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Wording for Thank You Notes

We had a birthday party for my daughters a few weeks ago and I've been struggling with the wording for the thank you cards. The reason being is that my daughters opened most of the presents without me being next to them, mixed up all the cards and I haven't a clue what gifts some people gave. I would usually put in 'thank you for the doll' or whatever item the gift was, but being that I'm clueless on who gave what, I'm not certain how to word the thank yous. Any advice would be helpful!!!

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Thank you all for the great input. I ended up sending out thank you cards with a generic 'thanks for the generosity' and then stated that them coming was really special to us. I also had the kids draw pictures to make it a bit more personal.

Thanks again!

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I would just write Thank you for coming and sharing this special day with us. My daughter (her name) realy enjoyed the wonderful gift that you brought her.

In a similar situation I usually use, "Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift," and focus the rest of the invitation on thanking the guest for coming to the party and sharing in my son's special day. I will usually end with a "Thanks again." I think guests (especially if they are parents) understand that sometimes the details get lost in all of the excitement. I also think it's nice to focus on the people and the celebration, rather than the present.

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Just be honest...thanks so much for spending the time with us...add a funny note about what really happened.
Chances are most of your guests are moms too and have been through a similar experience.

Just use something like "your presence and generosity meant so much to us both."

just say thank you for coming to the party and for sharing a gift - acknowledgment is often all that is necessary - if you feel you need to say more explain what happened - people usually understand the truth

Just focus on the celebration itself. Thank the people for being part of such a special day and for being so generous. Tell them what an important part they play in all of your lives and how much you appreciate them. It makes it a little more special and puts the focus on their place in your life.

thank you for the gift we are so glad you could come, or something along that line

Hi D. -

I think this happens a lot. Sometimes birthday parties get so crazy, you don't even realize the presents have started being opened already! I would just say: "Thank you so much for coming to the party and for your nice gift. We really appreciate it." - Something generic like that. OR - what I have always done is have my son write the thank you note. It sets up a good habit for him, and even before he was old enough to write, he could at least draw a picture and then I would just write "thank you for the gift" and he'd sign his name in whatever form he could for the age level he was at. It seems to mean a lot more if it comes from the child - in whatever form!

Simple wording such as "thank you so much for your kindness and generosity but most importantly, thank you for sharing in our daughter's special day".

Hope this helps.


My favorite way to say thank you is with picture greeting card. I usually upload a picture of the birthday girl at the party and order the cards from a one-hour photo place. I know it is impersonal but I just put Thank you for celebrating wih me! Love, .... My guest always love the picture and this will aviod sending a generic thank you for the gift to someone that may not have brought a gift.

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