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Updated on February 24, 2011
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Hi Girls!!!
In a few months I need to change my DS car seat, right now i have a Peg Sip 30 30, i really like it, is very sturdy and he loves it, i dont have to put anything on it to make it softer or more comfy....
I didnt d a lot of research before buying it, now i know it has mixed reviews....
Im a safety freak, and i will like my next chair to b the safest one i can find....
can you recommend me great car seats, price is not an lovely parents are giving it to DS as a birthday present and they told me they'll buy me anything i want!

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So What Happened?

Dear Ladies
Thanks you all for your recommendations....

I will keep my little man on my Peg until he fits in there, is up to 30 pounds rear facing, but my parents will be buying the next one on june so they wanted to know which one i wanted....
and by the way, i think is a great gift...def better than a toy (which they get him weekly) someday when he grows he will appreciate the concern for his safety! cuz God forbid's and we get in a car crash it will be very fun for him to stay alive...Ps. i didnt mean to sound agressive...=)
I looked at all the Britax sits and i think we will be geting the Advocate CS70
Thanks again!

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answers from Fort Myers on

I say go with a Radian car seat which is made by sunshine kids they ave a few different models. Like someone else said it is using it the correct way that is more important.
One reason I like the Radian is you can fit three across and they last a long time. So if you plan to have more kids that is a thought. I just bought 2 of the Radians for my daycare kids and love them. Wish I would have known about them sooner I have gone through a lot of car seats.
Have a great day.

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answers from Washington DC on

Another vote for Britax. We have two Marathons and like them. The covers can be cleaned but I've only had to wash one in the washer. Spot cleaning has been easy. We've used them over a year and they look great and my daughter still likes to sit in them.

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answers from Phoenix on

Love the Sunshine Kids 80SL. It's slim, folds up for portability, and kids easily fall asleep in it. Best as a toddler seat forward facing. Rear facing seems to take up a lot of room. R., midwife mom of 3

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answers from Minneapolis on

Please research EXTENDED REAR FACING and JOEL'S JOURNEY, and keep your little one rear facing for a couple more years.

Some good seats-
FirstYears TrueFit- $160-$200 rear facing to 35lbs, forward to 65lbs. Very tall seat, great for taller kids. (my almost 4yr old is rear facing in this seat)

Britax Marathon/Roundabout 50-$160-$280 rear face to 35lbs, forward to 50 and 65lbs. Easy to install and use.

Evenflo Triumph Advance- $130 rear face to 35lbs, forward to 50lbs (the newest version is 40 rf and 65 ff).

Sunshine Kids Radian-rear face to 45lbs, forward to 80lbs. (depending on model, some ff to 65lbs)

Graco MyRide 65 $150 will rear face to 40lbs, forward to 65ls.

Look for a seat that will rear face to 35lbs or 40lbs and then forward face to 50 or 65 or 80lbs. AVOID the 3-in-1 seats like the Cosco Alpha Omega, they are short seats, outgrown in the harness fast and make bad booster seats, they are not the last seat you will need and for the money you would spend on one you can get a much better seat that will last longer.

When rear facing the harness should be just at or below the shoulders. The harness should be snug as a hug and the chest clip level with the armpits. A rear facing car seat is outgrown when a child has less than 1" of hard shell above the head or the child goes over the rear facing weight limit.

NO BULKY JACKETS OR BUNTINGS IN THE CAR SEAT! NEVER modify the car seat with anything to make it softer or more comfy. If it didn't come with the seat, don't use it in the seat. That means no Bundle Me's, no head supports, no foam, nothing. If it didn't come with the seat, don't use it.


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answers from Cumberland on

Check out "Sunshine Kids"-that's what my Grandson has. Many blessings and safe travels always!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Britax Marathon is on the top of my list as well!!! LOVE IT, only regret not buying it first and wasting money on a differetn seat. Just make sure that what ever seat you choose has a 40lb rear facing max (or higher) and a minimum of 65lb forward facing harness weight. Keep that buddle of joy rearfacing as long as possible- many experts are suggesting not to turn before the age of 2 and harness as long as the seat allows it. My almost 5 year old will fit in our britax for another year.... probably longer = )

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answers from Naples on

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT get a BOOSTER seat or a seat that converts to a

Watch this informative video - I have nothing to do with it, but it helped me select the Britax Regent for my daughter - who is 6 1/2 & 50lbs - she LOVES the car seat and says that it is very comfy. (we travel A LOT - several weekends a month for my husband's business - so she is in it a bunch)
If the link doesn't work - look @ youtube and seach "5 point car seat" and watch the first video posted by the kcmillerfamily. Very informative! Good luck!
Also - I found ours on sale @ Target online for $100 OFF- and there was free shipping because it was over $50!

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answers from Dallas on

I have 2 Britax Marathons & have been very happy. I did a lot of research before the purchase and it was the best on Consumer Reports at the time. Very easy to pull-out and switch to another car (if you have latch). I even wash the covers in my front loader on gentle cycle even though it says not to machine wash them.

I have heard good things about the Recaro seats, but I have never had one.

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answers from Raleigh on

Any Britax seats from "next generation" line are amazing... you can watch a video on the britax website:)

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answers from Boca Raton on

Britax ~ it's the best. They are pricey, but they are the best!! We have two of them - our daughter is tiny our son is not! They travel well, the kids love them.

They also fit perfect to this luggage rack thingy from One Step Ahead if you travel by plane. You just wheel the kids through the airport in their car seats. The kids wouldn't get out of their seats! The best part is you can keep it attached to the car seat in the car so you pop them out and go!

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answers from Sarasota on

If price isn't an issue, Britax!!!! We love ours.


If price isn't an issue, Britax!!!! We love ours.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

More important than the brand & style of seat is that it MUST be used and installed correctly and fit the child properly. Aall seats for sale must meet the same requirements to be "safe". Otherwise it is of no use. Go to:
and find an inspection site near you to make sure it's correct.
NEVER modify a seat by adding padding, blankets, etc! The idea really IS safety.

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answers from Houston on

Britax Marathon. Mine has takin' a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!!!! Talk about sturdy!!! The material is easily washed also....

Good Luck!!!

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answers from Orlando on

Love, love, love our carseat. It's The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat & goes from 5-65 lbs. Super comfy, cup holder, great reviews, great price. Can't say enough about it!



answers from Seattle on

Britax marathon! We had one in a fatality accident and my dd was fine! Plus it's comfy and fits for a long time!



answers from Kansas City on

Recaro, hands down. Research has them onsale for 279 plus an additional 15% off, plus free shipping.


answers from Lansing on

No offense, but that doesn't sound like a very fun present for your son lol.

Have you checked into a Peg Perego Convertible car seat?

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