Getting Ready

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Getting Ready in the Morning Is a Challenge

D.K. asks from Milwaukee

My 4-1/2 year old daughter takes forever to get ready in the morning for preschool. She goes to school 5 days a week and I have a hard time getting her to finish gett...


Four Year Old Getting Ready in the Morning

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I have a four year old DS that I have started pushing towards getting ready in the morning by himself. This includes brushing teeth, going to the potty ...


Getting Ready in the Morning?

S.S. asks from San Francisco

Hey Moms, I was wondering what your morning routine is like. Having 2 boys it can be kind of hectic for me. It takes about 5-10 minutes to do hair and make-up and ...


Getting Ready for School

L.M. asks from Houston

Hi! I'm wondering if your husbands help you get your kids ready for school in the mornings? My DD starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and she'll need to be there at 8. My h...


Looking for Tips/tricks/ideas for Getting Ready Faster

T.C. asks from Provo

I need ideas or tips for getting ready faster. I feel like it takes so much time to get ready for the day that its almost not even worth it. I'm sick of being late ...


Problems with 3 1/2 Yr Old Getting Ready in the Morning

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

My little girl will be 4 in May and overall she is a good kid. The problem my husband and I have is when we have to get her ready for the day. She fights us tooth a...


Routines for Making Getting Ready for School Go Smoothly?

A.G. asks from Provo

Starting next week I will have 3 children in school (at least half day anyway). My daughter is in 2nd grade, I have a son in kindergarten, and a 3 year old that will...


Pre-K Getting Ready for Kindergarten

K.D. asks from Albany

I have a 4 year old Hanson that is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the Summer/Fall. They have a test that they have to take in order to get enrolled. At four...


Son Getting Ready to Start Kindergarten

J.C. asks from Boise

My son has always been a very attached child. Lots of crying everyday since he was 7 months old.At daycare and preschool.He seems to have sepration anxity from me. He...


Getting up with the Kids in the Morning Before School

B.K. asks from Albuquerque

I've got two kids, 12, soon to be 11 and one on the way. I'm a stay at home mom, so I have nowhere to be in the mornings, and I am not a morning person. I've always m...