Rolling & Crawling

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Child Is Not Crawling

D.H. asks from Richmond

My son is 9.5 months old. He will not crawl and he is not walking yet. He also wants to be held every evening and screams when I put him down. Has anyone gone through...


Seeking Advice About Tummy Time for My 8 Month Old

S.D. asks from Buffalo

My daughter hates tummy time. She will not tolerate it for more than 5 muinutes..then she screams and cries. She sits on her own for long periods of time. She is star...


The Next Step

S.M. asks from Houston

I have a 3 1/2 month old daughter. Who hasn't started crawling or anything. If i lay her on her stomach she might lift her head and then she screams. Even then i wait...


How Do I Safely Get Rid of Ants - Inside??

A.L. asks from Sacramento

I recently returned home from being away for 10 days to find a trail of ants running all along the baseboards inside the house. They're the tiny little ants and they...


Sleep Disrupted by Crawling

C.P. asks from San Francisco

My 8 1/2 mo old boy is learning to crawl and it's become very difficult to put him to bed at night. I do the same routine I've always done (bath, pj's, books, bottle)...


Should I Be Concerned?

N.D. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms- I have a beautiful 11 month old girl who is very content and smiley almost 24 hours a day. However, I have been a little worried about her development an...


My Son Has Stopped Rolling Over

S.C. asks from Minneapolis

My son was a little late rolling over, but rolled from tummy to back for about a week and then totally stopped. He's trying to crawl now, but gets upset on his tummy...


10Mo Old Resisting Naps, Sitting up in Crib

J.P. asks from Los Angeles

My 10mo girl recently leared to crawl and sit up in her crib on her own. When she sits up, I don't think she knows how to get back down. Up until this point, she ha...


My Toddler and the Sofa!

J.B. asks from Houston

My little man is thirteen months old and a great little walker. Well lately he has been working on his climbing skills and today he learned to get on our sofa. I wa...


Hi, I Have an 13 Month Old Granddaughter and She Is Affraid of the Floor.

W.S. asks from Allentown

I take her out of her playpen and stand her on the floor and she is fine until she looks down an realizes that she is standing on the floor, then she starts crying an...