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I am considering starting to sell Lia Sophia jewelry as opposed to going back to the office life. I have two kids, ages 7 and 3 1/2. By the time I pay out daycare/summer camp for the two, most of my paycheck will be gone. I'd love to be able to spend my summer days with them, and make $$$ on the weekends. Has anyone had any experience being a Lia Sophia consultant? I've been to a couple parties & it sounds almost too good to be true.

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Thanks so much for all the info. I have thought it out carefully & decided that I'm not really a "sales" kinda gal.

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My sister-in-law is a Lia Sophia consultant/advisor. She said that you contact her anytime for any questions. Her work # is ###-###-#### (anytime M-F 9-5pm). Her home # is ###-###-#### and her cell# is ###-###-####. She said you can also contact her via e-mail at ____@____.com
Good Luck

Sorry, her name is Chris and she does FABUOUSLY at Lia Sophia.

A good friend of mine sells Lia Sophia and it is great, if you are an outgoing person who likes to talk and have fun, this is a great way to do it! I had a party over the summer, Barb had games, we had fun and she talked a little about it, her sister got her started and Barb said in the first month she made about 1000. She said it depends on how many parties you book and things like that, but she said she loves it and wont go back to her teaching job, she gets to be with her kids and she has so much positive to say about it. If you are outgoing, go for it, if you are shy like me, it may not work! :)

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Hi J.!

As some of the responses have said the Network Marketing/MLM industry is the way to go. I worked in corp. america and quite after having my daughter. I had my own business, designing and creating Bridal gowns and after almost 10 yrs needed a change. A friend suggested MLM industry and I did a lot of research as you're doing; great place to start.

FIRST as some have said find one you're excited about and with the current economy it is IMPORTANT to choose one that's a consumable good and recession free. Find a line that people use every day...that they need and use and that meets the current market trends and make sure the market isn't saturated. I did alot of research and would be happy to talk with you and share my findings.

I got involved with a MLM less than 2 yrs ago and it has been a great experience and journey & I love the success I've experienced and owning my own life/setting my schedule. I love helping others do the same. Whether they are SAHM's or just sick of corporate America.

Again I'm happy to share what I've learned and the research I've done. Just send me an email and perhaps we can arrange a time to talk! Good Luck to you!
My best!
D. M.

Hi J.. I have been a Lia Sophia advisor for a year now and I love it! I started my business when my daughter was 2 months old because I didn't want to have to go back to work (I am a nurse by profession). I was able to take my daughter with me to my shows up until she was about a year old and got to be too mobile to watch at shows. Now I do my shows on the weekends around my schedule and she can stay at home with my husband. It has been a fabulous business for me. I picked Lia Sophia because I didn't have to carry any inventory, it was easy to learn how to do (I had been to several shows and kind of knew the "talk"), I don't have to do any customer service (in terms of return/problems, etc) and the jewelry literally sells itself! I also wanted to do this in particular because there is no minimum monthly quota that you have to reach in order to stay active, which I needed since I had a new baby. So if you decided to take a month off in the summer to play with your kids, you can! Another reason I picked doing this was because I could make money right away, which I needed if I was going to stay home. I've been involved in network marketing businesses which are great, but they take some time to build up where you're making enough money to support yourself. I make an average of $200 per show and right now I'm doing about four shows a month. Each show takes approximately 4-5 hours, so that's not bad for the work you do. We usually say that in 4-6 shows a month, you can make about $1000! You make 30% of the total sales, so that can really add up. Then, once you have people working underneath you, you make 10% of their sales as well, so there is some real income potential. I have someone new starting under me, so I'm excited to have my paycheck increase. It's also really a fun job. I am a stay-at-home-mom other than this, so I really like having the chance to get out and socialize with other women and have fun looking at jewelry. And I've met some really neat people too. I love having the flexibility to work this business around my own schedule. In terms of the jewelry selling itself, one of my first shows was for my neighbor and even though my daughter slept through my presentation, she woke up after it and started screaming (she had colic). Well, all the ladies were walking her around seeing if they could calm her down while I took orders, and everyone still bought stuff and I made almost $200! The jewelry looks much better in person than it does in the catalog, so once people see it, they love it. In reference to the comment earlier about the quality not matching the price, Lia Sophia has a lifetime guarantee on all their jewelry, so if for some reason it breaks, you can send it back. And since you've been to some shows, you know that there are specials all the time, so if you take advantage of those specials, it is reasonable. Now, you mentioned that you thought it was too good to be true. I also thought that at first too. It is a wonderful business and a fabulous company, but with any business, there are challenges. My biggest challenge has been getting shows, and everyone usually goes through a slump like that. But you find a couple new friends and go from there. It also takes a little while to get "in the groove" and feel comfortable with yourself and your presentation. It took me awhile to not feel nervous with every show, but that has passed and now I just have a good time. Even the times when I really don't feel like doing a particular show, I get there and have a great time. You also will have some bad shows where you don't make much money, that's inevitable, but then there are the shows where you make $300 and get three more shows! So everything evens out. So, I didn't want to give you all the good and none of the bad. I have had a great experience with this company. If you have any questions or would like to chat some more, please feel free to check out my website at http://www.liasophia.com/csherman, email at ____@____.com or give me a call at ###-###-####. My group also has an informational meeting coming up which might give you more of a feel of the business and the people. Also, if you don't have an advisor that you're planning to sign up with, let me know and I would be happy to get you started and help you every step of the way. The company recommends that you do your first six shows in five weeks to get yourself a strong start and like I mentioned, after that, there is no monthly minimum. I offer to my prospective advisors, that if they do their first six shows within three weeks, I will personally refund their start-up costs, so you it won't even cost you any money to join! Anyway, just thought I would let you know my experience. Please feel to contact me anytime and good luck with whatever you decide! C.

