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Hair Barretts That Stay In

I need some recommendations for cute hair clips, barretts, bows etc that will stay in baby fine hair.
My girl is almost one and has enough hair now to put something in it. What works? Where can I get it?

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There are really cute ones at the moms to moms that work great in fine hair. What you do is put velcro on the clip it stays in.

Hello S., Clear Caro syrup!! I used it to keep bows in my girls hair when they were infants. It drys clear, is non toxic, and shampoo's out. It should help hold barretts also. Good luck.

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You have already gotten a lot of great responses. I too put a "rubber band" (nicer than that though, they sell them at Wal-Mart in the baby section) in my daughter's hair and then put the clip through the hair in front of that. I have a online baby and toddler store were we sell a number of adorable "clips". www.BabyMacDesigns.com/haac.html
We have flower clips (in 3 sizes) and well as bows and korker bows, much cuter than what you will find in the stores. You can order them online, and use the free shipping code for Mamasource customers "mamasourceFS".

I read in Parents magazine a little trick....you know the no- slip liners that are made for cupboards and drawers? If you cut a small piece and hot glue it to the inside of the barrette it will keep it from sliding out. I haven't actually tried it but it sounded like a great idea to me, so I thought I would pass it on. Good luck! M.

Hi! JenJen Bowtique sells bows for infants, toddlers, older girls. I have a 2 month old who is a baldie. I love her bows and hair clips because they are so cute and they stay on! She has a website http://JenJenBowtique.com and she's also on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/JenJenBowtique


Hello S., Clear Caro syrup!! I used it to keep bows in my girls hair when they were infants. It drys clear, is non toxic, and shampoo's out. It should help hold barretts also. Good luck.

Hi! Both my girls had fine hair. What I used to do is first put one of those small rubber like pony tail holders in their hair, then attach the barrette or clip in front of it. They always stayed in. We have bought all gymboree stuff forever, and the hair clips and bows always work with this method. Good luck!

I used little bows with velcro on them...it worked great. I know you can find them at Sears, and also on craigslist.com. I found they didn't hurt the child either when she pulled them out :)

I use the no slippy hair clippy. They are clippies with magnets along the inside. Really works for my daughter. She has fine hair and has been using them for a long time.

I think they are called alligator clips. I believe I got mine at 2CuteBows.com or something like that. I had the same problem and these stay in fine, unless by daughter pulls them out.

A friend of mine in IL makes her own hair bows and sells them online. She started making them b/c of her daughter having the same problem you're talking about. I don't know exactly what she does, but you can add a "grip strip" or something like that to any of her barretts and they stay in baby fine hair. They're adorable! Her website is littlebugbows.com Happy Shopping!

I also had the same problem, but I found some bows that work pretty well (once in a while they will come out especially if they pull on them). You can find them at expensive botique stores (not my idea of bargain shopping) but go figure, I also found them at Walmart of all places. You can find them in the baby clothing section, not the adult toiletries section. There are six in a pack, two of each, pink, purple and white and they have like a pincher type clip in the back (that is the best way I can explain it). You might just have to go look. They are like $3. Good luck.

Check out The Hair Bow Depot


Try wrapping a very small rubber band around the clip on the barrett. The rubber helps to hold the hair. I did this for my daughter from the day she was born (19 years ago). Enjoy every minute, even when you're wondering why. It goes by so fast!

CLIPPIES!!!! You can get them at Target! With the baby stuff, not in the beauty aisle. They stay in ... as long as baby doesn't pull them out that is. Nothing can hold up to a girl who doesn't want something in her hair! I know!! ha ha ha

You can also make them yourself... but mine never quite turn out as neat and tidy as the bought ones. If you make them use the aligator clips, and sticky sided ribbon (typically used for scrapbooking). In addition, you add some fun foam to the underside that would 'hold the hair'. You can take a look at them at target so you know how the ribbon goes.

My friend makes awesome clippies that she sells online. She even sells to boutiques out of state. They are very reasonable and stay in great. Check them out at


If the above link does not work go to www.etsy.com and do a search for everyday clippies and that should get you to her site. If you've never shopped on etsy before, get out your credit card. They have amazing items for sale, all handmade. Like Ebay but better. Have fun!

I think you will like them. Email me if you have any questions

There are really cute ones at the moms to moms that work great in fine hair. What you do is put velcro on the clip it stays in.

I think the alligator clips stay in best. I had the best luck finding mine online (Ebay). Try doing a search for alligator clip bows, etc. You'll find tons and then just have to try them out. Some are fully lined and tend to stay in better for finer hair (but they are a pain when more hair comes in). My favorite seller (best selection, pricing and so nice) is an Ebay store called Emily & Maggie. Check it out.

HI, I make hair bows, barretts, clippies, and I know how to keep them in fine hair. I even have clippies just for fine baby hair. If you are interested I can email you some pictures, and prices. I live by 15 and Van Dyke.

Try the metal clips that "pop" open and then "pop" shut or little rubber bands with a clip over them!!

I got headbands with LARGE bows that slide into an opening at a Mom 2 Mom sale (they are new...she was just there selling). A lot of boutiques sell them and you can google hair bows and a ton will come up. the headband gets pulled off now (Isabel is 10 mos)...but the bows stay in. Be sure to find something large enought that she cannot swallow if she pulls it out.

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