What Would You Call This "Crawl"?

Updated on May 16, 2011
S.S. asks from Douglasville, GA
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I know every baby gets around their own way, but my dd at 9 months 2 weeks old has adapted this interesting variation of a "crawl"... what would you call it? Army man crawl? I'm not sure, it just cracks me up! In your experience, does your baby eventually crawl "for real" or is this what we've got?


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So What Happened?

Daughter is still doing the same "crawl" at 10 months old. She has been rocking on her hands and knees much more frequently, but only after getting to her final destination. She's mobile, loves to stand, can sit from a laying position... pulled herself up the other day from sitting, so I think we're well on our way, despite her strange crawling technique!

Now at 10 months 3 weeks old, she is crawling!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGhYS2UMzW0&feature=yo...

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answers from Lansing on

Yes, I would call this the Army crawl. Cute! And yes, I think most adapt to actually crawling, but not every baby I suppose.

My daughter had a crawl we always called the "hunchback of notre dame crawl" Its hard to describe, but she always used one knee and then a foot to crawl around. It was super funny, but eventually she stopped doing it and did a normal crawl. I think she did it because I used to put her in a lot of dresses and it was her way to not get stuck on the dresses.

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answers from Chicago on

The army crawl!! Haha my son did that too. Then he crawled up on all fours shortly thereafter. My daughter never army crawled, just went straight to crawling on all fours.

Good lord your daughter is so cute!!!



answers from St. Louis on

What a cutie!

my 2nd at 7mo did an army crawl similar to that with one hand, one arm and pushed with her toes. She got pretty fast at it. Finally at 11mo she got up on all fours and was walking at 15 months.



answers from Youngstown on

How adorable. My daughter never really crawled, she went straight to cruising at 8 months and walking at 10 months. I think your little one might figure out that her legs can help too. Enjoy!



answers from Seattle on

Not quite a 'low crawling' (what the army-man-crawl is called)... but Inch Bug or inchworming fits PERFECTLY.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes, she's crawling! Congrats. She will probably go to her knees eventually, but she's definitely crawling! She is soooooo adorable!!



answers from Lancaster on


My 3rd used to do that. We called it her "scooch". She did it for about three weeks and then started crawling for 'real'. I wish I'd thought to catch it on video. :(



answers from Honolulu on

Army man crawl.

That is exactly, how my daughter crawled.
And she was walking, by 12 months old.

So many variations!



answers from Chicago on

How cute! Some babies will start out moving in a different way (army crawl, butt scooting...) and then crawl the typical way. Others will be content to move the way they first started. Your daughter appears to have some beginning motions of crawling so maybe she will crawl with belly off the floor soon.. She pushes up on her arms and was trying to alternate her arms a little bit. What she has learned so far is not very efficient so I'm sure she will either perfect it or find a better way. I think as long as she is motivated to move in some way that she is doing great!



answers from Chicago on

How cute! I love her little polka dot skirt :)

She will eventually get up and crawl "for real" as she gets stronger. At the beginning of the video she was raised up on her hands and knees, now she just needs to figure out how to move her limbs and still stay up!

My son did this thing where, from a sitting position, he would lean forward on his arms and get onto one knee, but then take his other foot and "crawl" with his hands and one foot, kinda dragging the other knee along. If you didn't know better it looked like his one leg just didn't work, but that was so not the case! Babies just figure out the fastest way to get from point A to point B, and whatever works, works!

Also, on a developmental note, our pedi told me that learning to crawl can take awhile because it's the only time that we have to figure out how to move all four limbs separately but at the same time. It's a pretty amazing feat when you look at it like that!

Have fun enjoying your baby and all her milestones! Congratulations!

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