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How Much to Pay Housesitter???????

D.K. asks from St. Louis

We need help in figuring out how much to pay a house sitter. A little about the housesitter, she is 19 and in college and her job duties would be to let the dogs out ...


Family Organization - What Are Doing to save Time or Keep Track of Everything?

E.F. asks from Kalamazoo

We just started using Google Calendar to keep track of kids activities, work travel, etc. My husband and I can each access it online, plus we print one each month fo...


Air Travel w/Breastpump?

L.V. asks from Washington DC

Hi ladies, I have to travel for work next week. This will be my first trip by air since my son was born. We nurse 4x/day, so it is essential that I pump and bring ...


Maui Destination Wedding: Need Help Planning, Travel Agent, Wedding Coordinator

G.M. asks from Chicago

I'm planning a destination wedding for next Feb (my great guy popped the question last May) in Maui. Neither of us has ever been so it's a bit daunting as to where to...


Anyone Know About Roku, Sony, Hulu, Etc. and What They Would Go with to Save.

S.C. asks from Chicago

I wanted to know if anyone has ditched their cable bill along with their home phone and what they use now. Also for internet how much are you paying and who are you u...


Advice on Air Travel (Do We Need a Passport for a 7-Month Old?)

S.C. asks from Washington DC

We have a 7-month old preemie (born 2 months early) who is doing fantastic. We have decided to take a trip to Miami for the weekend. The flight is only 2.5 hours so I...


How Much Would I Pay a Sitter If I Am Home?

S.M. asks from Dallas

I work from home and would like to hire someone to basically play with my one year old for a couple of hours in the mornings, 4 days a week so I can get work done. Al...


What's a Reasonable Pay for 24/7 Daycare...?

D.T. asks from Reno

Hi, ladies. Thanks for taking the time to answer this - - my daughter (23) works as a part-time nanny for four year old twin boys. (The boys have some minor health ...


If We Pay, Is It Ok to Plan the Trip?

K.B. asks from Tulsa

We decided to invite another family to join us for part of our vacation. The house costs us the same no matter how many people. They told us they are grateful to have...


Seeking Advice on Travel Agencies Vs. Airlines Vs. Travelocity! Need Cheapest!

J.M. asks from Kansas City

I am needing some advice on travel details... I have not had to book a flight in more than 10 years! I've been researching flights for 2 weeks now. The prices airline...