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Updated on December 28, 2011
J.A. asks from Parker, CO
11 answers

I am so alone. LOL Okay I don't want to piss anyone off because this is not a sad post (thank goodness) whew I am absolutley all by myself for the first time in DAYS. Hubby is home from work kids are home from school, my mom has been here as well as my MIL, heck hubby took a shower with me this morning. It is 2 am and I am FINALLY all alone, and NOT lonely. Merry Christmas everyone. I had a wonderful holiday but I guess I did not realize how much I needed to be alone until this moment :) How about you?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately, alone doesn't happen for me much at all. I've taken to getting up earlier than I absolutely must just so I can have a little foggy, groggy time that is just me before my family awakens and the daily circus starts.

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answers from Washington DC on


Husband is sleeping and kids are at a friends house....this is MY time!!! YAHOO!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!!



answers from Atlanta on

I havecto have alone time frequently or I lose it! I even take weekends away by myself sometimes to achieve it! I only had to work today this week, but I'm relishing being away and in my lonely office!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I felt like that in the car this morning.
I LOVE alone time! There's no such thing as enough or too much of it.


answers from Washington DC on

I love my quiet time too!! Rarely happens - but when I get it I cherish it!

I also love being interrupted by my kids whenever. Even though it can be an annoyance, it's good because one day they won't want to talk to me, so I really try to enjoy it now!



answers from Tulsa on

I am jealous.I would LOVE to get everyone to take a trip without me so I could relax and have a break.



answers from Chicago on

Good Morning! Merry Christmas and now Happy New Year to come! n I am so looking forward to getting a break. I had an awesome Christmas but it was non-stop 4 days in a row of wrapping gifts, cleaning, traveling, and cooking. Best wishes.



answers from Kansas City on

Wish I were you!!! ha ha! I love my alone time, not that I get much right now!




answers from Springfield on

I love my family, but wow is it nice to have alone time. I teach at a university, so I was done earlier than my son (and my other was in daycare). Christmas shopping BY MYSELF was so amazing this year!



answers from San Francisco on

Now that my kids are almost grown, I don't have that issue any more, but when they were little, I used to drink up being alone like a fine wine. I vividly remember one time when I literally felt a feeling of elation because I didn't have the kids momentarily and I crossed the street all by myself.

Enjoy it!



answers from College Station on

Absolutely. I love my alone time and I treasure every moment of it. Today is my day for this priviledge. I will enjoy everyone moment of it. Now watch someone pop in and screw up my day. LOL.

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