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Daughter Doesnt Want to Wear Costume.

This past weekend we took my 21/2 year old daughter shopping to get her halloween costume- we told her she could be anything she wanted but she didnt want to be anything. She just wanted to go home- I dont think she got scared -she asked what the masks and other scary things were and she didnt seem afraid of them at all, when we told her they were monsters or masks or whatever she would make a spooky booo noise and that was the end of that. Well, anyways, I took her back today to a different place and we got a costume and I wanted to try it on and she refused, she fell to the ground screaming and banging her head on the ground. It isnt a scary costume- it is a disney princess, which she normally loves. So I bought it anyway and was wondering if you guys had any ideas, to get her to at least try it on let alone wear it on halloween. I know she will have fun once she puts it on it is just a matter of getting it on her. I have tried bribing with candy and more cartoon time but no luck there. Any ideas would be appreciated. Soory for the long entry.

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I let her play with the costume and use it for dress up and she actually put it on, so maybe on Halloween when she see's everyone else playing "dressup" she will wear her costume. Thanks for all the great advice.

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When you have one on one time, try putting on a princess movie, disney movies are good for that. Then you get dressed up and play make up with her. Doing all this may help her get excited on dressing up.

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I have the same problem. My plan is to dress up too.


Typically, little children (especially girls..I have 3 of them) go through that phase of wanting to establish their independence by them doing or "wearing" the opposite of what you want them too. I have learned with my 3 that if you give them options (only 2) then they are more apt to at least do something you want them to do and, at the same time, making their own decision. Another suggestion would be for her to only wear the pieces that she likes and you can do some face painting (to make it fun) or put a small amount of make up on her to make her feel pretty (maybe some glitter hair spray...you can get at any grocery store). I would act very excited each day that Halloween is coming up and only the children who dress up in their costumes get candy then ask her if she is excited and ready for it...you can then sneak in the question of which costume is she going to wear!

I hope this helps. My 3 daughters that have 3 different personalities. I have tried all of these methods and they all have worked at one time or another.

- R.

Hi. I know just what you mean Y.! My 2 and a half year old son will absolutely not wear his adorable lion costume at all! He absolutely refuses and starts crying when I get it out! I don't know what to do. I don't want to buy another one because I'm afraid he won't wear that one either!

Have you tried playing dress up. Give her a lot of outfits to choose from and let her play with it. I had to do this with my middle daughter last year. We also did a fashion show so that she would be comfortable. After that it was hard to get her to take it off.
Have Fun! :)

Hi, Y.

I have a little one who did the same thing until I started letting her play dress up in it "on her own time". I tried to force her to put it on and wear it but she would not have a thing to do with it, until I told her she could play with it. She enjoys it now and well of course it is not as pretty as it was in the store, but heck it is only one night of fun for the children. I wouldn't force it on her though, let it be her choice and if she wants to wear it good and if not don't make her.

Hope this helps.

Same here. I didn't make a big deal over it. I didn't make him wear it last year and when he saw his little brother getting all ready to go out trick and treating he decided he wanted to go in his costume too. I had told him he could go trick and treating without it and he was fine with it until he saw everyone else getting dressed up. At this age they don't understand it's a once a year thing and maybe they just don't feel like getting dressed up. Maybe your daughter will change her mind at the last minute too. If not, there are many more Halloweens to come.

It may be a power-struggle for her. Sometimes, I think the more we seem to want them to do something, the more they resist. Maybe try acting like you don't care and see if she shows any interest.

When you have one on one time, try putting on a princess movie, disney movies are good for that. Then you get dressed up and play make up with her. Doing all this may help her get excited on dressing up.

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