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The 5 Minute Cure to Your Kid’s Snotty Attitude

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When you ask your child to do something, does she respond with a rude tone of voice and sarcasm? You are the parent and do not have to put up with unacceptable attitude from your child. Take back control in a loving way with the 5 minute cure to your kid’s snotty attitude and back talk.

Step One: “Check.”
When your child says something to you in a rude tone of voice, say “Check.” This is a quick way to give him a chance to improve his words with no consequence given. If he can correct the tone of voice when you say, “check”, move on with your day.

This correction by the child has to be excellent! Don’t take a half-correction here, or rudeness will continue. He needs to re-say the phrase in a respectful and kind tone of voice.

Step Two: Hold My Hands.
If your child was not able to correct himself after a “check”, hold your child’s two hands in your two hands. Look into his eyes and say, “I want you to complete a 5 minute chore for me now. Do you know why that is?” Your child needs to make eye contact with you and explain the reason.

Do not skip this heart connection.

Step 3: Do a 5 Minute Chore.
Your child needs to do a 5-minute chore to make up for the energy drain her negative attitude has had on your day. Keep these chores short and simple. The goal is not a huge task but a quick reminder that sarcasm isn’t tolerated in your household.

You can choose the chore, have your child choose a chore from the list, or give your child the choice between 2 chores.

Here is a list of 5-minute chores we use at our house. Feel free to use this list or make up your own.

The Kid’s 5 Minute Chore List
Sweep the kitchen floor.
Wipe out the inside of the microwave.
Clean the kitchen sink.
Clean the bathroom sink.
Clean the bathroom mirror.
Vacuum the stairs.
Clean scuff marks in one spot.
Clean the outside of the refrigerator.
Wash the table.
Give Mom or Dad a 5 minute back rub.
Carry dishes to the sink after a meal.
Put away 1 basket of laundry.
Change 1 load of laundry.
Clean all the doorknobs in the house.
Clean windows of front door.

Sara Borgstede is a writer, speaker, and 100 pound weight loss success story. She and her husband parent 5 children and were foster parents to 35 others.

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