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Updated on May 29, 2010
A.D. asks from Spring, TX
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Hi ! I am a stay at home mom and have recently been playing with the idea of starting a website business, like a children's boutique , and have no idea how to get started. If anyone has an online business and would like to give me some pointers as to were to start I would greatly appreciate it.


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answers from Minneapolis on

Have you searched the internet? Try google for "start a website business" and go from there. Also, check what's available at your library. There may be a "for dummies" type book you can check out.

Another thing you can do is go to Amazon or Ebay and there is information on getting started with selling.

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

I highly recommend Aletha McManama, WordPress Website Creation Online Workshop Series. She is an expert on using Word Press to use as a website. Using and she is having a 60 minute free seminar and will answer your questions. visit and sign up:

Aletha, has happened me set up my updated website and taught me alot.

Thanks, K. Allen

Redesign Consultant

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answers from San Antonio on

You need to start by registering your business with the State. Then you put together a website. There are programs online to help you organize a website or if you want a really good one, then you can hire someone to design it for you. You will probably to need to pay a web hosting company to advertise so that you can draw attention to your website and then just wait to see if you make any money. Good Luck.

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answers from Austin on

Here are some great business tips on the Office Depot site. I've been listening to their free webcasts. The one just done on branding is really good. I'm a graphic designer and it was very helpful for me to get this info to help my clients. Here is the address:

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answers from College Station on

Yes, please register your business with the State Comptroller's office (see and look for the link "Sales Tax Permit Application". It is free (as far as I remember) to get the permit. You just need it to run a business in Texas. As far as I know, your tax id is your Social number, though I seem to remember that I received a Texas permit id number. You will use the number to report sales tax. Even services like mine, fixing someone's computer, is taxed!

It's not hard, just keep the paperwork on file. Keep copies of invoices. Keep track of what materials you buy, etc.

As far as starting something online, you could start simple with a web page on or on Like or (tutorials for a personal yahoo web page is at )

Getting a site to advertise with would be a simple first step. If you are ready to actually sell online, I also suggest looking at

Good luck!

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