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How Long Is Too Long to Wait for a Front Tooth to Fall Out?

My 6 almost 7 year olds son's front tooth is just a little loose, it has been this way for almost a month now. I would call to ask his dentist, but they are procedure happy, and he has already used his dental allowance with our insurance. I will take him if I need to but just want to see what the "normal" time would be before I called them. He doesn't complain about it and it isn't discolored, its just sort of wiggly!
Thanks for your help!

***Just a little more info, this isn't his first tooth he will loose, its his third. The other two were the bottom two that are next to each other, and those were loose in the morning and out by the after noon.

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once they start to get loose it takes my sons teeth about 3 months to finally come out. He is fine. :)

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Oh God.
When it's so loose it's flapping when he talks and it looks like he could swallow it any moment, it's time to get that thing out.

I have a pretty strong stomach, but nothing gives me the hee-bee-jee-bees like a floppy tooth barely hanging on.
It sounds to me like it needs to loosen up more.
Believe me, you'll know when it's loose enough.

My son wouldn't let me anywhere near his first flappy tooth so one day, I dared him to bite my finger and he did. I pulled my finger out and out came the tooth. He never saw THAT coming!

After that, he wasn't afraid it would hurt anymore.
Once they get that loose, it doesn't hurt.

Good luck!

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So long as his permanent tooth is coming in as it should, he'll be fine!

Had to have little one's two bottom teeth pulled - the permanents came all the way thru well behind the baby teeth! Ugh! But now, they have moved up into their proper places w/o any help! Yesss!!!

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Have him wiggle it more!

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once they start to get loose it takes my sons teeth about 3 months to finally come out. He is fine. :)

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my daughters teeth take FOREVER to fall out. Her first tooth about 6 months ago was wiggly for about 3 months and I had the dentist take a look at it and she just pulled it out right then and there. Her 2nd tooth was wiggly for about 2 months and she was able to pull it out on her own. Now she has her top tooth loose and it's been wiggly for about a month already, but is no where near ready to actually come out yet. She is 6 1/2

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I was almost 7 before I lost my first tooth too. I let them get lose on their own to the point that they were literally hanging by a thread of skin. My parents would always tell me to start working them lose then we'd pull it out. I refused and did it my way. I'm not sure if that's the reason I never needed braces or if it has nothing to do with it but I'm the only one in my family that never had crooked teeth.

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it will fall out eventually. if it starts to hurt or give him other problems then i'd take him, but for now I wouldnt worry. I remember having one of my front teeth loose for about 2 months before it finally got to that super loose falling out stage.

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I am a dental hygienist and we just tell the parents to make the child wiggle it. While they are watching tv, riding in the car, etc. They will usually come out on their own. Just tell him to keep wiggling it :)

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