Wow J. you got a huge response, mostly from people who are doing network marketing. I am involved in two network marketing companies. I am not here to tell you mine is best, but let me tell you what I learned from my experience. I love both companies, and am still working with both. The problem with the first is that it was very prevelant where I live. meaning too many people represent it and it was hard to find new clients. The next company is something new, it is so much fun to be the first to introduct something to people. My advise it to be aware of how many people in your area already buy it from someone, and I would also advise to a consumable product. You will have people ordering every month without having to do another presentation for them. I love network marketing, but realize you need to be self motivated. If you have any other questions please ask. I have learned a lot, and would be happy to share the mistakes I made and hope to help others not make the same ones. Also, be a product of the product. If you love it, use it then people will feel your passion and excitement. Good luck, and read the book your first year in network marketing, very important!!! M. M ###-###-####

I recently found a great new online jewelry and accessory store that allows me to work from home and I am obsessed. I never have time to host parties since having a child but Kitsy Lane allows me to work from home in my spare time. I made a great boutique with MY personal jewelry picks for my friends and family to choose from. It has been so easy to use and the commission is great. If you’re thinking about signing up, use my invite link: http://bit.ly/10VY4GQ

check out premier designs
my friend does it
sharon kelley

A good friend of mine sells Lia Sophia and it is great, if you are an outgoing person who likes to talk and have fun, this is a great way to do it! I had a party over the summer, Barb had games, we had fun and she talked a little about it, her sister got her started and Barb said in the first month she made about 1000. She said it depends on how many parties you book and things like that, but she said she loves it and wont go back to her teaching job, she gets to be with her kids and she has so much positive to say about it. If you are outgoing, go for it, if you are shy like me, it may not work! :)

Hi J. -

I have 2 home busineses and I absolutely love them both!!! I am an Independent Distributor for Homemade Gourmet - www.homemadegourmet.com/cherylbass815123; and I am also a Tupperware Consultant - http://my2tupperware.com/cabass.
Both offer great opportunities and flexible schedules! I'd love to have you join me....
C. Bass

I have never sold jewelry but just wanted to let you know I went to a Silpada jewelry party last Friday & was very impressed. Most of the items are silver so although I own some Lia Sophia stuff I would buy more Silpada.

Hi! I am a lia sophia advisor and have been for about a year and a half. While businness started out great, it has since slowed alot. Now most of the reason is my fault...I have been pretty lax about drumming up businness. Alot of ladies in my group are doing wonderfully, and really making good money. The best way to make money in this work is to become an advisor, then bring in new recruits under you. You would then get a percentage of their sales, plus your percentage of your sales, which raises slightly when you have people under you. My problem is that all the people I sold to in the past are burnt out on jewelry. Since it lasts forever, alot of my people only want so many rings or necklaces. BUT, I did want to tell you that we have been having Tastefully Simple parties, and I would probably go that route if I had to do it again. I believe you don't have to keep inventory anymore, and since the product gets eaten, the guests are always in the market for more, so I would imagine you would get alot more repeat customers for a longer period of time. Plus the food is really good! The good thing about lia sophia though is that you get to keep your samples should you choose not to sell it anymore, and when they discontinue pieces, you get to keep those too! So I have a nice collection in my own jewelry box now!!

