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Breasts After Breastfeeding

I had my son when I was 19. I breast fed him until he was 11 months. He's 15 months now. I was a full b small c cup when I got pregnant and got up to a full d when I was nursing. I'm not overweight And I'm 5'5 I thought since I was so young my body would bounce back fast. But now my breast look like saggy deflated bags with no firmness or perk whatsoever. And in a b cup again. Help?

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Its just a fact of life, sorry to say...it happens to most of us...I personally chose to have breast augmentation after having my children.

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It's not the breastfeeding that does it, it's being pregnant. (I have friends who didn't breastfeed, and they have the same issue! Plus a lot more baby bottles to wash! LOL) It's all part of being a mom. I keep telling my husband I want a mommy makeover at the plastic surgeon, but he laughs. As if I'm kidding.

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On the upside... it's not the nursing... it's the being pregnant and having your milk come in. I've know several women who couldn't nurse (cancer treatment, and one adoptive), and their breasts did the mum-dive as well. The glands change while preggers, and then they blow up twice their size (or more... mine were each bigger than my head and weighed over 30lbs each) in a couple days as milk comes in... and hormones have made all of our joints loose (aka the tendons and ligaments, which also support our breasts). Then when the milk glands go back to "normal" size... they have so much more room inside the stretched out skin and loosened tendons and ligaments. Deeeeeeflate.

Talking with docs who have known a LOT more women that I have, it's pretty universal. Nurse or not... the breasts take a major hit in most women. But the hit comes in the first 9 months + 1 week after birth.

On the upside, bras take care of the extra skin problem. Not a lot can be done about extra belly skin. So if your belly bounced back... put a GIANT grin on your face.

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Breastfed Boobies and their post milk state have nothing to do with breastfeeding. Genetics, poor support when young (aka free-boobing it, exercise bras, non-underwire) and pregnancy weight gain and drop is what can damage breasts.

I have nursed for 6 YEARS and counting, and my girls still stand at attention as a small C without a bra when I get out of the shower (though they are always supported). My mom always had me in underwire, from the second I started getting boobs.

My mom is 60, nursed for nearly 10 years and has the best set of knockers I have ever seen. And she is 60!!!!

I have a friend who never breastfed a single day and her boobs are down to her belly button and she is only 35. She never wore decent bras in high school.

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Go to victorias secret and buy yourself the bra that adds 2 cup sizes. Thats what I did!! I breastfeed my duaghter for 17 months and mine are not where they use to be either. Its just the fact of life. Look at it on a positive note, you gave your son the BEST food and nutrition!!! And he is so happy and healthy bc of those boobs!!!

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I really think it has more to do with pregnancy then breastfeeding. I was 22 when I got pregnant and I was a B cup, then I got up to a large C during pregnancy and breastfeeding ( I only breastfed for 4 weeks) and afterwards was a small A!! My boobs were nothing like they used to be, saggy and deflated is how I would describe them. I am pregnant with my second and they are back to a C, I am scared to see how their gonna look after this one!! I am actually considering getting a boob job in the future but that is something I need at least a few years to think about.

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Check out this website: theshapeofamother.com. There are tons of pictures of all kinds of mother's bodies, and great support from other moms who are struggling with their new body image after giving birth.

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It has taken me years since nursing my first child to get back to a point that they look 1/2 normal again. Your body still needs time to get back into shape.

Your story is almost identical to mine. It wasn't until this year, 2 years after stopping nursing that the stretch marks and battle scars of nursing have gotten almost undetectable. I was only able to nurse my second child for 3 months, her brother for a full year, but those first months are really the hardest while your body accommodates your supply, etc.

Luckily, you're young, and your skin has more elastin in it than does most of ours in our 30s. Your ability to rebound will be aided by your age in combination with your genetics and how well you take care of yourself as Kate mentioned.

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I'm not sure, that I agree with others. I've never met someone who breastfed, that was happy with their breasts immediately after breastfeeding stopped. I myself, could not breastfeed for medical reasons. My breasts are the same know and my bottle feeding friends, have said the same thing. That's really beside the point, though! Short of a lift, or enhancement, I'm not sure there's much you can do. Perhaps, investing in a good push-up bra?

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