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Car Seat

I.D. asks from Miami

Hi Girls!!! In a few months I need to change my DS car seat, right now i have a Peg Sip 30 30, i really like it, is very sturdy and he loves it, i dont have to put a...


Car Seat Dilema

A.T. asks from Bloomington

Hi Mommas! Here is my dilema: When I was pregnant I bought an infant car seat and what I thought was a convertible car seat. My daughter is now 20 pounds and will ...


Toddler Car Seat

J.B. asks from Denver

Hi everyone, we recently switched our one year old over to a convertible car seat. We got a really, nice (expensive) one from my SIL. Here's my question, my hubby and...


Car Seat Safety Ratings?

B.S. asks from Columbia

Hello. My daughter is nearing 10 months of age. I will be needing a new carseat after she is one year old and 20 lbs. I am wondering if anyone knows of a website that...


Car Seat Questions

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

My son is almost 6 month and we have a greco car seat system that goes up to 32 pounds. He has a while to go, but I am wondering what type of a car seat is good to ge...


Car Seat Woes

D.S. asks from Jonesboro

Help!!! My 3 yr old will absolutely not stay in her car seat. She unfastens the top buckle and the bottom buckle. I am so afraid that we might have an accident and...


Looking for a New Car Seat

C.R. asks from Richmond

My 4 month old is a big girl, and we'll be in the market for a new car seat soon. I need something that will go from rear facing to forward facing. At the rate she ...


Stroller / Car Seat Bag?

C.U. asks from Chicago

We are traveling with the kids for the first time this week....the little one is still in the infant carrier...we will be holding her on the plane. What should we pu...


Car Seat Shopping

D.D. asks from Kansas City

We are moving from the infant carrier to a forward facing car seat. I really can't justify spending $250 on one. Anyone have a strong opinion as to which ones are r...


Next Car Seat

D.E. asks from Dallas

We are about to purchase a new car seat for our one year old. We are trying to decide what brand to get and whether or not to get the convertible or not. Any sugges...