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Children's Bedroom Furniture

Seattle, WA

I want to buy a bedroom set for my three year old son. Just wondering what kind of dresser other parents have bought for their boy's. I think a wide, low dresser would by safest, but they take up alot of room. My older son has a chest style and has knocked it over a few times. My younger child is much more adventurous and not big for his age.

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Has Anyone Purchased Items from Company Kids?

Los Angeles, CA

I have been searching for a quilt for my sons bed and came across a Company Kids catalog. I'm curious if anyone has bought merchandise from them and if the quality was nice. Their items aren't cheap so I don't want to throw money away if I'll be disappointed when they arrive in the mail. I appreciate any info regarding your experience with this vendor.

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Looking for Good Furniture Store

Dallas, TX

I have decided to replace our family room furniture. I have in the family room now the set that used to be our old formal living furniture, which is pretty, but not very confortable for a family room. I'm looking for something in leather. Do any of you have a place that you could recommend without paying a fortune?

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