Dorm Life: The First Years

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Off to College?

J.A. asks from New York

Hi ladies, Yesterday I had a discussion with "Sarah" about her oldest daughter going to college. My friend was very exited about the fact that they will let their d...


College Advice

B.F. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I have a senior in high school who will be attending college in the fall in a town about 3 hours south. I need to know from moms who have children in coll...


Who Pays for College...?

J.B. asks from Houston

Are we as parents obligated/responsible for paying for our kids college? In a perfect world we would all have started a college fund when they were babies and at col...


College Choice

L.B. asks from Glens Falls

I have a 17 year old daughter, senior in high school. She has been accepted at a great college 3 hours away from home and 2 local community colleges near home. My hus...


College: Who Pays? Child or Parent?

K.L. asks from Memphis

Do you think that a child's first four years of college is the parent's responsiblity if the parent did not save for it?


College Savings 101

M.M. asks from Chicago

As my girls get older, I can't help but worry about college expenses for 2 girls. What are your plans for college financing? How many kids do you have? Are you put...


When Did You Start Saving for Your Child's College?

*.*. asks from New London

The avg loan for a child when s/he gets out of college is OVER 20,000 dollars. Are you saving for your child(ren) OR worrying about college( money) when the ti...


Advice About College Son Working

L.V. asks from Dallas

My son is a freshman in college. He just finished up his first semester with a 3.0 GPA and we're proud of him. Going into the 2nd semester with 14 hours, do you thi...


What to Do for Kid Going off to College

T.K. asks from Dallas

My beloved step son is moving 4 hours away to college next week. What kind of send off should we give him? We usually celebrate family events with a meal and presnt...


Paying for Child's College Tuition?

M.H. asks from Raleigh

Another question on here (about size of family) got me thinking about what the "norm" is for college and children paying these days? I know that every family handles ...