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On Using Nair... Again... For the First Time

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In the last gasp of warm summer weather, I decided to take my kids to the beach. They could frolic, and I could watch them from the comfort of my beach chair.

Seems idyllic, no? But the one thing I had to wrestle with, was the giant afro between my legs.

Usually, my ladyland is neat, tidy and fresh as a newly bathed baby. But lately, I have… let myself go. Chalk it up to the stress of divorce or general laziness, but the fact remains there is an out-of-control jungle in my pants and your average machete won’t be able to get rid of it.

I tried to think out of the box. I didn’t want to shave because razor burn always looks like an STD, and as a single woman, that’s something I must avoid at all costs if I ever expect to get my kitty pet.

I could wax, but I have never waxed my nethers and frankly, the thought makes my clitoris invert. Yes, I have survived two vaginal births, but when the tape holding my IV in place was removed, I unleashed stream of invectives that never sprung to my lips while I was in labor. So, I really don’t think I am a good candidate for waxing.

What’s a girl to do? I certainly couldn’t scare the other beachgoers with what I was smuggling in my bikini bottoms. I decided to turn to an old friend my teen years… Nair.

You remember Nair. It smells like rancid roadkill, burns your eyes, lady bits and everything else it comes in contact with.

Sadly, it also didn’t work very well. You’d leave it on for an hour, and end up removing three pubes and some random cat hair that had been stuck to your thigh. But, I was between a rock and a hard place, so I figured I would give it another shot.

I pulled the tube out of the box and it was exactly as I remembered it. Suddenly, I was a teenager in southern California buck naked in my bathroom, grooming an area no boy had seen and wouldn’t for many years.

Layering the cream onto my errant hairs, I realized how far I had let myself go. I mean, it was bad. My poon could have starred in a 1976 porn film… and been given a Porncademy Award for its realistic portrayal of a disco dancing vagina.

No. I decided to bring my bits into the present and caked on a little extra of the spectacularly putrid depilatory.

Since I had some time to kill, I poured myself a glass of wine and walked around my living room waiting for the moment I could wipe away my sins with a washcloth. Giving it a couple extra minutes, and another glass of wine, I gave my labia a little rub down, not really expecting too much to come off.

Oh. Sweet. Mama. The hair came out in clumps, some of it singed beyond recognition. WHAT THE #[email protected]%, NAIR? What did you do to the recipe? Add Hulk-like steroids? Am I going to be forever bald when the horror of your product is wiped away from my body?

When it was done, I couldn’t bear to look at myself. I knew it would be hideous. HIDEOUS.

I forced myself to look… and there it was… a perfect Brazilian landing strip ready for some sexy Latin man to, um, gaze upon and stuff. I even managed to get my undercarriage perfectly smooth. I was so relieved, and shocked.

I am a walking Pinterest fail, and somehow I took a catastrophe, ripped it from the clutches of failure, and made a beautiful little island of pubic hair.

I felt pretty gangster as I stripped off my shorts at the beach. I wanted to throw my vajayjay into the faces of the beach goers and say, “Do you see that? No! You don’t! Because there is nothing there! MUWAHAHA!”

Instead, I sat on my beach chair, watched my kids frolic in the water and silent praised Nair and my magical vagina.

Carrie is the voice of Ponies and Martinis. She is slowly losing her mind while loving her kids and three petite dogs. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, read her blog.

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