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30 Life Lessons, Learned in 30 Years

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I️ turned 30 over the weekend. Apparently, this is a year and age of importance. Honestly, I️ don’t feel much different. I️ did find a grey eyebrow hair, but I’ve been greying since 19 so not a big issue. As I️ keep telling everyone I️ already have everything I️ want. I’m married to the perfect man, with two perfect boys and we just bought a house and have the dogs I’ve always wanted. Not much complaining here. I️ am back in school at 30. That’s weird, but it’s leading to an exciting career. Totally worth it! Either way, I️ wanted to share some life lessons I️ have learned along the way. These are personal to me, but you may find them relatable as well.

Year 1- Yell, scream and cry as often as you can. There’s five kids here already. You’ll need those lungs.

Year 2- Cute works. Smile goo goo and dazzle all those around you while they think you’re adorable.

Year 3- Eats all the foods. I’ve seen your pics from this age. Aces, my friend. Aces.

Year 4- Stop daydreaming about how fun school will be. Run wild and free, wild and free. Jump the walls, climb the rope and enjoy being a kid.

Year 5- School is cool!! You’re only doing half days though, CTFD. Keep dancing in front of the tv and singing along to Beauty and the Beast. That’s the really fun stuff!

Year 6- Welcome to glasses. You’re going to be blind. This is NOT exciting.

Year 7- It’s okay. No one looks good in their school pictures.

Year 8- You know nothing about life. Making decisions and becoming baptized in a religion are so far beyond your understanding. It’s okay to not understand this until you’re older.

Year 9- Keep those friends close. Life’s about to get hormonal and crazy.

Year 10- Scratch that. Kudos for standing up to everyone who wanted to bad mouth the teacher. Yeah, you’re a suck up, but you stood true to yourself! You rock!

Year 11- New friends are awesome!! Always remember adding new friends in your life is a way to open your world.

Year 12- Welcome to braces! Yep. Glasses and braces. Yep, you spend your lunches in the library. It could be worse.

Year 13- Yes that kid totally threw the football at your head on purpose. Twice. Middle school sucks. I promise it gets better.

Year 14- Goodbye braces and glasses!!! It’s party time! Hormones are going to make the next few years a wreck. Though you might feel alone everyone deals with this phenomenon.

Year 15- Welcome to high school and dating! It’s a weird time. I have no insight. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Year 16- Keep focusing on school. Boys can wait. Alcohol makes you so dumb and you can always, always, always call your parents to drive you from a friends home.

Year 17- Omg I told you boys could wait!!! Stop wasting so much time on them!!

Year 18- Hooray!!! You are 18!! Now, dump that douche and remember if you break any laws that stuff will stay on your record forever.

Year 19- You still know nothing. Be nicer to your parents. In fact, living with them and saving money wouldn’t be so terrible. Just go to AZ in a year so you can meet your husband.

Year 20- Don’t drink alcohol, you moron. It’s not legal. You’re gonna do stupid things.

Year 21- Hooray!! You’ve got an awesome guy and are in San Diego. Enjoy life and travel!!

Year 22- Condoms are your friend. Actually, forget that you have the coolest kid ever. Just save money for this big upcoming surprise.

Year 23- Alright, you started your family a bit earlier than planned. It’s okay. You have the best kid in the world and will be eternally grateful.

Year 24- Postpartum depression is a real thing. Got the help you need.

Year 25- You’re not going to enjoy any career in the medical field. It’s okay. Start taking those teaching courses now.

Year 26- Always, always be thankful for your family. All of them. Visit as often as possible and do not miss important events like your brothers wedding. Someone will give you a ride!

Year 27- Hooray for baby #2! Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

Year 28- Remember your friends as well. You need each other. Be thankful you have the best boss in the world. You’re going to miss working for them.

Year 29- The internet is not the end all, be all of the world. Social media is great and so is writing, but stay true to your feelings. Don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you. It’s what makes our world unique.

Year 30- Remain grateful. You have a wonderful family, the best husband and two amazing children. Not to mention some kick ass friends. Along with your parents, siblings, their kids, in-laws and all of their friends, who love you just as much. Never take them for granted and stay true to yourself. Outward looks are not what is important in this life. There is still so much to discover and explore, get out there!! Enjoy your life!

Sarah Jean is the mother of two boys and a part-time nanny. She loves to care for her children and others every day. Her previous experience as a nanny placement coordinator has given her much insight into the modern American family and their childcare needs. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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