J., I am a lia sophia unit manager and I absolutely LOVE it. If someone hasn't gotten back to you yet, or if you need more info on the company or what it takes, please contact me. It really is a great company with an amazing product.
lia sophia jewelry

Well I would say a Direct Selling business is the way to go if you want to stay home AND somehow earn some money!! I choose to work The Body SHop At Home and have been VERY successful. The reorder business is excellent. Shower gels, face care, skin care shampoo. All superior quality at a low price!

The kit investment is low and you can use all the products.

Check out my website.


If you want more info on it let me know I would be happy to answer questions.

About Lia Sophia... well the jewelry is beautiful, however, I feel overpriced. At first I thought the qulaity wsa great.. I am highly allergic/sensitive and never had a problem with their pieces!! i bought several items because of this! Then after about a year i have found that the quality isn't there anymore. Whatever coating that protects my skin wears off in about a year. They do offer a lifetime guarantee that I have had to use several times, this is nice. Also I had a bracelet break the clasp and of course if its missing there is no guarantee. So if a friend had a party I would go and maybe get something small for a kid but I would not buy the product again.

They also don't have a reorder business which the body shop at home does have.

If you love the product and are excited ... go for it. With all these business' I don't feel you have anything to lose you usually get your investment back in product so if you do it and don't like it then you have some nice pieces right? I have never looked into it but I assume you get a lot of jewley in the kit investment.

Good luck on the quest!!

Hi J.!

I have an aunt who sold Lia Sophia for a while. Needless to say, I have quite a bit of Lia Sophia jewelry. I'm not the biggest fan. The cost and quality don't really match. BUT if you really believe in it and you think that you can get people other than just your family and friends then it could be a good career move. I have another relative who has sold many different products and didn't really swear by them - except for one. That's the one she stuck with and was successful with. I think that's got to be the key. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Hi J., I used to sell Lia Sophia Jewelry. I only did it fir about 6 months. As direct sales companies go I would say that this is one of the best. You make good money. My only advice is to be very into your shows. The more excited you are the more you will sell. Whatever you do, do NOT get into Mary KAy. I am currently "selling" it and I have wasted so much money because you have to carry an invetory. Check out WAHM.com and go to the Lia Sophia site. The girls there will be very supportive and answer a lot of your questions. Good Luck and I think it's a good company.

I love their stuff and think they offer good opportunities for consultants but depending on where you are and how long Lia Sophia has been around you may find the market saturated...in my smaller city most people have their fav consultant who has almost marked out a territory-meaning a lot of people won't go to parties that aren't hosted by the consultant they are loyal to which I totally understand. If Lia Sophia is new to your area it would be a great idea to try at least.

B. (I have hosted three Lia Sophia parties and love their hostess deals!!!)

Hi J.,
I am a little late in respondind to this but wanted to be sure that you were aware of the direct selling company that I am invovled with. It is AtHome America. I know that we have a great start up plan and we are comprable to the other direct selling businesses. If you would like to check out my products go to www.athome.com/jennivondra.
I also agree that you need to love what you sell, I absolutely love AtHome America. Not only have I decorated my house but I can anjoy staying home with my two boys. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to e-mail me.
Good Luck
J. V.

While I do not have experience with Lia Sophia, I have a friend who used to sell Longaberger and through discussions with her, I have learned a few things about what one needs to do to be successful, and what one should consider before investing in the opportunity.

Make sure you have a TON of friends and family who have a TON of friends who have disposable income to spend on the jewelry. There are only so many times you can hit up your friends and family. Will you be able to convince all your friends to let you come and throw a party that has enough invitees who will open their pocketbooks and buy your wares? Unless you're planning on doing a lot of hustling, don't count on making a mountain of cash. However, it is definitely possible to make some extra spending cash. Just like baskets...keep in mind that people only need so much jewelry, so you'll need to constantly be searching for new sales leads.

