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Go on a Family Vacation Even Through It Isn't Perfect?

M.W. asks from Billings

I just need a little help sorting through a dilemma. Our family never goes on vacation because money is tight and my husband's business allows him little time off. ...


Destination: Missouri (Any Opinions on Where for a Family Vacation?)

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies- Well, we've decided to take a summer vacation to Missouri. My kids keep begging me to take them to Florida and right now, it's just not going to happen....


When Making Kids Pay for Toys Do You Actually Take Money?

V.T. asks from Washington DC

So my daughter wanted Minecraft for the iPad. It's a $7 game. We told her that she would need to do chores around the house to earn the money. She did great. She ...


What Do You Pay Your Babysitter?

J.K. asks from Dallas

We have two children (7yrs & 5yrs). The babysitter was asked to feed them (we ordered pizza), make sure they brushed their teeth, then put them in bed. They were in...


Going from Working Mom to SAHM, Ways to save Money??

R.S. asks from Dallas

We are trying to pay off some bills so I can soon be a Stay at Home Mom. Has anyone done this? Were you glad you did? Also, does anyone have ideas on how to reduce ...


Who Should pay...the Ex or Me?

J.J. asks from Boise

My ex and I have three boys. He is currently living with his fiance and her two boys. They have our boys every other weekend and one evening a week. My question is th...


In Home Daycare - to Pay or Not to Pay?

M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have two children in an In-home daycare and it isn't working out, they have been there for 2months now and things just keep happenin! Example, telling my children ...


How Much to Pay?

S.A. asks from Portland

Hi everyone. I'm starting a new job here in a few days and a friend of ours has agreed to watch our kids (ages 7 and 4 months) one night a week for us. At first we ...


Travel Agent

A.K. asks from Omaha

Does anyone use a travel agent anymore? My husband and I are planning a trip for our upcoming anniversary. I was wondering if anyone of you even use a travel agent to...


Airplane Travel

M.F. asks from Salinas

We will be traveling from California to Denver for Christmas with two year old twins. Just turned two. They will have their own seats on the airplane, Southwest Airli...