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Bows or Clips for Baby Girls W/ Little Hair


My DD is about to turn 1 and still only has the mohok thing going on with her hair. She has a little bit of length on top but that is it. I am not a big fan of headbands. My daughter was a preemie and we don't shop much as I do not take her out much during RSV season so I really don't know what is out there or where to go.

Where can I find a small bow I can put in her hair for a picture? Or is there some secret to fastening a bow? Where can I find baby girl hair stuff period? I think a clippy might work but they are ugly.

Thanks for your help.

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Wow! Thanks for all of your advise! There are great ideas here!! I had heard of using KY before but I did not know if it worked that well. I will let you know what I decided to use. It is for her picture being takin in a couple of weeks. Still gotta find the outfit. : )

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The No Slippy Hair Clippy has a lot of cute styles. And, I can say from experience that they really do work!

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Kid 2 Kid has a million bows. Ive been putting them in my daugther's hair since she was a new born!

Go to Claires in the mall. They have these like velcro bows that are perfect for kids with little hair.

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The No Slippy Hair Clippy has a lot of cute styles. And, I can say from experience that they really do work!

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your little miracle!!

Secondly, you have received some GREAT links and advice from the other mamas! I love the No Slippy Hair Clippies, too.

My dd had NO HAIR for a year, so I was in the same boat. (Fear not, she is three now with hair all the way down to her behind!!!)

Anyway, I became the expert at bows and began making my own, but I don't make them anymore. The way I attached them REALLY worked and didn't cause any problems for my dd. Of course, each baby is different, so you may have to experiment.

I used acid free double sided Scotch tape. The kind you find in the scrapbooking departments. I used a tiny piece of tape on the back of the bow and attached it to the hairless part of her forehead, just below the hairline. It was too cute and stayed on forever. I often had to add hot glue to the back of the bow (and let it dry to a flat surface) so the tape would have a way to stay attached to a smoothe surface.

I hope that helps!!

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karo syrup works to hold a small bow in place. If you use a blow dryer for just a second, it will hold it in even better, too.

Good luck!

Kid to Kid on 407 on Highland village next to the Village Grill has a huge assortment of cute bows. Bigs ones a tiny littles ones. Make sure to get the alligator clip ones, they work best with "no Hair". Sometimes you can get the bows that have a strip of velvet on the clip, those really stay in the kiddos hair. Hope this helps you.

If you know how to tie a bow just buy some thin velcro, cut to fit and sew to the back. I got the velcro bows at babys r us but I don't know if they still have them. They worked great.

My MIL is a labor/delivery nurse, and they use a drop of KY Jelly and fix a little bow to that. It works great! My DD was bald for the first year too, and this is what I would do when I wanted a little bow made of ribbon to stay in her hair.

In the hospital nursery we used KY jelly for those babies with little to no hair. Works great and washes right off when you want it gone.

I saw one suggestion already for Kid to Kid, and I am going to definitely second that recommendation!!! Their bigger bows are great for older kids who already have a lot of hair. However, at least the one on Hwy 377 in Watauga/Keller, has a bunch of tiny little bows up at the front counter that stay VERY WELL on babies' hair. I had the same problem with my now-one-year-old daughter and these bows really stay (unless she pulls them out, of course :) ).

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