She sold Longaberger for 5 years and had an awesome 1st year, but then as each year passed her sales decreased by about 50%. Her advisor above her basically asked her to go back to being a customer because she wasn't "bringing in enough money". Be wary of total strangers who want to bring you into the company, because don't forget that they will make a percentage of your sales and of course they will tell you how great it is...because they want to make money off of you!

There are a lot of companies out there to choose from but in my opinion, you should choose one that has consumable products - something that is used on a daily basis so you get repeat business. I'd love to tell you about a new company, Votre Vu (french skin care) that is launching in June. Write back or visit www.votrevu.com to learn more. If you'd like to reserve your spot (but decide for sure later), my ID is 5940.

Again, whether it's Votre Vu or some other company, I would highly recommend one with consumable products. Good luck!

I will give you the BEST advice anyone can... when you look at joining a company YOU need to feel confidant in the products, their pricing and who you will be selling to.

Check with your friends FIRST make sure this is something they will want to host a party for (and if not WHAT are they looking to host parties for) in all due honesty MOST women who work from home successfully have no less than 2-5 companies that they rep for...

Why? because when one business is slow another one will naturally pick up...

It just depends on what people IN YOUR AREA want... I myself have a total of 5 only 2 of which I work off line one is party based the other is not...

I myself looked at Lia Sophia and found it was a company I myself could not say this product is worth it's price... but that is just my opinion...

I know several women who are with them and successful and others who are not as successful it all depends on YOUR views... either way good luck and if you ever want to chat more with me please feel free to send me a message or hit me up on YIM at giftsgalore60534


My sister-in-law is a Lia Sophia consultant/advisor. She said that you contact her anytime for any questions. Her work # is ###-###-#### (anytime M-F 9-5pm). Her home # is ###-###-#### and her cell# is ###-###-####. She said you can also contact her via e-mail at ____@____.com
Good Luck

Sorry, her name is Chris and she does FABUOUSLY at Lia Sophia.

Hi J.,
Unfortunately, I've never attended a Lia Sophia party but since you are "exploring" the possibility of building a home based business with them, I was just wondering if I could get your appraisal of my business? There are three business overviews [each 30 minutes long] taking place today at the following times.

1:00pm {webcast included}

Will either of these times fit into your schedule today? If so, please let me know the best way to reach you 5 minutes prior to the start time of your choice. If you choose the webcast, I'll need to provide you with the online instructions.

Thanks J.!


Jewelry is non consumable. This would not be a good source of ongoing income for the average person. My husband and I are left corporate America over 10 years ago. If you want advice, view my profile and you can contact us on what we call the truth. What is and what is not! Everyone can say theirs is the best but until you get out a calculator and view the company’s annual report, do not make any decisions.


Hi J.,

Don't know if you'll see this post, but just in case:

Arbonne is a consumable product and if you are looking to beleive in what you sell, this should be on your list. I am not a consultant, as I have my own business, however one of my closest girlfriends is. She is also in pharmaceutical sales & is thinking of doing Arbonne on a full-time basis. My family usees their products (yes, including my husband) and we have all been very pleased w/ them. I have sensitive, oily skin & it is far-beyond much better than Pro-active. My daughter has some itchy skin on her legs-- gone! My husband loves the men's skin-care for it's moisturizing properties & I have other friends who I've turned them on to the product, just because it is SO great. All 100% pure w/ no chemicals or harmful ingredients. You can explore at Arbonne.com; I hear the money is pretty sweet too! Good luck & feel free to contact me should you want to attend a party or conference (____@____.com).

Best wishes,

Hi J.!
Good for you for checking out the options and feedback on the businesses...I also have a business, with PartyLite Candles, and I truly believe Direct Sales to be a fantastic way to make money and keep your flexibility. I also believe that you should choose a product that you love..and as someone else mentioned, a consumable product is helpful because you can get more repeat business!
I have been with PartyLite for 8 years and have consistent income, and a continuously growing business.
Questions to ask on ANY direct sales business....What is the investment cost? What kind of training and support will you receive and does it cost anything/where is it?
What level of business are you expected to maintain and for how long? What happens if you don't maintain it? Is there potential for increased commission?
I would be happy to answer any questions for you! I think having your own business is a great opportunity-feel free to check out my website www.my.partylite.biz/sherryelkins to see a little about partylite, or contact me directly to talk about direct sales! Good Luck! S.

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