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My Breasts Have Shrunk a Full Cup Size!

help! I have a 5yr old son whom I breastfed for about the first 10 months. My breasts went back to normal after that. I also have a 1 1/2yr old girl whom I also breastfed for the first 10 months, but my breasts have since shrunk/shriveled from a full C to barely a B! I don't understand how that happened (my gyno wasn't very helpful in giving an explanation) and I'm wondering if my breasts will ever return to what they were before and if there is anything I can do to help them along (non-surgical). Thanks for any encouraging advice you can give!

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Thank you to everyone for your responses! It's comforting to know that I am not alone and this is not abnormal. I guess I will stick to doing push-ups, suck it up and buy new bras and learn to accept my new (smaller) breasts. :o)

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Sorry to tell you the exact same thing has happened to me. My first child my breast bounced back right away my second child not so much. I went from a full C to a B and it has been three years and they have not come back. I breast fed both my children for exactly 12mths.

I have two children, both breast-fed (now 13 and 15), and went down a cup size with each one. I saw an article once with a diagram showing how breastfeeding does in fact lead to smaller breasts in the end--something about how when the milk ducts fill up, they push aside and break down the fat cells (?) in the breasts, and when the child is weaned, those cells can't regain their former size.

Interestingly, I recently went back on birth control pills after many years, and my breasts are now noticeably fuller than they were...

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My daughter is almost 5 now, but I've been all over the place with bra sizes. I'd always been a full/dense 34 D before she was born...We did nursing for 15 mo. during which a 38 C non-underwire felt better...then when that was over I loved my little B boobies. They weren't droopy, just not full, and I loved fitting into clothes better! Now I am back up to filling out a 34 D, espessially when I am PMSing. My husband has loved exploring the changes over the years. Just take it as it comes, and make sure you get Mammograms if your Dr. says its time or if you notice changes that you're not comfortable with. You know your Boobs best!!

I think the only way to get boobs back is to get implants. The same happened to me and i try to think of it as a good thing. We gave our baby's amazing nutrients and maybe one day it will help them ward of Cancer. I also try to laugh at it. I'm 28 and have boobs like that have shrivled up and can fit in some A cups. I was a D when I had milk in. It's life I think. But can't wait to see if anyone else has a way to fix this so I could have perky ones again. Sorry but you may just have to deal with it. But much worth. Vanity or Health

Girl I've been there and it's sad. Before I had my first child I was a C cup. During my pregnancy, I went up to a 36EE. WOW! I was happy to lose that after birth but there went down ever more. After my second child they went down even more. Like you! Since I've been on BC they went back to my C cup but once I stop taking BC they went back down. I don't know what to do. I refuse to get implants because I like to stay real as possible. So if you find a cure let me know. Thanks!

Yeah, no woman gets off scott free (or whatever that means!), and no one has a choice aside from surgery. Exercise is great, but won't change much b/c boobs are fatty tissue which just continue to soften as we age. Even the little boobies will head south eventually.

Sucks, huh? Us ladies really get the short end of the stick in the aging department, don't we? Guess those are our war wounds for being able to give the gift of life. I try to look at it that way and try not to look at myself too much!! ;)

I'm sorry I can't tell you anything encouraging. I have not heard of a case that they go back to what they used to be, even slightly. Either live with the fact, or run to the surgeon :) Good luck. Those are the payoffs for having kids and b-feeding them.

my husband and i make fun of what we call my boob sac's...I used to be an overfilled D after nursing 5 boys I could tuck them in my belt(not really)...I'm now a small C and always a pushup bra!! :)

It happened to me as well.
I went form a C to a B.
Breastfeeding helps you loose weight, but pregnacy shrinks breasts.

Also, don't listen to celebrities.
They just get implants and a breast lifts when this happens.
Regular women use push up bras and join a gym.

Weight training has helped keep my breast perky.
Push ups, pull ups etc.
Your breast have already shrunk, they don't have to
be droppy as well.

Thank God, I don't have that.
I'd rather have small firm breast than large droppy ones.
Just MOH.

I lost a full cup size after i weaned my son. but I also lost about 12 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight after I weaned. If you weigh less now than you did before you had kids, that might be it.

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