural natural remedies best for you.
Do exercises like push-ups.
Eating papaya fruits and massaging your boobs help.
You can eat chicken
You can gain weight in your entire body
Massage your breasts.
Hope will help.

Your breasts go through something called "involution." This means that because of pregnancy (not nursing!) your breasts increase in size and decrease afterwards. Slowly ( with each menstrual period) your body will replace the fat stores in your breasts.

Hang in there! In a couple of years, your breasts will regain their normal shape. Just make sure they're well supported in a bra that's fit correctly. This will keep the strain off your cooper's ligaments, which are what keep your breasts off the floor.

S. -

I TOTALLY understand what you're talking about!!! I was a 36 full C before my first child and a Double D after the her. Then I had my second and I'm still a 36D but they sag so bad -- I HATE IT! I have no idea what to do. I never EVER thought I would think about having surgery but I'm not sure if I can go the rest of my life like this. Not because of what other people think but because of how I feel. My husband still thinks they're great -- thank goodness, but I hate the skin on skin feeling. I will never get implants but I'm considering a costly lift someday. Who know! Anyway - I feel for you. We are amazing for what we do for our kids and families!!! : )

try eating peanuts and papayas- they increase breast size!

If you want to have boobs that are pre-baby perky, I honestly think surgery is your only option that will work for sure. I have the opposite problem - I went from a 36C (which was perfect, I thought) to a 36DD. Sounds great, except that in reality, they are DD and saggy, with stretch marks (because at one point during breastfeeding I was a 40FF). UGH! They're so gross. I've been bugging my husband for a boob job since our youngest was born.

So, while I have not located any non-surgical solution to the saggy, boobs issue, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone! Hang in there, sister.

I don't know how to get them back but just so you know, it wasn't the breastfeeding that did it to you- it was the getting pregnant- once that happens the breasts begin to change in preparation for nursing, even if you never do it they will still fill up with milk and the muscles will change.
Some women get larger after nursing, some get smaller, some stay the same. Mine stayed pretty much the same smallish flappy things they were before LOL. Yes it can make you feel a little nervous at times but eventually it comes down to accepting your body for what it is - it may not be easy but once you come to terms with it you'll be a lot happier.

Believe me, I want mine back to. But I settled for a good push-up bra from Victoria's Secret. At least when I'm out in public no one else can tell that my once fabulous boobs bear little resemblance to the shriveled up remnants of what's left!

Breastfeeding is so great but takes its toll on our bodies. I don't think you can get them back without surgery just know that you have given your chiulfren the best start ever and try to be happy with your body.

This is a problem I can't relate to, as our family has always been 'blessed' with too much in that area. I have to agree with the person who suggested you might want to be happy with the smaller size. My poor mother suffers tremendously with pain after years of sagging breasts. The weight of them has made such a mess of her shoulders that she is in constant pain, and at her age there is nothing more to be done for the problem. So, I'm giving you another perspective on why you might not want to complain about your small size. I actually think that if you are just patient, you'll find you'll gradually return to your original size anyway.

I am in the same boat!!!! I stopped nursing my second son 6 mon. ago and have been left with much smaller, deflated breasts. I was a 34 c and now a 34 b-maybe....nope, nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to call the surgeon.....which down the road, I am definately considering. I never thought I would be one to say that, but I cant believe how insecure I feel now. I dont like to look in the mirror when I get out of the shower, turn away from my husband when I change, and get dissapointed trying on clothes. I know it was all for good doing. I would never have given up breastfeeding, but I get bummed out pretty often. Good luck girl!

I am winding down the breastfeeding of child number 5 with each child I felt the way you do, but in reality I never did lose a cup size, just the fullness. It is sad, but you just need to look at your baby and think of how the sacrifice made your child healthier and stronger. It will help you deal with your mommy boobs. Those padded push up bras are nice.

PS if anyone tells you about a non surgical solution that actually works, could you copy me in!

Congratulations on your baby.

I feel that by doing the chest machines at the gym that mine have improved a little. By working the muscles underneath it makes them a little perkier. Doesn't make them bigger though:(

Well it depends on what size you were before breastfeeding. If you were an A before then you will return to thatIf you were a C and now you went to an A... well gain some weight! lol
You can build the muscles underneath the breasts. Chest flies and chest presses will do that for you.

Bras with some padding. Victoria Secrets has a great bra...Angels Secret Embrace. that will help lift and give a great fullness. Also Le Mystere has great bras with lift and padding. Its Oprah's fave bra.

also, once I started doing push-ups, my boobs look better!

Dear S.,
Oh, the joy of boobs and the things pregnancy and nursing can do to them. I never had very big ones and with my first baby, when my milk came in, it was the shock of my life! My boobs were HUGE! I literally did not own one single thing big enough to go around them. I had to borrow Daddy's shirts until I could get some things to fit. I have to say, I was not happy. My back hurt so bad from the extra weight on my chest that I couldn't even stand to lift up my baby. I couldn't bend over to change her. I had to lay her on the edge of the bed and get on my knees to do it. Fortunately, they went back to normal with both babies. I remember thinking, "How do women live with these things and why in the world would anybody want them so big?"
My best advice is to make sure that you have a good bra. I have a friend that absolutely hates wearing bras. Believe me, with time and gravity, at 45, there is no taking back the clock. Boobs will head directly south. I always wear a bra, every day, and during the summer, I can wear little tops and halters without one and my boobs are still where they're supposed to be. Treat yourself to a trip to a store where they will properly fit you. A bra that fits correctly can be quite comfortable. I have some that I even sleep in sometimes if we are staying with friends, etc.
Love your body the way it is and take care to give proper support even if you are small breasted. When you are pushing 50 and you can wear spaghetti strapped dresses and tops, you will be thanking yourself.


I'm sorry to tell you that there is nothing you can do. Breastfeeding takes a toll on your body and your breasts just suffer. I had nice perky B size breasts before I nursed for a year. They are now a saggy A. I am in shape and work out five days a week. No amount of chest presses or flies are going to make your boobs perky. Sorry. It is what we do for our children. My suggestion, come to terms with what you have and buy a really good bra!


sorry they will never feel the same. I have breast fed 3 and you just never have the same feel. You have altered the breast tissue. But you have given your child a great start in life.

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