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St. John's Vs. Santa Monica Hospital?

L.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms- I'm looking for reviews (good or bad) of the maternity wards at St. John's and Santa Monica Hospital. How's the nursing staff? How are the facilities? Park...


Breastfeeding While Pregnant? Anyone?

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

Just found out I'm pregnant (so excited!). I'm still nursing my 10-month-old. I'm open to continue breast feeding as long as my son and I want to. I'd be open to t...


Moving to San Jose Area Mid-pregnancy, Need OB-GYN Referrals

B.T. asks from San Francisco

I am moving to the San Jose / Cupertino area in the next few months, and I am 12 weeks pregnant. I am looking for recommendations on wonderful OB's, preferably in an...


Anyone Deliver Babies at St. Anthony North or Avista Hospital?

T.K. asks from Denver

Hi Ladies, I am wondering if any of you have given birth at St. Anthony North in Westminster or Avista in Louisville? What was your experience like? Did you lik...


Cord Blood Banking

T.R. asks from Denver

I am looking into cord blood banking for this pregnancy. My question is; has anyone done this, and if so- through whom? I am looking into CBR and viacord. CBR seems t...


Questions Regardin an Unplanned C-section...

W.A. asks from Honolulu

Hi all, I just found out last week that my baby is in a breech postion and I will be having a C-section. I am very freaked out by it and down right scared. I planned ...


Seeking Best Obstetrician Care for Pregnant Mother in Pgh, PA

E.C. asks from Pittsburgh

Who is best Dr and what is best hospital in Pgh, Pa area? Zip code 15205 Do you know anything about Allegheny hospital and their prenatal care unit?


Kaiser Obgyn

A.M. asks from Sacramento

I am switching to Kaiser hospital in the next week or so and I was wondering if there were any referrals to a good OB/GYN in their network. More than like I will be g...


High Risk Pregnancy

C.G. asks from Austin

Hello all, You may not remember me but I wrote in a few months back regarding getting pregnant in my 40's and how I felt like my chances were very low .....IT HAPPE...


Becoming a First Time Mother.

K.H. asks from San Francisco

I'm having my first baby, and I'm a little scared. I just don't know what I'm doing. Any advice would be great. I'm currantly 17 weeks along.