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Updated on July 10, 2008
J.G. asks from New York, NY
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I am considering giving birth at the birthing center at St Lukes Roosevelt and wondered if anyone had any comments in regards to their own experience. Also, what is the usual routine... do you give birth there and then have to be moved to the post partum shared rooms, or do you stay in the room until you are ready to be discharged? I am very nervous about giving birth and trying to find the place which makes me feel most comfortable. Also if you need something for the pain are there any options there? I'm also weighing up the pros and cons of birthing center vs standard labor and delivery rooms.

I would really appreciate any feedback! choosing the right hospital and OBGYN is being quite the mission!



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So What Happened?

Thank you for your comments on St Luke's birthing center and regular L&D. I took the class which was very informative, but it's true it feels like everything has to be just right in order to deliver there... Lately i have been having so many contractions i wouldn't be surprised if she came out early (which again would disqualify me)... so hearing about the standard Labor and Delivery rooms put my mind at ease, as the tour had kind of put me off of that section (not to mention there were like 70 of us - including some of the partners on the tour which made it all even more overwhelming). Anyway in theory i have 5 1/2 weeks to go, so hopefully she can hangout just a little bit longer. Thanks again for your responses!

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Hi there,
I was planning on using the Birthing Center, and took the required class (you have to in order to be admitted, and this is where all of your questions would be answered). I had not been told until that point that if you go only six days past your due date, that this disqualifies you from being in the birthing center. Of course, at the time, you think--"oh I won't go that long." But I went into labor six minutes (literally, 12:06 on April 26th) past the deadline, so ended up in regular Labor and Delivery unit. Since this is your first, you have a higher chance of also being overdue.
At any rate, I had a great experience in regular L And D. Delivery was in a private room, the labor nurses were great. Post-partum was a shared room (though they have privates for extra cost) and was quite pleasant. I got a lot of help with breastfeeding from the nurses there.
So that doesn't answer your questions about the birthing center, but just wanted to let you know that the other alternative is fine!
best wishes and have a safe and blessed delivery!!



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I was assaulted at St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital the day i delivered my baby. Get a doula and make sure your husband/partner doesnt get intimidated by the laboring process or doctor.
I was assaulted by Dr. Claudia Holland. There is a blog/Website against her. PLEASE dont let this dr. come near you or the baby. She covers for other practices when the patient's respective doctors are not around.
She assaulted me both physically and verbally....



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I delivered at St. Luke's but not at the birthing center. If you think you can deliver without drugs then more power to you! I think you need to meet with people at the hospital before they will allow you to deliver there. And I do know if you decide to get an epidural that they will move you up to the standard delivery rooms. I also know that you are discharged pretty soon after you deliver (if you give birth in the birthing center). Since you don't have any drugs, you don't need to stay two more nights at the hospital. Good luck!



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If you go to St. Luke's website they have an orientation. There you can learn more about the birthing center and visit it.
There is a class you have to take to use the birthing center. You also have to have a midwife or doctor who is willing to deliver you there.
I wanted the birthing center but ended up in L&D. What they don't tell you is that if anything is abnormal with your pregnancy you will probably not be allowed the birthing center.
I ended up in L&D because they thought my baby was too big. That's the long and short of it. Even though everything else was healthy and perfect, because of the size they ended up really worrying about size and then they induced me. This could happen especially depending on your doctor. It depends on how commited you are to the birthing center. At the birthing center you are in a private room the whole time. You are not hooked up to monitors, which makes you pretty much bed bound. You are much more in control of your delivery in the center. But once you decide on St. Luke's you are under their doctor's rules and policies. So I'd do the research and get into classes there soon!!
If you really want a non interventional birth a home birth may be a good option.

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