Suicide Threats or Attempts: Tween

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My 12 Year Old Being Bullied at School

S.P. asks from Boston

My 12 year old son came home from school very emotional. He did not want to tell us what happened. He finally did tell us that he was pushed to the ground and hit by ...



D.S. asks from Minneapolis

I just learn that a good friend's 15 year old son committed suicide last night. He used to be my son's best friend. Any suggestions on how to help my 14 year old th...


Facebook for a 13 Year Old Dilema

Y.C. asks from New York

My daughter has wanted a facebook for 3 years, to which my husband and I said no. I know most of her friends are in FB, but it just didn't seem something a kid need (...


Help with My 13 Year Old Son

D.P. asks from Jacksonville

It's funny, you know what to say and do when it's not your child.... My 13 year old son is very intellegent. He is in advanced classes, mature, ahead of most 13 year ...


13 Year Old Lesbian Daughter

V.B. asks from Washington DC

My 13 year old daughter recently told me that she is a lesbian. I am overwhelmed and shocked. Never in our family it has happened. I hope and pray that it is only a p...


Very Anxious 12 Year Old Girl

S.G. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms, I need some help please. I live in the Sacramento area and I'm looking for some options to help my extremely anxious 12 year old daughter. She is phobic...


13 Year Old Son Having Trouble with Rules

C.W. asks from Provo

This somewhat goes along with a recent request I read but I thought I would add my own dilemma. My 13 year old son is a straight A student and he is getting Ds and F...


Is the Twighlight Series OK for My 10 Year Old?

J.R. asks from Tulsa

Hi everyone! My son is 10 and a half (4th Grade) but is mature for his age and is a very good reader. In fact, his most recent state test scores classified his read...


13 Year Olds Dating - Reality Check

T.G. asks from Milwaukee

My 13 year old daughter has a boyfriend (i.e., they sit together at lunch at school and talk/text), She and a friend want to go to a movie on a double date this wee...


My 12 Year Old Daugther Have No Friend

O.R. asks from New York

It is sooo hard for my 12 year old daugther to have friends since kindergarden she try hard to have friends but she has no luck, sometimes they ignore her ,most of th...