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Updated on December 04, 2012
A.K. asks from Omaha, NE
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Does anyone use a travel agent anymore? My husband and I are planning a trip for our upcoming anniversary. I was wondering if anyone of you even use a travel agent to do the work for you or if you do it yourself via the internet? We are wanting an all-inclusive beach type resort. I'd rather not have to fuss with getting a passport so something domestic would be great. We were thinking the Virgin Islands....not sure. Thoughts???

Also for those who have been, which is better, Hawaii, Carribbean or the Virgin Islands? My husband is not a swimmer so we won't be snorkeling, we just want to chill on the beach and have a few drinks

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answers from Omaha on

I live in Omaha and I use Grace and Enchanted Honeymoons. I LOVE her. I rely on her for every out of the USA vaca we take. As a matter of fact she just booked at 10 year ann. trip for me and my husband and 3 other couples. I have been using her since my honeymoon. She is GREAT!!!! She has always been able to get way better deals then I do looking online.

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answers from Albuquerque on

My mom and sister use travel agents, and I don't. The last two trips my mom has taken, the travel agent has made all sorts of mistakes so transfers to hotels were scheduled at wrong times, there were additional charges on an Alaskan cruise, and other problems. And my sister just got back from her honeymoon where the travel agent found the exact same price as I did online for the hotel she wanted (all inclusive beach), but booked her on awful flights super early in the morning, and got their return date home wrong.

All in all... I'm sure travel agents work for a lot of people, but I can find the same deals by doing the research myself and then I'm confident in exactly what I'm getting.

If you want to go to the VI, check Tripadvisor and you'll see all sorts of reviews of all inclusive beach vacations. If you've narrowed it down to one area you should be able to plan this easily!

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answers from New York on

Since you are not sure where to go, I'd definitely use a travel agent. They will use their knowledge to not only recommend a great vacation but get you the best prices, too.

And it certainly can't hurt to use them - it won't cost you anything.

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answers from Rochester on

We love Maui!!! We have been there three times and are planning to go again this April. The beaches are beautiful, and no matter what you like to do, you can probably find it on Maui. It is a little pricey, but well worth it. Definitely pick up the book Maui Revealed. It has great info and reviews of everything you can think of. Whale season is my absolute favorite time to go (Nov-Mar).

We used a travel agent when we went to Africa because she was able to give us the most up to date info about passports, visas, and advisories. But that was 12 years ago and the Internet wasn't as good. We always book on our own and rely a lot on suggestions that we get from friends and family.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We went to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica in October (Sunset Grande in Ocho Rios). Here's the agent I used: Afton Wright @ Midwest Travel Service ###-###-#### ext 211 or
She was a great help!! or


answers from Boston on

We still use them - very helpful because they do have info on hotels which is more up to date and more objective than either individual hotels' websites or the offerings of Priceline, Hotwire, etc. I definitely use those sites, but I also use AAA travel. We're AAA members anyway for our cars, and their travel agents are helpful and trained. AAA has inspected many hotels and rates them with a specific set of criteria, so you know what you are getting. That doesn't mean you have to do a 5-star hotel - it just means you know what you are paying for.



answers from Washington DC on

We have twice, on overseas trips. Both were suggested by friends who were happy with them, but while I think the agents (especially the second one) were nice, they didn't always admit when the trip was out of their scope. While the one did get us some neat apartments that I would never have thought to look for, she was a pain in the butt. What we did not realize til later was that she was also outsourcing the trip to someone in the UK, and we ended up having to check her work so often that we might as well have done it ourselves. In the future, we will not use an agent. Our honeymoon was OK except for the "oh, your car is 40 miles from your fancy hotel and they're closed by the time the train arrives" bit, but this last one was 6AM flights with a family and car rentals that had to be returned far from either our next mode of travel or our room/apartment. DH did way too much running around. You could ask around and try it, but I'm burned on the whole thing. I'd rather make my own mistakes, and in this day of the internet, you can find packages for things on your own.



answers from Lincoln on

We book our own trips. You will be hard pressed to find a domestic all-inclusive resort. Yeah, I know, that's one of my gripes about our country! I have been to all three locations you are thinking about. It would help to know what activities you do enjoy. Maui would offer a lot of beautiful sight seeing, whale watching, sunset cruises. You would need to rent a car there. It is expensive and about the only place to cut corners would be to eat at fast food franchises, but you got to eat at least a couple a good meals out and see a luau. I have not been to Kauai, but I have heard it's nice and you would probably find more organized tours there. You will find the Virgin Islands to be more quiet, quaint, and not as many amenities. St. John's has the most beautiful beaches, but very few amenities. St. Martin is a little more happening for beach resorts, St. Thomas is really just a cruise port for duty-free shopping. You need to be a fairly seasoned traveler to get the most out of the Virgin Islands. You will find many, many more options for all-inclusive resorts in the Carribbean. If a romantic couple atmosphere is your priority with plenty of fun activities, you really can't beat the couples only resorts like Sandals. The best thing about these resorts is that you are taken care of so you can avoid bickering about choosing what to do and trying to get around on your own - LOL! I have been to most places in the Carribbean, you can message me if you have any questions about specific locations.


answers from Dallas on

We do not use agents.

However, I have worked specifically with airline, hotel and car sites (no discounters) for YEARS and I can get good deals on my own. We travel a lot for business and fun.

My theory is why pay someone to do what I can do myself just as good or better. I am very picky and expect the best, therefore I am my best agent. I would not tolerate mistakes made that could be more costly to my trip. When I book flights, hotels and cars, I know what I am getting, especially flight times. If a mistake is made, I go take care of it myself and do not have to rely on someone's 800 service who does not care about my situation to try to solve my issue.

We LOVE Maui. Our favorite time to go is around February and we love to go out on the whale watches.. The whale watcing is my favorite... they are so beautiful. We usually stay at Kapula or Kaanapoli and frequent Lahania. All 3 are close by and enjoyable. Lahania is the busiest so we prefer a quieter location such as Kapula. If you head to Maui... don't miss Mama's Fish House in Paia.... GREAT food.. pricey but worth it.




answers from Minneapolis on

I book my own US flights but still use a travel agent when leaving the country. We went to Sandals Negril last year as a reccomendation from our travel was beyond amazing...she got us all the upgrades, concierge, semi-private transfers....and we knew it was done right the first time. If I stay in the US I know I have unlimited resources at my fingertips but when I travel outside the US or travel with a group I always use a travel agent. They also have payment plans that aren't available to you when you book yourself.


answers from Washington DC on

We do both. We belong to a company that allows us to use Wyndham Resorts like we own a time share without all of the hassle of owning one. They also found and booked our cruise for us. I got our airline tickets because they had a new girl working that and she was annoying me.

We hope to do an amazing trip every year for Christmas for our kids, but we'll see if we use them to always book it or if we just go to them for the hotels.



answers from Chicago on

I haven't used a travel agent in years. It is really easy to book online, especially if you look for an all-inclusive to a popular destination. However, if you are unsure about where to go, etc a travel agent can give you great suggestions and do all the work for you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hawaii is absolutely the best. And unless your husband is phobic about water - you 100% should snorkel. With flippers and the salt water is is pretty much impossible to sink and there are plenty of sheltered coves so you don't need to be a strong swimmer.


answers from Chicago on

Yes I have friends who are travel agents, and if I have something more than just a flight to book, I ask them for help. They are better than me at finding the best deals I think. I appreciate their services.

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