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Soccer, Baseball, Karate "Lessons"

Can anyone give me tips on getting my very energetic 4 year old son involved in soccer, baseball, or karate lessons in the Wylie area?


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Gymnastics-TX Tumblers or ASI?

Our girls want to go for gymnastics. We had them in tumbling when they were toddlers and are showing an interest again esp. after watching the olympics. I've looked on line and am wondering which gym would be better-Texas Tumblers or ASI in Keller. Can anyone tell my what you think of these gyms? I will go by and look at both of them but would love opinions. Thanks so much


Boys in Gymnastics

Hi Everyone, Ok, so I'm here to vent a little and to find out more...


Dance and Gymnastics

Please send me any information regarding a good dance school that offers...

Martial Arts & Karate

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Swim Teams

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Swim or Not to Swim

I enrolled my 4 year old into a swim class. She did this with me when she was younger. Never has had any fear of the water. We go to the beach and she loves getting wet. She was very excited to go, but when the teacher helped her in the water she was out 5 seconds later crying. She spent the rest of the class sitting on the concrete. She said she was scared. Should I continue the lessons or back off and try later?


Learning to Swim

at what age does it benefit a baby to take swim lessons? when do they...