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6 Yr Old Just Lost Her 7Th Tooth. Is That Too Many?

My six year old just handed me her 7th tooth that fell out. She has 2 bottom ones that have grown back in, but FIVE empty spaces in her mouth. She has been guilty of wiggling them in the past, and I wonder if she is still doing it. I used to catch her wiggling them, but I don't see her do it now. I don't think she is, but yeesh, isn't 7 a lot of teeth to loose already? This tooth barely bled too. Does that mean it was ready to come out? I thought kids lost teeth by biting into apples and finally pulling them after they were hanging by a gory thread. ;o)

Is that too many missing too soon?
How many teeth have your kids lost

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thank you for all of the replies. They were VERY helpful. It looks like there are plenty of kids her age who have lost the same amount of teeth. Thanks a lot!

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my child is 5 years old and she lost 4 teeth, I look at every tooth to see if there are cavities, and there are not, so I'am not concernd, also there is a german saying the sooner the teeth fall out, the sooner the kids are out of the house lol

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Speaking as a Dental Assistant as well as a Mom ... all of these stories are completely 100% normal. The "baby" teeth are essentially training wheels as well as space savers for the "adult" teeth. None of the primary teeth will wiggle or come out until it's time for the permanent tooth to begin coming in to replace them. I've seen cases where the child wouldn't wiggle the baby teeth (my son included) and the permanent tooth came in behind the baby tooth. When this happens, the child will have a Dentist assisted extraction in his / her future.

The main things you need to be concerned about are:
1) Keep the teeth clean. Mom and Dad need to help brush and floss all of the teeth until the child is at least 8 or 9 years old.
2) Kids don't see the need to brush more than once a day. They NEED to brush a minimum of 2 times a day with the most important time being right before bed time.
3) Soda (or pop), Sunkist, Lemonade, Kool-Aide, fruit juices, milk are the worst possible bedtime drinks. If he / she is really thirsty, water is the best answer.
4) Soda (or pop) is the leading cause of tooth decay. Sadly it's quickly followed by "baby bottle" tooth decay. Here's a link with a few pictures of bottle rot. http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=baby+bottle+rot+...

Do yourselves a favor. There is an experiment that we had to do in Dental Assisting school that I think *everyone* should do.
1) Get 3 glasses of equal size and 3 chicken leg bones (need to be raw bones) of similar size.
2) Put 1 bone in each glass.
3) Label the first glass "Soda" or "Pop" and fill that glass half way up the bone with your choice of soda / pop.
4) Label the second glass "Vinegar" and fill it half way with your choice of vinegar (pickle juice will work in a similar way).
5) Label the last glass "water" and fill it half way up the bone.
6) Let the glasses sit for 24 hours untouched. After your 24 hrs is up, take the bones our of the glasses and see what each liquid has done to them.
7) Imagine those bones as teeth.

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My 7 year old lost 3 teeth in one weekend. He happened to have a dentist appointment the next week and the Dr. said " You might as well try and get out that other little one" He encouraged him to play with them if they felt a little loose. So I think all is well. They won't come out till they are ready and every kid looses them at a different pace. :)

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My son is almost 9 and he's lost 5 so far.....

I don't think there is a rule to how many teeth to lose by a certain age is normal....

Some lose teeth sooner, some later....

My oldest had teeth really late and I was concerned too at first, but the pediatrician and our dentist assured me that it's ok.....

Don't worry about it, just try to keep her from wiggling it....

If she's got too many teeth missing for a longer period of time (until the big girl teeth have actually pushed through), her teeth could start to grow crooked.....at least that's what I was told by my dentist.....

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my 6 year old is desperate to loose a tooth :) LOL but the dentist said because she got teeth late she will loose them late too. They are barely the tiniest bit wiggly (mostly with dental tools) and dentist said she will probably still have them at next check up in september.... but once they loose one they rapidly fall out. My son is 11 and still has several baby teeth to lose. Unless she injured herself and knocked them loose then wiggled- i don't think she could loosen them to falling out on her own. If so- my daughter would have been toothless at 4- she has been wanting to lose a tooth ever since her brother 1st did (she was about 2 or 3).
If you are super concerned call your dentist (or any dentist and just ask).
Hope this helps :)

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my child is 5 years old and she lost 4 teeth, I look at every tooth to see if there are cavities, and there are not, so I'am not concernd, also there is a german saying the sooner the teeth fall out, the sooner the kids are out of the house lol

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All kids teeth grow in and different rates and all kids teeth come in at different times...I totally wouldn't sweat it. When's her yearly check-up? Just ask the dentist next time you go, if your still worried then.

My son lost 6 teeth when he was 5...he is now 6 and still has 4 empty holes and the 2 that have grown in, just started and are only half way in.

My son took a line dive to the mouth (first day of T-Ball) and it loosened the top 2 and bottom 2 front teeth. It killed one of the top teeth and myself and the dentist decided to just go ahead and pull the other 3 because even though they weren't dead, they were not likely to tighten back up. Then when the bottom teeth started growing in they came in crooked and squished so he needed to pull the 2 teeth on either side to make room for the big teeth! It was a lot for my lil guy to deal with...but he still loves baseball! :) My rambling point being, baby teeth have their own schedule, don't fret...they are supposed to come out...eventually!

Oh, yeah...I was a "leave 'em til they were hanging by a gory thread" type of girl and I had completely repressed the utter and total grossness of dealing with loose teeth til it happened to my oldest...I hated it, was scared of it and always asked my big sis to pull out my teeth because I was too chicken to do it myself!! Be glad your daughter doesn't seem to have an issue with dealing with them, lucky girl!

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They usually lose 8 pretty close together... the 4 top and the 4 bottom... and then later on start losing the others (canines, baby molars, etc.)

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My daughter lost all 4 top and all 4 bottom in when she was aobut 4 1/2. He Easter pictures the Spring before she started Kindergarten we had pictures made and it was funny to see how gummy she was. It entirley depends on when the teeth come in. My daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. Her daughter got her first tooth at 4 months. She has all 8 gone right now and she's 6 1/2 years old.

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