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Bday Party - How to Write a Thank You If You Don't Know What They Gave

My daughter recently turned 6 and we invited everyone in her class to her party - even the one girl that she says is mean to her. Almost the whole class came and had a great time. Two families left early, including the 'mean girl'. After she left, we opened presents one at a time and I wrote down who gave what (or so I thought....). At the end I had presents for everyone except the mean girl (who was very well behaved at the party and both her and her mom seemed nice) but since she had left early, we have no way of knowing if she bought a present or not...or what she bought. Parties are about fun and celebrating - not presents. But I am big on thank you notes - how do I write a thank you to the mean girl when we don't know what she bought, or if she bought anything at all?

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We made a card that thanked her for coming to the party and remarking on what fun everyone had. No mention was made of a gift (or confusion about one!). Thanks everyone for your advice.

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You could just write a thank you for joining in the celebration. Something like that should be fine and may even get rid of a little meanness.

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My suggestion would be to be as vagely general as possible. Thank you for so much for coming to the party, hope you had a good time, I enjoyed seeing my friends outside the classroom...

Perhaps there's a reason they left early...

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Since she invited everyone in her class and you have a gift noted from everyone but her, I assume there wasn't anything left over to help narrow it down. Perhaps she didn't bring a gift, perhaps it got mixed up. Either way, just thank her for coming. I usually know, but when I'm not sure, I just have my daughter write something like, "Thanks for coming to my party. I hope you had fun!"

My oldest daughter is 8. A few years ago, we were at a good friend's party whose family is from Mexico. They said that growing up, they believed it was rude to open gifts in front of kids at a party. They open them later as a family, but at the end of the party, they pass out little wrapped gifts to each child instead of goodie bags (they fill their own from the pinata!). With each gift is a little note card that just says, "Thanks for coming to my party!" That IS their thank you note, but if her daughter is exceptionally thankful for a particular item, she will send another more specific thank you note later to the child. We started doing that, too. I've since been to SO many parties now where the gifts are opened after the party. I love it, as mom of the birthday kid, because I can be sure to write everything down and not be rushed if I'm keeping track of who gave what. The kids also seem to love having the whole party time just to party! It also saves the embarrassment of your own kid not being excited about a gift or harmlessly saying, "I've already got this" or worse, something really negative! I enjoy getting a thank you, and I feel they are important for my kids to give whether they're at the party or afterwards.

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How about "Thank you for making my day special and helping me celebrate". That's what we did for our wedding cards that had gotten either detatched from gifts, or didn't come with a gift at all.
Good for you for putting so much importance on thank you notes! It's a great courtesy that is often overlooked!

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With my son's birthdays we always did a generic thank you with a picture of him thanking everyone for coming and how much fun he had. That way whether or not a gift was brought, everyone received a thank you note.

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I would have your daughter write the note, which gives an excuse for keeping it short. She could say something like, "Thanks for coming to my party. It was fun to have you there!" If she did provide a gift, her mom might contact you to confirm you got it and you can always fess up that a gift wasn't recorded from her child.

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You could just write a thank you for joining in the celebration. Something like that should be fine and may even get rid of a little meanness.

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"Thank you so much for coming to my party and making it a really special day! Glad you came!"

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just have her thank her for coming to the party and spending the time with her and comment that you are sorry they had to leave early and say that you hope they had a good time!

Hi S.,

I think you write a nice thank you note thanking the little girl and her Mom for taking the time out of their weekend to come to your daughter's party. Say something about how them being there helped make it a nice party and that you appreciate them being there to help celebrate.

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