Tummy Time

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No Tummy Time

My girls are 4 mo and I cant get them to do any tummy time.They were born at 34 wks and very small,but now I feel they should be ready and all they do is SCREAM!They can hold their heads up when lying on your chest & sit up assisted. Any tricks to getting them to enjoy tummy time? I have tried a boppy and flat floor.


Tummy Time Questions

My 7 month daughter (5 months adjusted -- she was a preemie) has mastered...


Tummy Time Fun

Does anyone have any suggestion to make tummy time more fun for my 3-1/2...

Not walking

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Infant Walking Harness or Walkers

What is your opinion on getting an infant walking harness. The one in particular I was looking at was at the One Step Ahead called the Walking Wings. Just open for suggestions or comments here. Also, I am curious about this because my son wants to be on his feet but then he doesn't get the idea of walking yet but always want to let go of my hands and of course he's not ready yet to let go. Or even, what is your opinion on walkers.


To Walk or Not?

My husband and I were just discussing my MBA and how I need to petition to...


Walking on His Own

I have a 17 month old boy who is very independent. We have recently been...