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HELP!! My Son Has a Big Tooth Coming In..

My son and I were just looking at his baby teeth and he has a huge tooth coming in behind two baby teeth..I know the simple solution is to take him to the dentist..BUT his baby teeth are not loose..Anyone else ever had that happen to one of their kids??
Im going to call the dentist..it just looks weird.

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welp..we went to a dentist and a pediatric dentist..the first dentist said yes, and my soon would not cooperate and then the pediatric dentist said that she wanted them to fall out on their own or the molars and such would push forward and he wouldnt have room for his bottom adult teeth to come in..we have 2 shark teeth now..and have lost one baby tooth.

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I also have 4 boys and I always hated to see their new teeth come in and baby teeth come out. Their whole looks changed. That just happened to my 6 y/o and I freaked out as well. His mouth is so small. However, it all works out as they continue to grow and the baby teeth eventually loosen up and come out. Don't stress out and haul him to the dentist unless it is painful for him.

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My son had two teeth coming in behind. My wonderful dentist told us to just start wiggling those baby teeth. Put ambesol on them and wiggle. Because the adult tooth is coming in, the roots of the baby are dying off. Just put ambesol or oragel around the teeth and start slowly wiggling. They will loosen up and before you know it, they will be out.

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My almost 6 year old daughter has the same thing, although her baby tooth in front of it is a little loose. We brought her in to the dentist and he basically just said to keep wiggling and working on getting the baby tooth out. We're supposed to go back in 6 months for a recheck. The permanent tooth is coming in quite crooked, but he said it may straighten out once there is more room for it.

P.S.- It's called "shark teeth". My daughter thinks it's fun that she has a shark tooth.

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We just had this happen with my 7 yr old daughters 2 front teeth. The baby teeth will usually fall out and make room for the permanent teeth. The permanent teeth may come in behind the baby teeth before there loose but after the baby teeth fall out the new ones will move forward and go into place=)My daughter's permanent teeth have pushed through behind her baby teeth and she currently has 4 front teeth, lol, looks funny but her dentist says it's very normal. If the baby teeth dont fall out on there own then you should call your childs dentist. I hope that eases your mind a bit=)

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They will usually pull the baby teeth because if the baby teeth don't come out asap that permanent tooth has a high likely hood of coming in super crooked and messed up which can mess up the rest of his mouth. If you want to save him from needing braces or messing up his other teeth I'd have them pulled.

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Hello! My daughter is seven and she just had the same problem. She is a late bloomer when it comes to teeth falling out. She lost her first, a bottom tooth last December and her second this March. She lost her first, then got one growing behind her fallen out tooth and her loose tooth right next to it. I brought her to the dentist right away but he said that this is fairly common and the loose tooth would get looser, told her to wiggle it like crazy and if it didn't fall out on its own then he would pull it. So, tell your son to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!

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This is normal. My older son lost both of his front teeth when he was 4 1/2. They were his first and second teeth lost and they happened one day apart. The cause: the permanent teeth were coming in and "pushed" them out. I didn't even know notice the new teeth until after the baby teeth fell out! (He never had that cute little gap that most kids have.)

It's now 6 years later and we are still having the same "problem". He just lost a tooth last evening (finally!). When you looked at his mouth, you could actually see both teeth at the same time--one behind the other. It was really weird looking!!! ...and this was the second time that this same thing happened (once on either side of his mouth.)

I had taken him to the dentist for his check-up in February and asked if we should have the baby teeth pulled, but our dentist told me that it was not necessary, that the tooth would come out on his own. He was right!

Good luck and try not to worry!

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My daughter had the same thing, but there were two teeth there. I took her to dentist and they ended up pulling the bottom four teeth. What happens when you end up with teeth like that is the secondary tooth that is coming in is not able to dissolve the roots on the primary tooth. It is not in the socket. My daughters teeth moved into place eventually as we had them removed soon enough, even though she did have two sets of braces, the sooner it is taken care of the less problems later. I have a student whom I teach that I really had to convince mom to get her in as she had six teeth in the front (three primary and three secondary), this not only affected her teeth, but her speech as well. Hope that you found this helpful. D.

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My 6 year old just went through the same thing! One tooth fell out on it's own and the big tooth is coming in fine. The one next to it, he did have it pulled and the dentist said that his tongue will eventually push it forward. It does seem to be moving forward. Thank God!

Just to update, as it has been a while. My son's tooth did move forward, and it was a very quick process! Now we're dealing with a tooth that wants to come out, one of his top two front teeth, that's sort of creating a weird gap! Poor thing!

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My 5 year old just lost her first tooth. I was brushing her teeth one night and noticed a tooth coming in from behind the other one. It freaked me out. Sometimes the baby teeth don't get loose before the perm start to grow. Wiggle his tooth everytime his teeth get brushed in front to help loosen it. What happens is the roots don't dissolve fast enough. It is ok and I think my daughters tooth feel out about 3 weeks after I noticed her tooth. Her tooth too was huge.

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