Getting Ready for Middle School

Updated on November 13, 2009
M.S. asks from Pueblo, CO
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My 10 year old is finishing 5th grade and will be going to middle school next school year. Since I've already done this once with my oldest, you might expect me to be more a little more secure about how to best support him during this transition. However, I am beginning to fret and worry. What types of things have helped your children transition between schools and grade milestones. He's been at the same elementary school since Kindergarden and will be moving to a much much larger school with a different schedule and a totally different teaching model.
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answers from Nashville on

What an exciting time in his life!!! Moving to the next level of life and maturity and responsibility. He will be moving with forever friends he has made thru the years. You have taught him life lessons, I am sure, so dont worry Mom... he will be fine!!! Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Wilmington on

I felt this way when my now 18 year old son went into high school. I was remembering all my stress when I went to school. Don't let him feel that if this is something you are going through as well. What I did with my son was I had him scheduled for some summer programs at the school and he was able to get a feel for the school over summer so when he arrived in the fall, it wasn't so "new" to him. Maybe they have a tour for the class to go to the middle school or arrange one yourself with the principal or other staff member. I am sure they would be happy to have them do that. If there is a PTA, get involved with that so you have contact with the school and they know who you are. I have always tried to keep a distance to give my son space and not embarass him....but stay close enough so you can monitor what is going on. Extra curricular activities is a good idea. They will build new friends around these groups. Hope this helps. Good luck in middle school!



answers from Jacksonville on

I encouraged the kids to join in the activities the school offers. My son joined the band and my daugter the academic teams and orchestra. THat way they have an instant group of kids that meet outside of schhol.
With my third I pulled her out of school at the end of 4th and I am homeschooling her. She has a lot of anxiety issues so we have decided to keep her home until high school.
I have already started my 3rd grader in trumpet lessons (big bro plays) so when he gets into middle school he can join the band. He also wants to be on the soccer team.



answers from Louisville on

Do nothing. Don't micromanage. He's a big kid now and needs to figure this out on his own. He will probably want to start shopping for his own clothes now too. Stand back and see what he does on his own and accept him for it.



answers from Memphis on

I'm not sure why you have to do anything. I also had been at same elementary school for K-5. I was a very shy child, but I remember switching to middle school and I had no reservations about it at all. It was just the next step in my education. He'll still have some of his friends going to the same school so he won't be alone. He'll probably be excited about it as the time gets closer. I know we all thought we were big kids when we got to switch schools. Plus, he should get to choose his electives which will let him feel like he has some control of his life. My sister's oldest son just switched to middle school this year and he was very excited about it and he's not one that really likes to go to school.



answers from Nashville on

Maybe it will help you and your son to remember the students
he is in school with now will also go to the new school. So
he and his friends will not be alone.

And there is always the chance of making new friends even if
they live in another neighborhood.
G. Wells

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