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Stain Removal

B.A. asks from Lakeland

I am looking for suggestions for stain removal. I have a 4 month old breastfed baby who is pooping all over everywhere and I can't get it out of her clothes or my ca...


Stain Removal

C.G. asks from Chicago

does anyone know of a great stain remover? My daughter spilled a very red italian ice on a bathing suit and it won't come out. I've tried shout and kids and pets wit...


Stain Removal

J.L. asks from Austin

I have noticed lately that everything seems to stain my little guys clothing. Baby food especially!!! Any tips out there?


Stain Removal

J.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter put a blackberry in the pocket of her shirt today, the 1st time we've ever worn this shirt!! Any recomendations on how to get the stain out? I've tried ...


Help with Stain Removal

J.G. asks from St. Louis

My 7 month old is a very messy eater, as most others I'm sure. At daycare he seems to get distracted and gets food all over his clothes. They do not attempt to soak...


Help! Need Stain Removal

C.P. asks from Rochester

My son got sick after drinking a glass of strawberry milk. It threw it up all over my white floral carpet. I quickly put Bissel stain removal agent on it. Next, I ...


Stain Removal

L.C. asks from Portland

Does anybody have some good advice or recommendations of how to get stains out of clothes? My son is 3 months old and therefore has his share of blowouts or oozing b...


Stain Removal on Baby Clothes

S.I. asks from Johnson City

Hi ladies! I know there have been posts similar to this before. I was able to find one. Most suggested peroxide. Tried luck! Most of the stains on my babies c...


Stain Removal Woes

A.F. asks from St. Cloud

I am having a huge problem trying to get stains out of my kids clothing. For a few years I have sworn by the Dawn dish soap and Oxyclean paste on a stain and that wo...


Stain Removal

M.P. asks from Chicago

Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to remove the stain of Aquafor from sheets? We use that on our daughter at night and have some smudge marks on the...